People Don't Hate Advertising; They Hate Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising

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All advertising is not the same. Forrester Research has a report out that’s getting some press coverage claiming that consumers hate advertising. The evidence? More than half of US household use some kind of ad-blocking technology, such as a spam filter or a pop-up blocker. However, that hardly means that people hate advertising. It just means they hate totally annoying, intrusive and unwanted advertising. Not all advertising needs to be that way, and given the number of people who pass around the latest viral video ad or watch the Super Bowl just for the ads, it’s pretty clear that people like certain types of advertising very much. It just requires the marketers and the advertisers to stop thinking of advertising as a second class (or third class) type of content that needs to be forced on people. Instead, it’s about recognizing that ads are content, and if it’s good content, people will be willing to watch it (or even seek it out). However, it really does need to be good, relevant and non-intrusive. Then, there’s no problem at all. There’s never going to be a technology designed to block out the ads people want to see. So, no, despite Forrester’s claim, people don’t hate advertising. They hate bad advertising — and they always have. It’s just that technology is finally letting people be more proactive in avoiding that kind of advertising, which is a good thing.

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Comments on “People Don't Hate Advertising; They Hate Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising”

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Search ENGINES Web (user link) says:

What are the Alternatives?

Selfish people want to have their cake and eat it too.

Which would they hate most: PAYING for the content or service themselves, or have someone else pay for it, and show them alternative to consider if they are planning on making any generally related purchase in the near future. Or even planting new possibilities into their consciousness.

Obviously, EVERY Ad can’t possibly be as expensive and artistic as Super Bowl Ads.

Some abuse the privilege by installing malware or spyware, or excessive pop-ups and unfortunately, ruin it for the Good Advertisers

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: What are the Alternatives?

“Which would they hate most: PAYING for the content or service themselves”

Some people have no problems paying for content themselves, can you say “TiVo”? TiVo charges consumers plenty of cash each month for the ability to FF through advertising, and plenty of people are willing to pony-up the $$$ to do that.

Also, plenty of people would much rather purchase a season “X” of “some television series” on DVD, instead of getting basically the same content for free by use of a VCR set to record each episode, plus commercials.

Sure, when people have the choice to pay for content WITHOUT all the extra advertising — or as the above article mentions, “intrusive advertising” — people will purchase it.

Newspapers work plenty-well in this format — you get plenty of content and mostly since the advertising gives the reader a choice whether to read it or not, the reader generally has no problems putting up the cash for the content.

This could go the other way though, how many times have your purchased a thick magazine that has 70% advertisements and hardly any content inside, and because of this, you feel as though you’ve been “ripped-off”…

Byron (profile) says:

Re: What are the Alternatives?

To Search ENGINES Web:

Yeah, right, o’ clueless shill for the advertising industry. Next you’re gonna tell us that YOU do NOT use ad filters, pop-up blockers, or any other type of technology to minimize INTRUSIVE advertising on your own computer(s), right?

Trust me on this – repeated attempts to FORCE me to view content I am uninterested in will guarantee that I. Will. Never. Purchase. Products. Or. Services. From. That. Party. EVER!

chris (profile) says:

Re: Re: What are the Alternatives?

Yeah, right, o’ clueless shill for the advertising industry. Next you’re gonna tell us that YOU do NOT use ad filters, pop-up blockers, or any other type of technology to minimize INTRUSIVE advertising on your own computer(s), right?

search engines web isn’t a shill, he’s a spammer… SEO (search engine optimization) types flood comment pages of all kinds with their URLs in order to boost search engine rankings for those pages. they are why you have to type in those verification codes on many comment pages.

shills get paid by industries or companies to pose as fanboys for their products or services.

shilling takes a modicum of talent and skill, spamming doesn’t require anything other than questionable morals.

ConceptJunkie (profile) says:

Re: What are the Alternatives?

You remind me of those people who seem to think that by watching TV or reading a Web site, we are entering into some kind of implied contract with the provider of the content. This is not so. It is a business arrangement between the ad seller and the ad buyer.

If the ad buyer is so clueless as to make advertisements that offend, annoy otherwise turn off the viewer, and the viewer blocks ads, that’s the buyer’s fault.

As far as I’m concerned it’s the advertisers responsibility not to tick me off. If because of that I end up having to pay for something that was otherwise “free”, then I’ll deal with it. Regardless, advertising that bugs me is not only not effective, but I will avoid those companies who commit such as offense.

It’s not a matter of expense, and I know there’s very little real creativity or artistry in Hollywood and Madison Avenue… but it doesn’t take an artistic genius or a a million dollars to make an ad that isn’t excessively noisy or flashing or stupid or otherwise likely to drive your audience to annoyance, anger or worse.

If the advertiser and content provider can’t come up with a workable business plan, that’s not _my_ problem.

Beefcake says:

Re: What are the Alternatives?

