Google's Orkut The Target Of Misplaced Blame In India

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Neat Justin writes in suggesting that we absolutely must cover the latest story about Orkut “in trouble.” However, reading through the long list of links he provided, it doesn’t seem like Orkut (Google’s social networking play) is really in very much trouble at all. Basically, it sounds like a lot of people are (perhaps reasonably) pissed off that some Orkut users created a “We Hate India” group. If you know how Orkut works, basically anyone can create a group in seconds, and anyone else can join it. Soon after that, there were stories about how Indian prostitutes were using Orkut as a way of finding clients. Then, a couple of weeks ago there were even more complaints about Orkut concerning tricksters putting up fake profiles of others, urging people to call or visit people, falsely claiming they were pornographers. Finally, this weekend, there were more complaints over some additional hate messages that had been posted to the site. Some of these articles cite India’s Information Technology Act-2000, which apparently bans this type of activity, suggesting that Orkut may get banned by the government. However, it would seem that this is very misplaced anger. Once again, the problem isn’t with Orkut, specifically, but the people using Orkut. If Orkut is blocked, the same people will simply go elsewhere and do the same thing elsewhere. It doesn’t solve the problem, it just sweeps it under the rug for about half a day until the same things pop up somewhere else. Blaming the site pretends that if you block the site that the people who are actually responsible go away too. It doesn’t work that way — and, if anything, only emboldens them to find more and more places to make their point. The real answer is to go after the people directly if they are breaking the law — not the site that carries their words.

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Comments on “Google's Orkut The Target Of Misplaced Blame In India”

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techreader (profile) says:

It’s nothing sort of adamant on Google’s part that in spite of lots of people asking it to remove a particular group from Orkut, the company doesn’t care the damn thing about it.
And this is when it’s an Orkut’s policy that if enough users raise an objection against a group, the group would be removed from the site.

Ashwin Mudigonda (profile) says:

As a chronic Orkut user and also someone who has benefited from Orkut’s groups (just check my website) I think the article has hit the problem on the nail. I have been very frustrated with the scores of idiots and retards trolling communities and posting messages like “Let’s play a game. check my profile and rate me”. And this was in communities called Physics, Mathematics. This had resulted in many genuinely interested physicists and mathematicians leaving in a huff, creating tightly moderated communities and kicking out trolls (I am now a moderator of 4 communities (one MATLAB)). The system corrects itself over time and no external force is needed.

Click says:

1. ‘I hate India’ community has been removed from Orkut because it was having ‘burining Indian flag’ in it.
2. I have checked there is no “I hate Pakistan’ community created in Orkut.

but interestingly there is a community called ‘We hate I hate india community’, which is against ‘I hate India’.
It seem that Indians respects their ex-brother still a brotherhood.

sam says:

why dont it stop

neat justin ,
your comment about the getting the peoples behind it is pretty impressive if it i possible but again i have a wonder why after all this problems Google is not blocking just one site ,
i smell some commercial needs by Google behind it ,i went through many of my chatting room and its just like advertising
orkut , if its so , for making bad emotions part of so many of them ,such case Google is to be blamed ,so , i don’t feel that the blame is misplaced ,
“and for the kind detail for other some comments” the topic is on “we hate India”group and the group is still there

Pavan Akula says:


Dear Readers and ORKUT team. I would like to inform you about the worst things I have found out on the ORKUT site. I was searching through different communities and found people using sick photographs and keeping them on their profile and also noticed that ORKUT has been used as place of unuseful things rather making the site a best place to keep in touch with family and friends.. I would here by request ORKUT team to keep and eye on the profiles like these and delete them for the safety of the genuine user.. Thank You
Pavan UK

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