And Now, The Election's Impact On Telecom Policy…

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One of the really interesting (and, generally, good) things about the political issues we tend to discuss around here are that they are almost entirely non-partisan. Neither major party seems all that focused on the issues that impact the technology industry, and in a weird way, that often means that debates are a little more likely to focus on the issues, rather than partisan bickering. Unfortunately, network neutrality somehow shifted to become a partisan issue — which was the point when lots of dishonest shilling showed up. So, just as we looked at how the change in power might impact copyright issues (a topic that has never been partisan), Broadband Reports has a good look at how the new Congressional leadership may impact telecom policy as well. Here things are a little more partisan, but not too much. Outside of the network neutrality issue, it could also have an impact in other areas of telecom policy from things like the power of the FCC, telecom mergers and whether or not we have a real broadband policy. Of course, it’s likely that many of these issues are backburner issues, and you can pretty much guarantee that as long as politicians are involved something will get screwed up.

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Comments on “And Now, The Election's Impact On Telecom Policy…”

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Dr. Magneto says:

$$$ is the only factor

Dems will start to flock to the telco’s side of the argument as soon as the corporate money starts flooding into them vice the Republicans.

It doesn’t matter who’s in power, the big corporate interests will ALWAYS drive the policy in their favor.

No such thing as serving the interests of the people anymore. I’m a pretty staunch conservative and I am happy to see the Republicans thrown out. At least now congress will be LESS effective (i.e. meddlesome) for a while…

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