Second Life Goes From Media Darling To Scourge Of Journalists In Record Time

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Second Life has become quite the arena for PR stunts recently, as companies attempt to make themselves look cool somehow by setting up shop in the virtual world. It’s been a successful exercise for plenty of companies because the gimmick’s been enough to attract the attention of plenty of journalists, with some even enamored enough with Second Life to make it their dedicated beat. However, it looks like that fascination could be starting to wear off, as some journalists take exception to companies holding press conferences and other events in it. While there’s obviously some interest in virtual worlds like Second Life, the extent to which companies are trying to use it to make themselves look cool has gotten a bit silly, and a backlash — of which these may be the first inklings — seems inevitable.

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Comments on “Second Life Goes From Media Darling To Scourge Of Journalists In Record Time”

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The Original JustMe says:

I've actually attended a meeting in SL

It was for a NASA Ames program which seeks to encourage participation between different groups which are located around the globe, including scientists, universities, and business.

Everybody who attended the meeting thought it was a great idea and would really foster development and interaction.

In short, not everything is a publicity stunt.

The Man says:

“second life may not be the new web, but the new web is probably going to have elements of second life.”

God help us all. If the web moves from a place to get information and purchase items to a geek fest where everyone lives at home with mommy and has no real life in Version 2.0, I hope they leave 1.0 around for the normal people.

I had to assume a digital identity and walk through a virtual world to buy a book, I would rather just go back to boarders.

Places like book stores are going out of business because it is easier to get the books online. If they try to make online like reality, then everything is a pain in the ass again.

Let the web be what it should be, a market place. Go outside and live a real life. If your life sucks, change it in the real world and don’t make up a good life.

The Internet sucks for everyting but porn and buying crap.

Christopher Mercer (user link) says:

What's wrong with first life?

What is wrong with people’s first life that they have to have a second life?

Yes I know it is a old joke, but think about it for a moment! People actually rather hang out in a virtual world than meet with flesh and blood humans. Unlike other online “games”, second life is an attempt at an online reproduction of real life and holds neither an entertainment value or a practical value.

Reality Check says:

If this makes you angry, it mostly likely means that I am addressing you specifically and that you should think about it:
Anyone who thinks this whole virtual world thing is just a fad , and is going to go away to be gone and leave us a happy go lucky, real, authentic, flesh and blood existence needs to move to a small town with no internet connection and enjoy the fifteen minutes of peace and quiet before it shows up there too. So thats no good. You might try a third world country, theres a lot of flesh and blood in those places…
Let’s face facts, the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, and technology is progressing exponentially. If that doesn’t cause any sort of concern, then you need to look up the word exponential. Shit, when the real VR gets here you won’t even be able to tell the difference. The stuff we do on the “flat world”(I like that that Ahmed, you seem to have a brain attached to your keyboard, keep it up:) is a total joke. When you can’t tell the difference you’ll have to start dealing with some serious meta-physical issues. What is reality? How do I know that I know things? Can I even know anything? How do I know that I am not dreaming? Philosophy has been dealing these sort of questions for thousands of years, and science has picked up where it left off and there’s plenty to read on it, most of which is available on the old porn/crap pipe called the internet. Shit who knew there was useful stuff on the web, oh wait, I know what they’re called, smart people. Try reading some stuff written by them.

The Man says:

Re: RE: Reality Check

I forgot one thing the Internet was great for. Giving crazy people a forum. It is a lot easier to rant on the Internet because no one can see the foil on their head. I can not wait for that guys dream world. Does virtual dog crap stink when you step in it? Maybe today’s scientist / Philosophers can pick up on that a give me an answer.

Take some medication please.

Reality check says:

I don’t know, does an idiot shit in the woods? My God. It’s not like I sit around making up the past/present/future of technology and scientific thought. READ A FUCKING BOOK PEOPLE!! Or at least a magazine, I suggest Popular Science since it doesn’t use big words. If you can handle that, try a few journals. Or if your eyes can no longer see words that aren’t back lit, try Wikipedia. While much on Wikipedia is apocryphal, few vandals are smart enough to write convincing scientific articles, anyway, I don’t want to start a Wiki rant. It’s just that, as someone who takes Academics seriously, it makes me want to cry a little when I realize that people take pride in being ignorant. I slum here occasionally and try to preach because I see all these people posting who are interested in very important subjects, but they have no background. Thats fine, it’s never too late to educate yourself. Many people in many different times have worked very hard to collect the combined wisdom of our civilization and I bet they roll over in their grave anytime some person tries to clumsily recreate work that they already did. Heres a news flash folks: If you thought of it, somebody smarter than you probably did too, and they though about it better than you, did research, published and felt good about themselves. Too bad they may have well stuffed it up their asses since people, the same people who would be interested in their work, won’t spare a little time to read what they wrote. By the way, the “dream world” is not mine, it’s Descartes. The guy that brought you Cartesian graphs. So next time you think of an x/y coordinate system give a shout out the dead guys. They pissed off the church so you could have math. Just think, without them, you’d still be jerking off to magazines. You guys think you’re funny. Another news flash: Your not, you’re just ignorant. Which by the way is worse than being stupid since its a voluntary condition.
PS Alien space rays go right through tinfoil, I use a carbon fiber bike helmet wrapped in electrical tape.

Az says:

reality check

Wall of text crits you for 1209437, you die.

At least MMO games have some sort of entertainment value
Second life is just another fad, people will get over it. Until it’s as easy and simple, yet more versatile than the current system it’s just another phase the web will get through.
Journalists are just capitalising on phases as they go, feeling their way through it. Same as the companies capitalising on it, but as per usual they are, just those few steps behind. If you don’t create innovation your company will always be that few steps being it.

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