The Line Between Commercials And Content Continues To Blur

from the but-advertisers-still-don't-know-what-to-do dept

All the broadcasters and advertisers who scream out and complain that TiVo is killing their business continue to miss the point: good content attracts viewers - and just because it's advertising, it doesn't mean it's not good content. Thus, it's a little amusing to see the utter surprise as advertisers begin to realize that if they create good ads people will seek them out - even on TiVo. From the article, they almost sound concerned that the "reach" of their advertisements may extend beyond the TV slot that they bought. Update: In related news, it looks like American Express has taken a page out of the BMW playbook and are getting ready to release a series of short "webisodes" starring Jerry Seinfeld to attract more people to their site.

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