PS3 Line Insanity; Pregnant Woman Tries Not To Give Birth While Waiting

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While there are still plenty of questions about how successful Sony’s PS3 device will really be, don’t tell that to the die hard fans who are taking lining up and waiting to an entirely new level. There have been plenty of reports of fights breaking out at various stores among those waiting in line, with at least one drive-by shooting (though, using BBs, not a real gun) and even reports of people getting robbed while waiting. However, those don’t top the list of most bizarre. Apparently, one woman who is nine months pregnant, has been trying to ignore her contractions in order to stay in line, while another woman who isn’t even interested in gaming decided to line up just for the hell of it. Still, for some people, it appears waiting in line is too much work. Engadget reports that a dentist in Georgia wanted to buy a bunch of PS3s for his family, and hired 60 “temps” to wait in line at various stores for him. Meanwhile, if waiting in line or paying people to wait for you is too much, you could just go rob the store of all their available PS3s instead. Update: Well that was weird. For some reason Newsday changed their article and got rid of the section about the pregnant woman. It’s still showing up in other versions of the article however, and other blogs have written about it too.

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Comments on “PS3 Line Insanity; Pregnant Woman Tries Not To Give Birth While Waiting”

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Liz says:

Re: Re: This is crime

A man who makes such a close-minded statement

will never deserve a wife.

Seriously. Most women would probably choose that PS3 over you, let only having your baby or even marrying you.

Get over yourself, you self-centered, close-minded embarassment to humanity.

Or better yet? Redeem yourself by being chemically castrated.

kweeket says:

Re: Re: Re: The pregnaut lady

SIDS isn’t CAUSED by a gene defect, researchers just found a correlation between SIDS and infants with a faulty gene designed to monitor oxygen levels in the blood. Babies can have the defect and live, if they never are in an oxygen-critical state. This is why the “Place babies to sleep on their backs” campaign reduced the number of SIDS-related deaths dramatically.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: And now come the problems

If you despise Americans so much, why do *YOU* bother living in America? Move out to a country that you dont hate as much as you post about hating America.

in other words, GO AWAY.

Tough words. And in no way applicable to the dorpus’ comments. Perhaps you should go blow off some steam, I suggest drivebying a bunch PS3Liners with an airgun. Let the Roflcopter take off.

Marcos says:

Re: Re:

“At what point does a device designed to propel a small piece of metal at high velocity become a “real” gun to techdirt?”

Uhmm, obviously the law considers a difference between a “real gun” and a “bb gun”. I’m too lazy to go look up whatever that distinction is but its simple logic that there is a difference and that difference is defined.

Louis says:

Re: Re:

A BB gun is not a “real” gun? At what point does a device designed to propel a small piece of metal at high velocity become a “real” gun to techdirt? Is my 22 a real gun? How about my 12 gauge? I’m pretty sure my 357 is very damned real, but what about my 9mm? Or my ‘old fashioned’ 45?

Yes I think when one requires a license to carry it, or its a criminal offense to conceal it.

Adam (user link) says:

Spolied Rotten Rich Kids

I’ve heard reports of people paying up to $10k for a stupid PS3. It truly doesn’t matter if the parents have money or not. I do hope though that as their spoiled little rich kids grow up, the parents may think back to times like this where they contbuting to the demise of thier little spoiled apples who don’t know the value of a dime or the real worth of something.

$10k for a PS3. How stupid… although koodos if someone can actually sell it for that much, and end up with a fully stocked XBOX 360, a Nintendo Wii, lots of games for both, laugh about it over a dinner with all their friends on them, and still have plenty left over to buy the PS3 in 3 months when post holiday shipments are stocked in stores.


Damain (user link) says:

And in just a few short months, I’ll be able to walk into ANY Walmart or Best Buy and grab one off the shelf. No waiting, no pushing, no shoving.
I hope to GOD all of the first versions of this console are riddled with bugs so every one of those idiots that waited in line for days has to send theirs in for repair and WAIT for it to be sent back.
HA! That would be awsome.

