Of Course It's Not Over: Sex.com Saga Rolls On

from the energizer-bunny dept

Last October, Stephen Cohen, the guy that forged documents to steal the sex.com domain away from Gary Kremen, its rightful owner, was finally arrested in Mexico and deported to the US, where he was jailed for civil contempt of court for not paying Kremen the $65 million in damages a court had awarded him. Now, 14 months later, he’s been released, apparently so that he can go to Lithuania, Liechtenstein and the Isle of Man to get the details of his offshore accounts there so he can start paying. Somehow, given the history of this tale, we’re hesitant to take the story at face value, and expect further twists when Cohen is due back in court in the US on February 26. But things don’t stop there: Cohen’s Mexican lawyer — who apparently has access to Cohen’s bank accounts, which US prosecutors have been unable to touch — was apparently the target of an assassination attempt in Tijuana the day Cohen was released from jail. While there’s nothing tying Cohen to the shooting, the timing does make for an odd coincidence.

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Comments on “Of Course It's Not Over: Sex.com Saga Rolls On”

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TW Burger (profile) says:

Of Course It's Not Over: Sex.com Saga Rolls On

Now the story has everything: sex and death (almost). It’ll make a great non-fiction book. The plot is too crazy for fiction. All we need now is to add the characters of a hard-boiled, chain smoking cop with a flawed character but solid moral center and a blonde/redhead/brunette with legs that go all the way up, lips that purr sweet promise and eyes that promise betrayal.

The Original Just Me says:

Back to to subject at hand

WTF!?!? Who would let him leave the country? Is someone on the take?

Ok sure, if he didn’t have any money in Mexico and couldn’t get out to get more money because he didn’t have a passport I can see where he’d want to be taken back to the US. But who thinks he should be free to go to the countries where he has money stashed?!?!

Hands up, how many people think he’ll actually come back?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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