Cable Broadband Provider Blocks Access To Competitive Service In South Korea

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Dave Burstein’s latest DSL Prime newsletter highlights a case in South Korea where a cable broadband provider appears to be blocking users from watching internet-based TV from competitor Hana TV. It sounds like the Hana TV offering is similar (if perhaps more advanced) than a service like Akimbo, where you hook up a set-top box and are able to download TV programming over the internet to watch on your TV. It appears that the cable provider is using two different explanations for blocking it. In an older article in Korea, the company (and some others who are also blocking it) simply claim that it uses up too much bandwidth and must be blocked. That’s a red herring, though, because if it was really a bandwidth issue, the companies could simply set up different tiered pricing plans based on bandwidth. However, they choose not to do so, and therefore shouldn’t complain when a service comes along that uses up the bandwidth they offered. If they couldn’t handle it, they shouldn’t have sold unlimited bandwidth. The second reason they give up for blocking the service and not running afoul of regulations in Korea that say they cannot block telco services is that even though this new service runs over the internet, it’s really a “broadcast” service, and therefore not subject to the non-discrimination laws. That seems to be skirting the intent here, and probably isn’t an excuse that anyone will be able to use for very long.

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Comments on “Cable Broadband Provider Blocks Access To Competitive Service In South Korea”

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11 Comments says:

Whats the difference between charging the customer more money for higher bandwidth and charging the provider whos product requires high bandwidth?

IPTV really does change the game, and its not just a matter of bandwidth. What happens if everyone on the network with DSL connections starts downloading video? Are pipe owners expected to absorb the cost of upgrading the network? Oh, and doesn’t South Korea have more to worry about than their internet TV? Wonder how their neighbors in the north feel about that.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

What happens if everyone on the network with DSL connections starts downloading video?

Essentially – nothing. If the service provider advertises UNLIMITED bandwidth than they should be prepared to supply it. I have ZERO sympathy for any company who advertises and sells plans on an infrastructure that cannot handle the load if the consumer-base decides to take them up on their offer in mass. Their problem and hopefully their downfall as they should not be making false advertisements – they deserve every bit of shit they eat as a result.

Are pipe owners expected to absorb the cost of upgrading the network?

Umm… It’s their fucking network so… yeah. The cost of upgrading their network should be either a loss-leader or paid for through their pricing structure.

Wonder how their neighbors in the north feel about that

Their “neighbors” are where they are because of poor leadership. Screw em. They choose the world they live in and so far have decided that being antagonistic and bullying others in the region is more important that bringing something worth-wile to the region and the global community. No sympathy there either.

wolff000 says:

Yes They Should Eat The Cost

If you sell me unlimited bandwidth than that is exactly what i should get. Just because you sold too much of something donesn’t mean you can block me from it. how would you feel if you showed up at the airport and they told you sorry the flight is over booked and we have blocked anyone else from going to that destination cause we don’t have enough planes to make all the trips. It is the same thing this comapny is doing right now.

wolff000 says:

Re: Re: Yes They Should Eat The Cost

“The bullshit part is that airlines actually DO that.”

I have had many flights cancelled I have never had an airline tell me they are no longer servicing an airport because too many people want to go there. They are also required to A. finad another flight for you even if it is a different airline. If you push you will get a flight right away or as soon as possible. I have done it literally thousands of times. Simply refuse to accept anything else. B. If they can’t get you a flight then they have to foot the bill for a hotel room. This is not something they advertise but if you push they will give it to you.

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