What year are you living in? The standard of equating “expensive” with interesting and or effective is exactly the ad industry’s problem. Alternatives exist everywhere, if someone just bothers to come up with them. Try creating and innovating. Dumping a bunch of cash into a commercial may make it good, or it may still suck. Case in point is the same Super Bowl example– after the game, I remember maybe 3 or 5 of the ads which stood out to me. Not each and every cash-sucking beast which was aired.

On the other hand, targeting a small amount of cash into a properly targeted campaign narrowcasted to potential users (as opposed to broad-casted to everyone). Just imagine if Trojan had a tattoo (even temporary) on or near Britney’s vagina a few weeks ago. Kick her a few bucks to do something she’s clearly willing to do for free and you’ve got yourself a properly targeted and very effective ad which will self-propagate (irony intended.)

Count me (AND MY substantial MONEY) OUT! says:

Re: What are the Alternatives?

I grew up with television blaring along in my house as a child. It was (AND IS)an annoying and idiotic WASTE OF TIME, so I left the room. That was in the 1950’s, I still don’t watch TV unless I SEE NO COMMERCIALS. They give me a rash. TV admen lie, cheat and steal and are NEVER held accountable. Someday, I will pay to see the first adman “roll up their sleeve” in the “bighouse” because of their crimes. THAT IS THE DAY I WILL WATCH! In celebration of the first adman who will be acountable for ads (LYING). If I see an ad,I won’t buy the product or service. I am very serious. I know hundreds of people just like me. I am not cheap and earn a mid 200K income. WE HATE LYING AND CHEATING. If I could, I would like to see advertisers prosecuted for the fraud they support. I want them out. IN MY LIFE–I have a few mottos. NUMBER one: “Doers get paid” If you are an advertiser or salesman or other con artist you are a cheat because you provide nothing to society. You only take and support cheating. I won’t buy it. If I buy a company, the first people I fire are the “bullshitters” such as the marketing department. I won’t deal with evil. If these people (admen) died today, would I miss them? NO—then you are fired! Out! Go—get an honest job, or got to prison with the other cheats and liars. If I see the ad—I vote NO with my pocketbook. When enough of us humans decide we have had enough of the cheating and lying from the ad-cons, your con will cease. So, if I see an ad I VOTE NO on the product. There are lots of good products out there, that don’t need to pay liars and cheats. Guess what, people really have needs that are served by products and services that are REAL, not because of slick lying advertisements. If a company can’t sell a product without lying (advertising) then they should go out of business. If ANYONE tries to encourage me to use their advertising or marketing BS, I go after them (have them investigated) with a vengeance. How dare they think I am of that criminal ilk! I PAY DOERS! Advertisers are talkers and bullshit artists that belong in hell.

I have a plan: To all you bullshitters and con artists pretending you are “marketers”. I would love to see you in a dental chair with a vice holding your head and your eyelids forced open as in CLOCKWORK ORANGE: WHAT WILL YOU BE FORCED TO WATCH? LOUD AND LARGE — TELEVISION COMMERCIALS, but each one will repeat over and over again for 24 hours at a time. SPEAKERS with over 1,000 watts of power will be aimed at your EARS from a few feet away. WE KNOW TRHERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOUD COMMERCIALS LOL .. and you WILL BE FORCED TO ENDURE this CRAP: ” HEADON—FOR YOUR HEADACHE—-over and over and over until your ears start to bleed. And when the blood pools up on the floor, up goes the volume, now WHAT IS THE SOCIAL VALUE IN THIS CRAP? WE WILL MAKE YOU WATCH AND LISTEN TO IT UNTIL YOU VOMIT. MAYBE A few months of the same COMMERCIALS WITH NO BREAKS WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND–? WE HATE THIS SHIT!

Misty Olen (user link) says:

Great Article

I myself don’t mind Google text ads or any other text based ads that have relevant information, but I do hate the annoying ones. That’s why I use Firefox with the Adblock extension. It’s wonderful in blocking out all the annoying ads. I am someone who would pay extra to avoid advertisements, like with TIVO and such.

Linuxrat says:

Re: Great Article

Agreed…Just text ads off to the side don’t bother me..
it’s the moving,flashing,repetive gaudy- colored ,in your face “hit the monkey” type ads that drive me nuts. If they were smart,the ad would be shown once when you hit a page and then fade-out.
I feel most ads are just plane insulting and the way to get my attention is NOT to annoy me.

Spike (user link) says:

Like it or hate it, who cares?

The average ROI on traditional advertising is LESS THAN 4%!! So even if I agree with you that people like good advertising (as subjective as that might be), they sitll ignore it, so who cares if it’s good content or not?

If you think that there will ever be a time that we’ll live in a world that even more than 5% of advertising is “good, relevant and non-intrusive,” then can I move there with you? As we’re seeing, advertisers are desperate. And that translates into even louder bad, non-relevant and intrusive ads.

Peet McKimmie (profile) says:

Ads I would like to avoid...

There are two types of ads I would like to be able to avoid.

1) Irrelevant advertising.

