MySpace Founder Tries Again To Get More Money Out Of Murdoch; This Time Claims Antitrust Violations

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Brad Greenspan simply doesn’t know when to give up. The former CEO of Intermix, the parent company of MySpace, who apparently was more focused on pushing spyware than building the MySpace community, apparently will stop at nothing in trying to get more money out of News Corp. He already spent well over a year claiming that Rupert Murdoch underpaid for Intermix/MySpace. A month ago, the courts told him to knock it off, as it was pretty clear that a perfectly legitimate deal had been reached between the companies. His latest move is to sue Fox and MySpace, claiming antitrust violations for blocking all references and links to his new company. MySpace, of course, has a long and well documented history of clumsily blocking any service they think might compete with their own offerings. Of course, this kind of blocking is silly, only likely to piss people off (or give them opportunities to get free publicity) and does little to help make people trust MySpace. It’s hard to see why they bother trying. However, doing something that’s stupid and bad for business doesn’t mean that it’s illegal. It seems highly unlikely that any court would find an antitrust violation in this kind move, simply because there’s no actual monopoly here. But, why would Greenspan let that stop him from yet another attempt to get more money out of Rupert Murdoch and free advertising for his own startup (not named here for a reason) at the same time?

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Comments on “MySpace Founder Tries Again To Get More Money Out Of Murdoch; This Time Claims Antitrust Violations”

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Davis Freeberg (profile) says:

What A Cry Baby

He never had to take his company public and he was never forced to sell to Fox. He saw a bunch of zeros and jumped at the chance to cash in. After the fact it looks like he sold for too little, but he could have just as easilly been greedy and turned out like Facebook too. Considering how much money he ended up making off the deal, it seems ridiculous for him to keep whining about Murdoch, even if he’s not getting any link love from them.

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

You can sue anyone for anything..

A lawyer will tell you that you can bring a law suit against anyone for anything. Lawyer is more than happy to take your money and issue the law suit. Its not the lawyers fault that people are law suit happy, it is the system that has no punishment for this behavior.

On one hand, I do not want to discourage real greviance settlement in court by the little guy, but this is too much.

I hear calls for loser pays law suit laws but this simply means that the one with the most money, lawyers and time wins.

Look how SCO is able to drag on what appears to be a Billion dollar grab at IBM.

I sure would like to see some sense brought into the justice system. Common sense is not so common.

py says:


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hahaha says:

Brad's NEw Startup

Yeah he is a loser. I used to work for his new startup and its a nightmare! He was never there, blamed everyone, including employees, for everything…The employees morale is extremely low. When I met him all he talked about was the models he dates. Great! What a jackass. So glad I left that shithole of a zoo he calls a company. He got kicked out of Myspace for a reason. Myspace sold for what it was worth at the time and he is mad about that…

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