Latest Useless Trend: Adding Social Networking To Everything, Including Cab Rides

from the seems-a-bit-niche dept

With the recent growth of social networking sites cashing in with VC money or acquisitions, it seems like just about everyone is trying to add some sort of social networking capabilities to their existing offerings, no matter how little sense it makes. Take, for example, the story of some website designed to help people share cabs with each other. They’re now trying to add a social networking component so that you might have something in common with the person you are sharing a cab to the airport, even hinting at how it could be a way to meet others of the opposite sex. This isn’t just niche, this is niche within niche. If you think of the Venn diagram of the overlap between “people who might find it convenient to share a cab somewhere” with “people who have something in common” you have a very, very, very small group of people. Then, add in another circle of people who would actually know about or care about this site, and the market has almost disappeared entirely. Perhaps they need to team up with that other service that would try to make sure the person sitting next to you on the airplane had a compatible personality — and it could be like two “dates” in one trip. The thing is, if there actually was a market for this, it would make more sense for an existing social network site to simply add it as a tiny feature to their existing system. It makes almost no sense to start from scratch. Of course, most of the social networks out there probably realize that there is no market for such an offering in the first place — which is why this company needs to start from scratch.

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Comments on “Latest Useless Trend: Adding Social Networking To Everything, Including Cab Rides”

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DittoBox (user link) says:

Complete with gradients and helvetica rounded

The design is even the same bland, last-year, web 2.0 branding we see…everywhere else, right down to the post-post-modern sans serif logo face, white background, Helvetica Rounded on everything else and bright, saturated gradients made of primary or pastel colors.

They even included some print somewhere that says “beta!”

All that’s missing is a name change to “hitchstrs” and you’re all set.

This is a VC grab if there ever was one.

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