I have no children. I’m bald. I’m registered disabled and thus unable to drive. I’m very happy with my furniture. Yet I have to put up with two or three each of nappy ads, shampoo ads, car ads and sofa ads every time I try to watch a TV show. I have no interest in any of these products, and no amount of “clever” or “entertaining” advertising will lead me to buy or recommend any of them.

2) Repetitive advertising.

The same ad twice in every ad break throughout a show will lead to me boycotting that brand whether or not I need that product.

If advertisers would take these facts on board and come up with an advertising model I could live with then I’d be happy to watch ad-supported shows. Until they do, though, there’s always BitTorrent…

JBB says:


Clearly we’re willing to pay to get rid of ads. Maybe we could pay a TV station to broadcast shows and leave out the commercials. If ads return only 4%, then all of us could pay them the quarter-of-one-percent that averages out to. Cool idea, huh? ‘We didn’t advertise on your network, so you owe us $…’

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Pay-per-no-view

Um, it’s called PBS and years ago (best I could remember) it didn’t have any ads.. you just had to avoid it like the plague during the month of fund drives ( AKA compress a year’s worth of ads into 3 annoying weeks ). Of course you get what you pay for, and PBS, while very good in general, just doesn’t hold up to modern “couch potato” standards.

Overall, I generally agree with this article, as I don’t mind some ads (BMW’s short movies an excellent example, however expensive) but overall, 90% of them are crap, and it’s the main reason I watch on average 2 hours of TV a month. The other reason being 90% of “content” is crap, but that’s another article…

Anonymous Coward says:

clearly people dont hate advertising. Its the like the article said about the super bowl, some people watch the game for the ads. Or during christmas, its a large event to go downtown (Ney York / Chicago) to go see the window displays that marshall fields has setup for their customers. Advertisement need to enticing and engage. You need to build an experience with the customer. One that will keep them in engaged.

Tas says:

Some ads are good, but most on the web are crap!

I don’t mind some ads – one’s that are on TV are usually OK, and some relevant Google text ads are alright, too. I often learn about new products/services that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise with these ads.

It’s the annoying banner/pop-up ad’s on websites that are for completely useless products or gimmicks that annoy me. Especially the ads with sounds that you can’t stop (there’s one around with the sound of a bug flying that comes to mind), or flash ads, or pop-up ads. These, I could definitely do without.

James says:

I disagree...

With the article.. I think for the most point people dislike advertising and tolerate it for two reasons, 1 – Its ubiquitous and 2 – It does pay for previous mentioned content (tv, etc.).

While people will watch creative ads (super bowl), it doesn’t truly mean they all of a sudden like advertisting just because its funny or creative.

Advertising in general has become so pervasive I think most of simply hate it because we can hardly escape it. And the idea, that I want to watch your annoying flash ad while reading a news article online is even more objectionable.

Tyshaun says:

Mike, you're right but...

I think you are basically correct except that it would be just too darn expensive and difficult to make all ads “Super Bowl Caliber” (in fact, some Super Bowl Ads aren’t even “Super Bowl Caliber). It would be nice if every ad was an experience, but then we’d end up paying for it in increased product costs.

I always like to think about those late night informercials. They are cheap and not very “Super Bowl Caliber” but they get the job done which is to advertise the product. If they had to spend more money to have quality, very entertaining informercials, paying $19.95 for a Rotisserie cooker wouldn’t be possible.

spoon?!?! says:

Good commerical != expensive commerical. Do you think it took a lot of money to film those BMW car crash commercials?

Artistic talent creativity, and sociability aren’t proportional to one’s pockets. You just need to find good commercial artists and cling to them, do some background polling, and get out more. And user-submitted commercials work! Look at the whole Chevy experiment – it worked out great, and all they had to do was pay for a website and the bandwidth.

But even if they do “get it” and there is some day when commericals are on average engaging and sell a product well (and rate of return is significant higher therein), there will always be bad commercials, bad artists, and most of all bad polls.

And yould all you commercial artists stop making commercials with insane people that scream idiocies about nothing?! They make me think they’re going to eat their children.

…putting something into your head through eternal repetition’s a Nazi tactic. Just sayin’s is all…


Dave says:

Back in the day...

I don’t know if this was everyone’s experience, but when I was growing up and cable TV came out, one of the major selling points was that there was no advertising. You paid for the service and that was your reward. Look how long that lasted.

Another couple examples…

Remember when you went to the movies and you watched previews of other movies that were coming out? Now you watch car ads…despite having paid $10 for a movie ticket.

Remember when you bought a VHS movie for like $20 and you got it home and could just watch the movie? That didn’t last long either. If I remember correctly, it was the movie Top Gun that had the first advert at the beginning of the tape. Now we have DVD players that won’t LET you fast forward past them.

This is why people hate advertising. Companies and advertisers push harder and harder to get adverts into every single facet of our lives and people are sick of it.

