China's Cheap Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Alternative You'll Never See

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China has traditionally treated any kind of global technology standard like the bubonic plague, offering up their own standards in an effort to limit reliance on foreign technology, and net licensing fees should the standards see foreign adoption. This government backed push has included attempts to create their own Wi-Fi encryption standard (WAPI), their own 3G wireless standard (TD-SCDMA), and their own next-generation DVD standard, dubbed EVD (enhanced versatile disc). First introduced back in 2003, the solution waddled aimlessly for a while as creators squabbled over royalties. Today Chinese hardware vendors unveiled the first round of prototype EVD players, and promised they’d switch to the new standard completely by 2008. The standard uses conventional red lasers combined with advanced compression technology to soak your retinas with 1080p HD video, but at a fraction of the cost of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players. High-def capable players at prices as low as $87 sure sounds tasty, but adoption elsewhere is unlikely, given the collective muscle of the companies backing the primary two next-gen DVD formats. Instead, you can look forward to paying Sony $1,000 for their latest DRM-soaked Blu-Ray player, and watching industry heavyweights and their respective fanboys pummel each other senseless. Have we reached the disc-less future yet?

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Comments on “China's Cheap Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Alternative You'll Never See”

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Frank says:

We could go EVD ...

but that we be much like going with Beta Max. The content providers can choose where there movies go … if they choose not to release them on EVD (without DRM) then your player isn’t worth much.

The answer is for the public to boycott the DRM model; but as iTunes shows, the public isn’t going to. Therefore the content provider — and DRM — win.

Anonymous Coward says:

Sure, in HD, but what about storage capacity?

Sure these things can hold 1080p video – but does it have the storage capacity for that to matter a damn? If the medium doesn’t have the capacity, it doesn’t matter how high it can store if its only 10 minutes of video…

Think Betamax – it could hold higher quality video, but the storage capacity wasn’t enough. The difference between Betamax and Blu-Ray which comparisions are being made between, is that BDROMs hold the same high-def video the others such as HDDVD and this “EVD” medium – except that BDROMs actually have the data capacity to hold more video than any of the others – hence why it would be so much more expensive (yes, its still ridiculously expensive even so, but at least a fraction of it is justified)

LJSeinfeld (profile) says:

Re: by CB on Dec 7th, 2006 @ 12:03am

We dont need to learn Mandarin… thats a pretty ignorant statement… They pay their base workers 47 cents an hour… lol… are you interested in working for that?

It won’t really matter if you’re *interested* in working for 47 cent’s/hour once China is running the show (globally)….

Anonymous Coward says:

>British workers get a $10 min a hour, US workers are getting less, your point being?

We also get taxed throught the ass. But thats not on subject here.

As long as we have clever people to hack firmware etc i cant personally see an issue. There is always someone working agains DRM. Easier to sit back, and watch the future arrive, both its pros and its cons.

XBOX360 says:

Re: Buy the PS3

I would need a system that could run for longer than 30 mins though… The idea of watching 30 mins of a movie and then letting my player “cool-down” for 20 min and then watching another 30 mins etc… just isn’t very appealing! 🙂 Not a M$ fan but the xbox 360 blows the doors off of Sony’s sleek looking brick thus far. After the 4th freeze, I sold my PS3 and am now trying to score a WII in it’s absence. Wish to see if I can break my display with some violent tennis!

µ_Pro says:

Avast ye scurvy swabs!

Sony, MGM, Paramount and all those other RIAA types have been overcharging us BIGTIME for years. They are getting what they deserve. Who cares if the content providers have EVD versions available. Burn your own copy for free! Pirate their media, loot and pillage their corporate machine. Hopefully Vista and it’s DRM defective by design will bring Microsoft to it’s knees too. Serves em right.

Robert Dupuy (user link) says:

Learning Mandarin

You don’t have to learn Mandarin to make 47 cents an hour…you need to learn it to have 47 cents per hour workers.

Either way, you have to learn it!

OK…you don’t have to learn it. But, fat dumb and lazy is no way to go through life….why wouldn’t you learn it! (I’m not learning it…and now I’m going to stop typing).

Thanks for listening.

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