Police Fine Driver Who Supplies His Own Speed Camera Via YouTube

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Lots of people dislike speed cameras that have a history of malfunctioning, but it’s another thing altogether to basically turn a speed camera on yourself. Following in the footsteps of others who have been arrested after documenting their misdeeds on MySpace or YouTube, a young man in Norway has been given a $1,300 fine for speeding after he posted a video of himself driving at speeds up to 150 mph, more than twice the legal speed limit in Norway. If anything, the police seem to have let him off easy, saying they could only prove he had averaged 86 miles per hour, and set the fine at that speed. Once again, though, it just goes to show that just because you get away with something, you still can get in plenty of trouble if you post the evidence online for everyone to see. However, it certainly does fit with the rise of exhibitionist culture these days.

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Comments on “Police Fine Driver Who Supplies His Own Speed Camera Via YouTube”

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SimplyGimp says:

K... Moron?

I’ve posted several videos of myself doing similar things, on YouTube and my MySpace page. The difference is, I only show what’s out the windshield and the speedometer. I don’t show my face grinning like an idiot cause I just sped on public roads. That would be stupid… right?

This is just an example of how, eventually, the stupid people will wind up removing themselves from our population.

Spiralis says:

According to rumours the police officer stumbled over the movie by accident on the Internet. It was posted several other places too. He then started a thorough investigation in the hope of scaring off other exhibitionist speed freaks. He used online electronic traces combined with information about car make and some other directories. With this information he was able to pinpoint the car and owner.

And – if he had been proven to do 150 mph, he would not have a driving license anymore. And on top of that pay a fine probably larger than the one he got…

Anonymous is not necessarily anonymous on the Internet, keep that in mind guys…

Filthwatch says:

Police and Speeding

How different things are when the shoe is on the other foot!!!
Funny how the police officer who was caught speeding over 150MPH got away with it…Testing out his car!!!
I live in the Metropolitan Police area. The police here are often seen speeding when NOT in an emergency. I would like to get some car-cams and record those corrupt pigs. We all know the Metropolitan Police know how to lie when it suits them…Lets use evidence against them!!!
The Metropolitan Police can often be seen driving alone without a seatbelt, smoking and not using indicators….Up for right and down for left is obviously too difficult for some. To join the Metropolitan Police you do not need specific qualifications…This reflects the majority of police out there.
The police wonder why so many people have little or no respect for them….They only have themselves to blame. No wonder they are more commonly known as filth.

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