Brian (user link) says:

Blocking bad ads is fine, but ad blockers don't di

Everyone hates bad ads – hence, calling them “bad”. Ad blockers block all ads though – good and bad. So as far as the internet goes, if enough people have ad blockers and sites see enough of that ad impressions getting lower and lower, you’ll see sites that do either switch to a pay model or shut down entirely.

For those that say a pay model is great, you’re in the minority. Sites that go to pay models don’t last very long because consumers are cheap – which is fine, I’m cheap too. I don’t want to pay. But pay models rarely make enough to keep good content flowing. (Yes, there are the exceptions…HBO, pay per view boxing, etc)

Etendue says:

good ads don't have to be expensive

it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money to produce a memorable ad that won’t annoy people. Look at Apple’s Ma/PC ads: two people standing against a plain background. Just talent fees and a simple graphic. Or their iPod ads: a dancer in silhouette against a plain background, plus simple graphics (and the dancer’s talent fee is probably way less than the two actors in the Mac ad).

There are plenty other good ads too. It just takes creativity more than cash to come up with clever advertising that people won’t hate. Not enough creativity out there.

Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) says:

Re: good ads don't have to be expensive

“Good” Ads!

I hate those stupid ads! They remind me of the dumb ads with silhouettes of people dancing, badly most of the time. So annoying! It looks like someone stole someone else’s advertising idea. If ads make something free that I want to have or see then I am fine with it. If I have to pay for it then what’s the point besides making more advertising sales for you and not benefitting me?

Tyshaun says:

Re: good ads don't have to be expensive

it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money to produce a memorable ad that won’t annoy people. Look at Apple’s Ma/PC ads: two people standing against a plain background. Just talent fees and a simple graphic. Or their iPod ads: a dancer in silhouette against a plain background, plus simple graphics (and the dancer’s talent fee is probably way less than the two actors in the Mac ad).

There are plenty other good ads too. It just takes creativity more than cash to come up with clever advertising that people won’t hate. Not enough creativity out there.

1. Please tone down the Mac Fanboy/girl overtones.

2. Just because it looks inexpensive, who’s to say it is. A lot of the cost of advertising, like anything else, isn’t apparent. My guess, if I had to take one, is that a pretty high powered ad agency was behind the ads in question, and they were paid quite handsomely. The new Mac commercials are obviously a themed serialized affair, not a one shot wonder, and that costs $.

3. I have no 3, just felt weird not having it there.

Peter Kim (user link) says:

I wrote the report

Hi – sorry to jump into this thread so late. Just to clarify – the conclusion that consumers hate ads wasn’t based on the adoption of ad-blocking technology; it was based on Forrester’s ongoing research into consumer sentiment towards ads since 2002.

FYI, the subtitle of my report is “Clutter, Interruption, And Irrelevance Spur Ad Avoidance.” You might have gotten better insight by linking directly to the source (i.e. report) than riffing on the news story. I’ll post on my own blog about this eventually – just saw your post and wanted to respond.

– Pete

shawn says:


we should make a huge list of all the ads that we saw in the past. im talking about that fucking annoying webad that shows this mosquito that needs to be slapped, and the noise wont quit on ur computer till u fucking reloaded the page and hopefully you dont get the same ad again, and the smileys ad where you pass ur mouse over it and it says some crap like holy cow. man wat is the mentality of those ad writers, who buys products really because of some commercial, maybe once, but if that product is shit then thats it, despite the advertisement, we need to instill the message into them that unless they have some really good worthy product, no matter how fancy, how much time they spend on advertising isnt gonna get anyone to buy anything, for more than once, it might get them to try a product, but not get them to become customers. almost always when on the internet i would close an ad before i even get to even get a glance wat the crap it says on the ad, i see an ad, i close it, if it was annoying enough to actually not allowing me to close it or even dare to catch my attention for a few seconds, i would make the mental note of the company and product of that ad, and swear to myself never to buy anything from that company. think about wat that does to the whole advertising industry if everyone was with me. if they’ve got so much guts and time and money they should use it to improve their products, not their ads. i thot about all the great products that ive bought periodically and all the great stuff that i should, besdies my dell, which is a hunk of crap. all of the products taht i consider good are those that were rarely advertised on TV, i personally think a referral by a friend, doesnt have to be close, any friend or person even on a forum is at least 90 percent mroe effective than ads, thats how i determine if i should try a product or not in the first place.

(i dont talk about TV b/c i dont even watch it anymore b/c of commercials and b/c we dont have the digital recorder that allowed u to record and skip the ads anymore)

for those bad ads- writers, im not talkign about good-ads, b/c those you can ignore and boycott. im talking about bad ads, like the mosquito ad, watever company that made them are lucky enough that we didnt line them all up in a line and shot them one by one, no not enough, i cnat express my hate enough.

Eric says:

I despise LowerMyBills ads


1) I viscerally hate the Lowermybills (LMB) ads, and
2) they can be killed by uninstalling Adobe Flash Player.

I work all day at my computer and the dancing/jiggling/humping ads from LMB are unbelievably distracting. They appear on almost every webpage I open, and seem to be AOL’s leading advertiser, because the ads are absolutely everywhere on AOL – on the welcome screen, in my mailbox, on each letter I open, etc.

