Men Use Phones To Impress Women; Women Use Phones To Ward Off Men

from the the-battle-of-the-sexes dept

Well, it appears some things don’t change much. Almost exactly six years ago, we wrote about a study that said that men tend to use mobile phones in the same way that peacocks display their plumage: as a mating call to try to impress women. A new study has found that this still happens. Men are much more likely to actively display their mobile phones in social situations. The article suggests it’s a way to pick up women, but it also notes that men are just as eager to display their mobile phones to other men to make themselves appear more important. Of course, what makes this even more interesting is the study we saw this past summer that found that women use mobile phones for almost the exact opposite purpose. They do it to keep men from approaching them. That is, if they see someone approaching them, they may pull out the phone so they have an excuse to avoid talking to the man. No wonder the sexes have so much trouble communicating. They don’t even use communication devices the same way.

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Comments on “Men Use Phones To Impress Women; Women Use Phones To Ward Off Men”

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chichi says:


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cjmemay (user link) says:


This is kind of “Duh”, isn’t it?

Another way of summing up this article would be: 84% of guys are assholes, and, most women don’t want to talk to alot of them.
especially me.

I mean, honestly, if you weren’t aware of both of these social conventions, you are probably not from America.

Oh… right. Ethnocentrism. Well then, this may be a really interesting study, if you are not from America.

wolff000 says:

Re: And???

Only 84%? I am a firm believer that all guys are assholes. being a a guy I should know. I also believe all women are the other extreme. The only reason people get together is you find that particular person that matches the kind of “personailty” you have. I do agree this study is obvious although I don’t use my cell phone to show off, I do use it to avoid talking to people. I have faked conversations to get away from bad dates and the annoying guy at the water cooler.

Girl says:


Did you just watch Borat something? Think for yourself and speak for broads like yourself.

Statistics dont mean shit, and “ethnocentrism” America cannot be summed up with stupid pseudo-(collegemajor) terms.

Womens studies is not a field for the smarter women. The truly smart ones get degrees studying very large male phalluses.

That is how you sound.

joe says:


a girl did this to me, and i didnt even want to talk to her in the first place. i accidently made eye contact with her, and noticed when i walked by her she started playing with her phone and then put it away.

i was so angry, i just wanted to yell at her for thinking i could possibly want to talk to her…i hate that! i hate it! what happened to the days when most girls had a modest self-esteem, i never got to experience those days. now its all a bunch of filthy skanks that think they all that. grrrr… sry ladies, nothing personal, but you have to have noticed those girls that tarnish the grace and beauty of womankind are just revolting human beings.

to all the girls UNLIKE the skanks i have describe all i gotta say is- YOU GO GIRL(S)

Crucial says:

Re: smellygrrl

Don’t mistake some people that carry around multiple phones as trying to make up for something they’re lacking down below. Some men, especially in operational and technical fields are required to carry a company phone, but are not allowed to use these phones for personal use.

In short, I (however unfortunately) have to carry one phone because my job requires I always be reachable, and I carry another phone so that I can be reachable by my friends and family. It’s not always a my penis is bigger than your penis battle.

elise says:

Re: Re: smellygrrl

haven’t you ever heard of a pager? if your job requires you to be available at all times who says you must have 2 phones?

my friend is a LAN/Admin who’s at the beck and call of the mainframe and somehow he manages with only one cell phone.

and the bluetooth headset is the most obnoxious tool that i have seen. it was meant for work and driving – leave it in the car or at work where it belongs. No one wants to hear you talking to yourself and we don’t think you’re cool cause you’ve got a blob hanging off your ear…it’s probably giving you cancer anyway.

Just me... says:

So, why not...

Why the heck do ya think the cell phone makers create cell phone holders / cases that clip on your belt? To impress women? Maybe the cell phone case makers are women themselves!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides, what does a cell phone have to do with impressions? Most model cell phones are so affordable; it would not be much of an impression!

What an impression rip off…!

Dave (user link) says:

Phones to impress women?

I don’t get it. Everyone and their brother’s mother has a cellphone, how on earth is it supposed to impress women? That’s absurd. I do however use it to avoid talking to certain people. If I see someone I don’t want to talk to I pretend I’m on a call and just walk by. Now my audi keyfob in the other hand has a nice little chrome audi logo on it. Sometimes I’ll set it down making sure the logo is in view, so I can understand the idea, but phones don’t cut it. I can’t imagine any respectable woman saying to herself “wow, he has a nice phone, I’m gonna go talk to him”.

slide23 says:

Look More Important!


I get such a kick out of people that show off their phones, have loud, very important-sounding phone calls in public, and wear their wireless headset even when not on a call.

Besides looking and sounding like a tool, they are all really saying how unimportant and needy they all are. Really important people have other people to take the calls for them.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Look More Important!

omg i hate the headset thing! whats worse is when they have the corded one tucked under thier shirt, whats that about. the bluetooth ones, okay i get it, you dont like wires, but why would you wear it when not on a phone call. i think im going to get some headphone and just put them on and walk around with them, on the off chance that i find something to plug them into.

and if you have more than one phone, you need to get a better phone! even if you have to have one for work and then one for personal use, why on earth would you have them both clipped to your belt next to your pda.again get a better phone, you can have more than one number on a cell phone and most cell phones are PDAs these days.

and dont get me started on how crazy someone looks talking to them selves in a resturant at the top of thier lungs…. oh no wait she is not crazy and rude, she is on a super important phone call about her babbies daddies cousin tyreese that just got put in jail for stabbing his mother for not selling enough crack. and that is not a strange growth on her ear, its her rinestone studded bluetoof headset tangled in her weave.

and no it is not just guys that show off thier phones, women do it too!

