Is MySpace's Parent Company Still Serving Up Adware?

from the well,-look-at-that dept

While some security companies are warning people about supposed videos on MySpace that actually trigger adware/spyware downloads (something that’s been discussed for many months), adware/spyware researcher Ben Edelman has turned up what’s potentially an even bigger issue: Intermix may still be serving up adware itself. If you don’t recall, Intermix was the original parent company of MySpace, but before they started MySpace, they were one of the bigger adware/spyware companies out there — even paying a huge fine and promising to get out of the business just as News Corp bought the company (obviously to focus on the social networking side and not the adware). Everybody pretty much assumed that after the purchase there was obviously no reason for Intermix to keep focusing on adware, since MySpace was growing like crazy. Edelman notes that the company agreed to another fine covering people in California impacted by the company’s adware, but was surprised to find that some sites are still distributing Intermix’s adware including finding some of the files directly on Intermix’s (read: News Corps’) servers with absolutely no disclosure. In other words, it appears the company didn’t completely abandon the adware business after all. Update: Ben updates us to clarify. The full installations (with no disclosure) come from other third party sites. Intermix is still hosting some files, but not doing current installs.

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Comments on “Is MySpace's Parent Company Still Serving Up Adware?”

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rstr5105 says:

stupid question....

But, shouldn’t the fine the company has to pay for adware go to those that are affected by the adware? I mean, logically thinking, don’t we deserve to be re-imbursed for the actions of these idiots that cause are computers to run like a freakin stick in the mud?

I’m not out for a quick buck, it just seems to me that this is something that should be necessary.

rstr5105 says:

Re: Re: stupid question....

Excuse me?

#1 My computer does get infected occaisonally. However I have the knowledge and resources to remove said infections.

#2 If you are “USER” enough to let your machine get infected and stay that way, us “Super-users” shouldn’t pay you squat. You however should be removed from the internet community until the point at which you are capable of handling your infections.

Thank you.

KrAzYkArL (user link) says:

I knew it!

When MySpace first came out my wife got a account after a few weeks her computer seemed to bog down more and more. I assumed it was MySpace since that was something new shes been visiting online. Know who should really get hit? AOL installed Aim once ans there is so much bundled software that you cant un-install its lame.

Ben Edelman (user link) says:

clarification on what I found

Just to clarify the original post a little bit —

1) I did find web sites that are still distributing Intermix’s adware with no disclosure whatsoever.

2) I did find installation files still present on Intermix’s own web servers.

That said, the #2 installation files (on Intermix’s own web servers) were ActiveX installers, hence carrying ActiveX notice/disclosure. And the #1 installations were on third party servers. I did not find evidence of any installations or installation files that are 1) ongoing/current, 2) on Intermix’s own web servers, and 3) occurring without any disclosure.

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