They continue to get more frantic and more obnoxious as time passes. The dry-humping morons on the rooftop, the dancing/jiggling (cowboys?); whatever. I just can’t stand it.

I could go on and on, repeating many of the rants of people before me, but here’s a solution:

Kill Flash Player and you kill the dancing cretins.

Maybe Flash is required for some sites, but that cost is NOTHING compared to the joy of being able to surf even the pages of without seeing the frantic LMB ads. Many of the places where the LMB ads used to load, now only load static ads. They clearly test to see if you have Flash and run a different ad for computers without it loaded. I am getting a lot of University of Phoenix and Netflix, both of which are infinitely preferable to LMB. The rare LMB ads that load do not move. It truly does my heart good.

Check this out for annoying: a number of months ago, LMB somehow corrupted my browser, and every time one of their ads loaded it opened a window to the LMB website. No doubt a tactic to raise their traffic numbers, it was intensely annoying because every time it opened a window it captured my cursor. So, if I was typing, I had to stop and click the window closed to recapture my cursor. Often, I would have typed a sentence or two before I realized what was happening. I bought Stopzilla to kill what I thought were pop-ups, but it didn’t work because the corrupted file essentially clicked on the ad to open the window and thus circumvented the pop-up blocker. It took me many hours of trial and error with tech support, etc., to find out that I had to reload my browser to correct the corrupted file.

To say I despise LMB is a monumental understatement. Their cost to my productivity has been tremendous over the years.

Kill Flash Player – Kill the Dancing Morons.

Sarah who hates LMB says:

Re: I despise LowerMyBills ads

Oh. my god. Thank you for spreading this priceless gospel.
I hate the LMB ads with such a burning passion– especially the DISGUSTING transvestite-arm-getting-tattooed (they apparently couldn’t find a woman’s arm, so they used a manly man arm and put pink fingernails on it– classy!). I want to gouge my eyes out with blunt objects every time I am subjected to their pathetic attempts to catch my attention.

Burning question: do these really work on ANYbody?

I am worried about the human race if enough people respond to these ads for them to keep being produced.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the tip to get rid of these (even if I can’t play the occasional Flash thingy).

Johnny Bravo says:

Re: I despise LowerMyBills ads

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just killed Adobe Flash and I feel free again! The were getting so annoying that my reaction to them was getting out of line. Instead of muttering under my breath about how bad I hated them I began to go to their site and use the CONTACT US tab to open a live chat with a representative just to waste their time and tell them how much I thought they sucked. Juvenile yes but I swear that was a reaction to the repeated bombardment of their ridiculous animated ads.

I got even with the LMB AKA Countrywide humping al says:

Re: I despise LowerMyBills ads

I found the best way to get even with all these fools. I call their 800 number , TEN MILLION TIMES. In a public John— WANNA good time? Call 888 ANNOYING AD. AFtera few bazillion telephone calls “my friends” register apply for a loan. Let your fingers do the walking in the telephone book followed by a little Zillow action. I have learned to copy and paste very quickly. Oh Mr. Clinton would you want a new mortgage? Thats right sign up everyone. Drive the telemarketers crazy. When I go to a market and see those little white cards fall out of the magazines. hhhm I’ll take three years subsciption to Boating Life” and yes I earn 2 million dollars a year and want you to call me for help in selecting a new Florida condo to buy. OH this is good. Anyone ever piss you off? Subscribe them to very magazine and catalogue you can find. I love to ask for stock advice real esttae advice and time share advice, and siding advice and insurance advice. Another good one. When you see a persons name in the obituary column, sign up for a family plot cemetary salesman. The family will love that. If you hear that someone is in the hospital, sign them up for life insurance. I know people who applied with cancer, heart disease, liver problems and AIDS at age 105 and they still got hassled to buy these worthless insurance policies.

Samhain says:

Block LowerMyBills ads

edit your hosts file to block the dancing idiots ad

Windows XP keeps the file in the C:WindowsSystem32DriversEtc folder.

The following line will stop the music for the dancing mortgage people and any other advertiser using the same broker:

just add that line below the last line in the file, youll never see their ad again

nick mallory says:

No, we hate advertising. All of it. All the time. Nobody looks at adverts in newspapers or magazines, nobody looks at billboards, it’s just colour and noise. Firefox, used with flashblock and adblock, means that you need never be bothered with ads on the internet again and TV advertising simply makes it unwatchable. The only way to watch anything is tape it and edit the ads out. Ads are not creative or funny or entertaining. We hate them. The endless assault pays for content, sure. Commercial entertainment exists to deliver customers to advertisers, ok. But there’s no need for the long suffering consumer to collaborate with this moronic assault on our senses. Technology, which for so long has just given advertisers more ways to attack us, is at last offering people the means to avoid it and thank heaven for that.

Jeff says:

Lower My Bills

Recently I was in the market for a mortgage loan. I searched the web long and hard for a decent interest rate.