CoolCliftop says:

Cell Phones

I am such a sneaky bastard, since I am to shy and pathetic to approach women, I use my cell phone camera to take their picture, and then brag to all my buddys about this cool chick I met. This serves two purposes.

1) It makes the chick think I’m really cool and important cuz it looks like I’m texting a really important message

2) It makes me look like a chick magnet to my pathetic friends.



:( says:

…Sounds like us. It justifies being single, both sexes are duplicitous, inconsiderate, and anything but selfless. It’s no surprise that the phone exaggerates these traits. The best part is how it’s taboo to wonder who called the one you’re with, so you always have some sort of lurking suspicion that there’s another guy sending texts or some crazy crap trying to get your girl to roam. Technologically it’s a step forward, socially though, it’s rather crippling.

Bob says:

Re: Re: The BlueTooth Fairies at work.

I wouldn’t ask someone to remove the headset, I just wouldn’t talk to them. It works out better because then the customer can’t yell at me because I’m simply being ‘polite’ by not interrupting them. Being in retail for over 10 years, I can tell you that when I go shopping and find I have a question, I don’t hop onto my phone in the middle of a conversation or at least hang up before I start talking to a sales person. Common courtesy is a wonderful thing. says:

Vanity & Misandry

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

If you need to impress a woman it means she wasn’t interested in you to start with.

I no longer carry a cell phone because I realized that there are good reasons that I should not be reached when I am not answering the phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

For all you self-centered, self-important, misandrists (Man-Haters). I only have one thing to say to you…

May nature take away all that allows you to derive your feeling of importance from taking advantage of a primary weakness in men… our insanity for women.

So mote it be…

Norns (user link) says:

Keep it in your pants

this is to the person who has every portable device known to man that you can attach a belt-clip to covering every square inch of your belt except for your buttcrack which needs covering……….i hope the electromagnetic field forming around your waist makes you sterile because we don’t need your genes trying to replicate, especially with the trash you pick up while riding the bus home.

Anonymous Coward says:

working in retail and food service, when someone comes in yapping on their cell phone about whever miniture thing happened 2 minutes ago, i purposely act rude. I ignore them, i make them repeat what they want up to 10 times. Once they get the picture, they hang up, and i’m nice to them.

it seems to reason, if you can’t give your full attention for 3 minutes to place an order/talk to workers…you don’t need the service. If you come ask a question, and have a headset on, it shows you have no ture interest in the product. I see no harm in asking for full attention. and if you feel you are too superior to remove your headset, your business isn’t welcome. onlybecause you would be a selfish prick.

tim says:


Aren’t all gadgets ultimately a type of “plummage.” For the most part you’ll find people with PDA Phones who don’t really need the extra features are the same guys who wear it on their belt like a badge of honor. I work with a couple guys who have one of those Verizon PDAs. My boss, who is constantly at meetings and traveling carries it in his pocket or in his briefcase, my co worker who occasionally gets a call on the thing wears it on a belt clip. I’d have to agree, it is the modern day codpiece.

Glenn says:


I was told by a woman back in the late 80’s, when I got my first mobile phone that I used it to look important…I used it to see if I might possibly make more money, you see, I’m in sales! Now unless I am working I turn the f*$#ing off. Cell phones are a pariah on our civilization. Why have a conversation with you, the person I’m sitting next to, when I can have a conversation with someone who has interrupted me with a phone call? Turn the damn things off or put them on vibrate and/or only answer it if it is important. The whole world is nuts.

Electrical/Computer Engineer says:

Another reason

I (male) have two phones, one personal and one work. My personal one was purchased small enough and designed in such a way that I can put it in my pocket and forget about it. My work phone is not designed quite as nicely. The phones go with me everywhere, and when i am on a job site, and don’t have a coat pocket to put the phones in, my work phone ends up on my belt. This is not because I am trying to attract a woman, it is simply because it does not fit comfortably in my pocket.

Not all men are A-holes always wanting a booty call.

Anonymous Coward says:

most companies won’t let a copmany phone be used for personal calls (e.g. the second personal phone)

next, sub a pager for a phone? well, how am i supposed to call my company with a pager? use my phone minutes? bum a quarter (or what is it now 75 cents) for a payphone? call collect? i don’t think so. that leaves the 2 phone option the only reliable option.

but i think society has vastly changed over time. we have this false sense of public privacy. you shouldn’t be listening me talk to my obgyn about my latest outbreak of yeast infections, although i’m screaming at the top of my lungs in a crowded mall (i seriously glanced at a girl talkinga bout hers, and gave me a dirty look because i happened to look at her. if i didn’t i woulda run her over. wish i had)

back in the day, such conversations were ment for the dr.s office and hiding in a locked room with the only tele in the house.

however, when ppc (portable personal communication) was introduced, there was a sudden rush to show how advanced you were, by displaying it. then when ppc became affordable, more people tried to do the same thing. since more people did it, it moved to a “trend” i.e. all cool ppl are like that, and i must fit in. hell it’s not just cool it’s group/herd mentality.

so, yeah, technology at first was a way of showing off, and it still is. as the article points out. however, we must look deeper into the actions of society.

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