G Man says:

They just want to buy a bunch of them and sell them for a profit on EBay. That happened with
X box 360. The tougher it is to get one the higher the price the market will demand. It is like buying up those concert tickets and scalping them
The guy with 60 temps is going to sell those bay boys. Do the math 60 X the price no body has that many family members they are going to give a gift with that price range. THat is like $30K before tax he will make $100K on the resale

Mike (profile) says:

Re: ?Pregnant Line Waiting?

I find it interesting that there was no mention in the Newsday Link of a woman having contractions or being pregnant while in line. Did they edit that out of their story or was the headline for this piece just a sensationalistic attempt by TechDirt at gathering readers?

They edited it out. I’ve added more links to other coverage.

Very odd though. Not sure why they edited it out.

ElCuervo says:

Re: Stupid people

shouldn’t breed, and hopefully these dorks will be too busy standing in line and playing stupid games to ever get around to doing the nasty – you know, natural selection.

I saw one kid on the news last night being asked why he was in line, and he said, “Uh, because it’s like the newest thing, like, uh, the coolest stuff!” I think it will be REALLY cool when he gets it home and finds out that a lot of his old favorite games won’t work on it! :~)

Kilroy says:

What pregnant woman?


I also read the article and found NO mention of the pregnant woman. Either it was removed or everyone who posted about it likes to spout off without doing the most basic of research, like, reading the article that the comment was based on.

Maybe it was an experiment by TechDirt to see if people even bothered to read the article before posting. Or, perhaps everyone read the article before they editted it. Either way, any further posts about it will be proof that people dont read the articles.

Amos says:


As if I didnt think the people standing outside in the cold waiting for these things were rediculous enough Now I find out women are putting there babys at risk just to get a PS3 Thats rediculous women like that should be arrested I mean and over what A slowed down computer please next time oyu people feel the need for a new game system go to your nearest computer store and buy a real computer instead of waiting in line for 3 days and killing your baby just to get your hands on a POS anyways

Cat (user link) says:

Pregnant Lady and all these idiots

It’s just a system people, in another 5 or 6 years (if even that long) the PS4 will be out. I’m a huge gamer but I know the difference between being a fan and just plain OBSESSED!!! Can we say OTAKU!!!!
I agree with arresting that woman, that is endangering her child. Come on lady, if you lose that baby your going to want to blame everyone else but yourself! I’m not saying I don’t have one because infact I do, but I wasnt crazy enough to do what a good precentage of America did. These people give gamers a bad image and name. You people are a DISGRACE to America and gamers across the globe. Act civilized for crying out loud!!!

TheGiganticMetalPenis says:

Dude..Multiple stuff..

Ok look don’t you think that this was just some type of hype to big up that old ps3. How ever it is really stupid. Holding your contractions and prolonging birth can cause some complications for both the mother and the child. Some one should look up and search. any way the only thing that sony has left are die hard fan boys..cough (not me) and the insane stunts people pull thast all over every tech site.. publicity that they are gettting is really good. Even if it is “Im not buying a PS3” We know sooner or later that same guy will have 6 conviently placed around his house for ease of access O_o. and he probably pre ordered em too..Don’t trust people that say they aint gettin one because of the price. and besides sony planned to take this loss already ……theyll make it up very late in the endgame when the prices fall and peole start to buy when the good games start rolling in. and they need to catch uip fast because the games they ave now aint kickin it.. you kno you guys waiting on killzone 😛

whatever says:

while its insanity that a woman would do that I dont think she should be arrested, I mean….women have given birth in the oddest locations since the beginning of mankind. Definantley an act that calls for numerous insults, but not legal action and “Only In America”….I doubt it. Americans can be as stupid and ****ed as any other humans on the face of the earth. Long live the neon lights…

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