It occurred to me that “LowerMyBills” might have a better rate than the other companies out there, but you know what?

Their use of the most annoying ads ever (ALL of them – the dancing silhouettes, the wolf, the generally random images and animations having zero to do with anything) stuck in my head, and I patently refused to go to their website or give them business, even though it may well be that they might actually save me some money.

You hear that, advertising agency for “LowerMyBills” and people at LMB who hire them? You lost business because of your ad campaign, and only because of your ad campaign.

Just because an ad sticks in someone’s head doesn’t make it effective. You have to at least make an effort NOT to have them completely hate you for it.

Jet Graphics says:

Cable TV pop up ads

I’ve reached my limit on the intrusive pop up ads that cable TV networks use during programming.
Ultimately, the sponsors are paying for the content that attracts us to watch.
It is a disservice to sponsors when the host TV network annoys the viewer with annoying ads during the work of art.
Would you appreciate a gallery of fine art that obliterates the enjoyment of the art with “WATCH WHAT WILL APPEAR HERE NEXT WEEK!”
It’s time to inform the sponsors that they are ultimately responsible for the abominable mistreatment of their audience.
I hope more people contact them and let them know that they’re cultural assassins and vandals, unworthy of our support.

Bob says:

“People Don’t Hate Advertising; They Hate Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising” So what you’re saying is that people only hate 95% of all advertising? Wow, thanks for the change in perspective. I guess stupid me needed to be reminded of what I like. Geez, I’m glad we have ad people out there to tell us what we are to like and not like.

trupatriot says:

I hate all but the most staightforward and honest ads,which as Bob said,is 95% of them.I hate the annoying,loud ones like Geico so much that I point out to their customers that any company who spends that much on ads has to cost more(which they do).I spent a whole day annoying them with phone calls like they done to me with their blasting commercials at me when I am trying to watch something interesting.I tell people to look up Edward Bernais and the history of subversive,underhanded,deceitful,ways that these companies use pschology and psychoanalytic theory to trick you into giving all your money to the evil corporation(an entity with no morality and bound by law to make profit the bottom line).And of course I personally boycott annoying,dangerous,polluting, lying,cheating,monopolizing,murdering coporate criminals.
Look up the history of the big ones.

Larry Wilkins says:

The intrusiveness of the ads, flashing, strobing, super fast cuts, bad camera work, super loud, and with commercial breaks lasting up to 7 minutes, is pretty hard to take. Even worse is all that junk and the banner ads all over the screen DURING the programming, along with those irritating product placement ads. I am starting to see ads that cover more than a third of the programming. Even SHOWTIME, a service I pay for (not any more), is starting to use banner ads and other ads even during their original content! This is premium, paid for TV!

There will be no HDTV in my future. Imagine all that extra room to put Hi-def ads.

I think Netflix will be my network of choice.

kiki jones (user link) says:

Demand Creation

Somewhere along the line our culture starting breaking down and public lying became some sort of norm… with big business advertisers taking the lead. The collective efforts of people using demand creation advertising for useless things could probably solve world hunger and global green energy issues. I wish we could get them paid for real work instead of junk.

Fight Bad Advertising

Anonymous Coward says:

i dont think we need to worry about advertising as long as you’ve got some good ideas for new relevant, productive stuff that we can all watch and listen to. but the bad ones well i cannot agree more with u. it is very bad. clearly something must be done about this once and for all. Please mute or even turn off ur tv or if ur on the net then just install POP up Blocker or a ad filter or something modern to block out teh annoying stupid ads we hate so much. stupid ads curse our life for ever and ever it is so damm annoying.

Marvin says:

People Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising

This may be correct, but if it is then I do not remember seeing one single advertisement of any souce or location or design that I did not hate in ten years. Whatever advertisement I remember when I plan to buy something will immeadiately cause my search for a different brand. I will gladly pay three times the price to get something NEVER advertised, and if I can’t afford that, not buy anything.

I do remember most advertisements over 30 year ago were not at all objectionable. They were plain, simple, facts, with a location to obtain more information. This is the only type I will ever accept.

(A lot of things advertised are sold where I work. I always recommend to customers the best quality they usually know nothing about because they haven’t seen the lies that others have all over the world.)

Vineet (user link) says:

Intrusive Ads

I think we are standing on an inflection point in terms of online advertising. The power is shifting to the user. Customer feedback would play an increasingly important role in decisions involving the kind of advertising they are being fed.

Businesses must work harder to minimize frustrating features(which obviously includes inappropriate ads, lengthy downloads and poor navigation) in order to develop a positive online relationship with their customers.

But a section of the online advertising professionals think that in terms of click through rates, popups, overlays, audio banners and intros are really the best performing formats, and that is why they continue to be used.

But I think one needs to be careful when measuring ‘effectiveness’, or talking about ‘what is proven to work’ when that basically comes down to the ‘number of clicks’ an ad delivers. Clicks don’t tell you very much at all.

