Talking Turkey Goes Digital

from the gobble-gobble-2.0 dept

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, today’s papers feature a few different kinds of obligatory stories: those with last-minute cooking advice, and those about how purveyors of last-minute cooking advice are adopting technology to help solve peoples’ turkey turmoil. Perhaps what’s most amusing in this story, though, is that the WSJ compares paid services to chefs at local restaurants who simply give out free advice to people who call in, and wonders if they’re hurting their businesses by giving away their advice and recipes. However, the chefs they talk to clearly don’t work in the music business: they say they’re building a relationship with clients, and promoting their businesses. Separately, Butterball’s venerable turkey helpline has started podcasting, but given the apparent popularity of online videos covering practical topics, perhaps they’d been better off buying a turkey channel on YouTube and using videos to share their advice.

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Comments on “Talking Turkey Goes Digital”

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John says:

copyright the advice

the chefs are dumb… dont’ they know they could patent their custom method for preparing a turkey and charge everyone money for using their method? Or better yet…. wait a few years and then hire lawyers and sue a bunch of people and settle out of court for millions of dollars. Obviosly these chefs aren’t very smart.

hehehehehehe… just kidding

Baal says:

Re: Re: internet turkey

Where does it say they are bitching about giving recipes away?!

“who simply give out free advice to people who call in”

“they say they’re building a relationship with clients, and promoting their businesses”

From what I see, they are giving the info out to build a client basis.

So how bout that tard status huh? Try reading and get a sense of humor n00b.

dorpus says:

Do Germans Cook Hornets?

Are there any German chefs who share recipes for cooked hornets?

I ask because when I went to the Grimminger pastry shop this morning in Heidelberg (they are a popular chain with big orange neon signs, present at every train station), hornets were flying all over the pastries. I pointed to one, and the cashier girl ignored it, even when one flew right in front of her eye while she was looking at me. I’ve never seen a hornet’s nest inside a bakery, much less employees who ignore it. Do Germans have a custom of eating hornets with breakfast?

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