Many clicks on intrusive ads are made in error and shouldn’t be counted as valid. In fact, these clicks are worse than no clicks at all, since the brand has annoyed the web user.

Targeting is going to be the mantra and the days of measuring a campaign’s success by simply counting clicks are surely numbered.

Carol says:

annoying and excessive

Why is it necessary to have 5 minutes of advertising and 2 minutes of a program?

Is there no government organization that monitors and patrols the amount of advertising on radio and tv?

Is our money worth nothing? We pay for cable tv yet tv programs are bombarded with advertising every few minutes.

Is it necessary to intrude with excessive advertising on already paid for cable programing?

Mercedes says:


Really? I cant recall any particular Mercedes commercial, so I just drive my Mercedes and that shows people too. LOL. But advertising is NEVER something people want shoved in their faces against their will. It is like a beggar who is standing between you and the entrance to the market or the ATM machine. It is the visual equivalent to SPAM. But I also understand the reason for advertising to exist and be an integral part of the financial structure of entertainment productions. We need a better model.

Neener (user link) says:


Thanks for this article. I am finally done with because their advertising is sooo annoying!

I also have no issue with advertising. But it needs to not open extra windows, take too long to load the page or, worse yet, put in an ad that moves the page down by 5 inches. I will purposely NEVER purchase some car brands because of this. These companies actually pay a lot of money to annoy me and interrupt my day. I don’t ever need to purchase a product where the money will be used to annoy others.
Advertising is fine and a normal business practice. Annoyance is not.

baceba says:


I HATE ALL ADVERTISEMENTS. Don’t try knocking on my door.
TV? If I see ANY type ad. I write down the name of the service or product. AND I WILL NEVER BUY IT. EVER! Get a real job. If I wanted it– I WILL BUY IT. ONLY IF IT IS HIGH QUALITY AND DOES NOT ADVERTISE.
INTERNET—I use a special anti ad browser—that inputs BOGUS info from ip address…on. I see ANY ad…it goes on my LIST of CRAP products.

WHY do firms SPEND MORE MONEY ON ADS and PROMOTIONS than on FIXING THEIR PRODUCT OR SERVICES? BECAUSE THEY ARE SCAMS—and care only about themselves, dollars and NEVER ME, or they wouldn’t hassle me with ad crap taken FROM MY MONEY-if I bout anything from them.

ADVERTISING IS THE MORAL equivalent of placing a sack of wet dog poop on ones door step, ringing the bell and running away. IT IS AGGRESSIVE—AND DISHONEST. WHEN an ADMEN talks every word is CRAP. GET A REAL JOB. HATE AD jerks ALL OF THEM.

Anonymous Coward says:


LOUD ADVERTS should be banned.! Period.
Every 15 mins i have to adjust my TV because of this rubbish.
The adverts are so loud that it is unbearable.
It’s wrong on every level.
It invades my home and causes noise pollution and i am not particularly sensitive.
Who allows these advertisers to get away with it.?
I have personally never brought anything from a TV advert.
When are these marketing people going to learn that all they are doing is pissing people off.!
Less is more.!!

Are U Kidding ??? says:

Pathetic Capitalism & The Idiocy Behind It All...!

Not Correct! I for one, Do Hate All Advertising Without Question.
Why? It IS Pathetic Because the ignorant & obscene amounts of money spent on them is just one of the ever growing Bogus things driving costs up for the rest of us. Thus, after We actually pay for the ads in the first place (by way of over pricing for rising ad costs+)(Rolls-Eyes), now we Must have Broken Web Pages Because… Taboola,BookFace,G+,LinkedIn,Gravitar,Twitter,Clouds,Reddit, ScoreCard, Captcha, AdServers, Beacons, Popups, Pop Under, Peak Around, Reach-Arounds… Oh God! This List is Soooo Long, Ridicules and Proves yet again that the Corrupt Corporate Structures behind this crap are Criminally Insane. They’ve RUINED Practically EVERY DECENT Site We Used To Love with Their CrossDomain, Css Injection, Third Party, Partner Scripts, Scripts and yet more Scripts, Front Door, Back Door, Side Door, Window Breaking/Hijacking BS!

YouTube was one of the greatest sites ever, now it uses so many different mirror servers hooked through Ad-Servers for Each Micro Chopped Up Video (claiming this speeds things up)? Videos wont even Load much less Play unless you open yourself for Hijacking’s and Hard Drive Scanning or else! Because they demand you watch that 20-30 second ad to watch a 10 second video? Better Still is the claim they make little or no money? Wow! Classic Capitalism BS!

Ask Yourself, Where does the ad money really come from and go to? They simply pass the buck at our detriment and expense.
Oh! And Don’t get me started on the Big Dirty F-Book Criminals & All Their Money Chubby Friends.
I’m gonna punch a screen if I see Just 200,000,000 more White F’s on a little Blue Icon!
Another Question… Why would any sensible person want facebook, google, twitter, reddit, bla bla, bla bla bla, in their Personal Banking Screens? Because they got a Copy Everything On Your Page Including Your Passwords and you would want to share these with who? For What? This IS Criminal Activity At The Highest Level! Period! Wake Up!

Tap Tap Tap,… Where’s The Easy Abort Button On This Thing?

The Internet is Not Worth Using Anymore! I Think They Are Counting on This too…
Now Pick Your Face Up Away from the Tablet/Phone and Talk to someone with your mouth, not your fingers… God, we’ve become anti social idiots thinking otherwise… So Damned Sad!

droy says:

adds suck

all ads suck fuck them all, i would love tv with NO ads i would love the internet with NO ADS! idk if its “invasivE” or not, i dont want it there so its invasive anyways! i litterally shop based on what i see advertised the least cuz fuck companys getting in the way of what i want to do now not 30 secends later every time i want to do something or load a new damn page like fuck! and dont get me starded on music player adds! they are always some pos hiphoppop song that was prob made in 2 days my a buncg of swag fags sitting aroud a table pulling ideas out of their ass and is played 10X louder then the music u actually enjoy! straight up FUCK ALL ADS!

Ron (user link) says:

Publishers Exist Only to Please the Madding Crowd

Ads for income are pretty useless. People refuse to click and read (or watch) whatever comes up, just as tv viewers ignore ads, the difference being the tv ads play anyhow and literally shout for attention (“Mattress Mac” in the Houston, Texas, area for example!) Nonetheless, computer users are impacted by ads—they do see them, though they may not click them. I have long contended that major corporations could launch far more effective ad campaigns online with no intention of reader clicking and more detailed viewing than with tv, radio, or print. The mere presence of the ads leads to consumer recognition of the advertisers’ products. Users don’t understand how online advertising works: They think website publishers are a class of super wealthy elitists (and viewers are thus determined to do nothing to benefit that ilk, thus a determination to never click ads.) So, advertisers benefit greatly, as do advertising providers, while readers get unlimited content that publishers has sweated blood to provide, and the publishers…well they just get e-screwed!

Anonymous Coward says:

What's more annoying

Some websites even have pop-unders and a pop-under is “relating to, or denoting an additional window, usually an advertisement, that is under a web browser’s main or current window and appears when a user tries to exit.” – definition from google. Ok, REALLY!? That just sounds like something no one wants, they too should be gone!

Lars Nilsson says:


People respond well to commercials that are done well and make people laugh.

Here in Sweden one of the “supermarket” type stores (called ICA) started making a series of commercial-skits in 2001 It was so popular that it’s still ongoing, declared by Guiness book of records as the longest ongoing series of commercials to date.

While Youtube’s autotranslate isn’t the best it should get the job done so here’s a clip from 2007:

There’s a reason there are AFV-style shows showing off funny commercials one after the other, it’s not because people hate commercials.

Anonymous Coward says:

Advertisement is a dying business

I believe today’s multimedia advertisement industry is dying. When software like Adblock, one can watch what they want & skip the ads. People are quitting their TV service & watching stuff online because they watch what they want when they want without all the commercials & intrusive ads. People don’t like ads or commercials

Cord Slasher says:


Very true. We hate ALL advertising on the internet. There is enough on billboards, on the radio, in stores, on building facades, etc. We hate ALL advertising. It has nothing to do with being bad, intrusive or loud. It’s advertising, and therefore we hate it.

Advertising hate fueled the cable industry in the beginning when it was ad-free. When cable started becoming ad-laden, the internet came along without advertising. Until, it started having advertising, which was when ad-blockers and SPAM helped create the multi-billion-dollar industries of SPAM filtering software and ad-blockers. ALL SPAM is advertising, is it not? Case closed.

Any of these advertising morons want to buy a clue?

R.E. says:

Ads & ad blocking

The writer of this is correct. I love to see the pop ups that tell me that I am using an ad blocker and that the site I am looking at is paid for by advertising. People that want to control me can shove off. The sites I visit may belong to others but the computer, the pay to ISP that I use and the time I spend on line belongs to me. If advertisers had not abused the ability to reach me in their lust to grab my attention I would not be using an ad blocker. When I reach a site that doesn’t like my ad blocker I delete that URL from my favorites and move on. I am not addicted to these sites. So, I must say with as much coarseness as possible “UP YOURS, MISTER!”

Betty Roberts says:


I do hate commercials. When you see one commercial 10 times a day you begin to hate and turn them off as soon as possible. When you think of it, we get ads in the magazines, newspapers, radio, tv. And when you have to pay for these things you start to get rid of them. I have stopped cable, magazines newspapers. I can’t stop them on my TV but I can mute then and I don’t have to pay for them.

SS says:

I disagree. I hate all ads. I never asked them to shove me their services I was never interested in first place. They:

1. wasting my time. I watch video and now I’m forced to spend time on ad.

2. when internet is slow, I will have even longer time wait when ad loaded

3. it breaks flow of my throughts. I was following the story and now I look something completely unrelated. Whyy????

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