Online Poker Firm Claims New US Ban Doesn't Apply To Poker

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Part of the rationale for the new law against online gambling was that there was confusion over existing laws. There certainly were some who claimed that existing laws already banned online gambling — but many others noted that you could interpret existing laws to only apply to pure games of chance. That meant games like poker, that involve at least some amount of skill, were not included in the ban. Thus, the new laws were designed to “clarify” the situation. They may have some work to do on the clarification part. pandlcg writes in to let us know that at least one online gambling firm, believes that the new ban still doesn’t apply to poker, and thus they plan to continue serving US customers. Somehow, you get the feeling that this won’t go over too well with those who pushed for the new law — though, in the meantime, this particular poker site may attract plenty of attention from US online poker players.

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Comments on “Online Poker Firm Claims New US Ban Doesn't Apply To Poker”

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cyberpunk says:

Online poker

This ban is a bunch of crap and is yet another ploy for the religious right to ban an activity that pertains to adults. The majority of people against online poker cite their opinion that it “corrupts” people and can ruin lives.

Hello? Aren’t we the same country with huge fuel guzzling SUV’s, rampant alcohol abuse, drug abuse and millions of smokers, with more starting every day? And you’re telling me that someone gambling from the comfort of their home is the biggest worry we have right now?

I sure hope the millions of online poker players vote with their money and don’t reelect the scum that is trying to slip this legislation in.

Anonymous Coward says:

If you actually do a bit of research on the new law, it does not even ban online poker or online gambling at all. What it bans is funding these sites with a bank account or credit card. Obviously you need money to make a wager, but it’s funny to hear how everyone in the media is claiming that online poker is banned

Stu says:

Re: Not Right Wing...

Not Right Wing said
“It’s just election time and politians are doing what they do best…tell us how to run our lives in hopes that we will thank them for it by electing them back into office. It’s crap like this that makes me never want to vote again.”

1) It’s not “JUST” anything. All this political crap is awful regardless of how many of them do it, or for whatever reason. We help them when we downplay the importance of their corrupt BS.

2) This should make you want to vote – not stop voting.

Our government does not act in the best interest of it’s citizens. If they are in office vote them out – every time. ONCE AND DONE!

DJ Bowman says:

Re: online gambling

I am sure you may mail a money order to a firm in another country and after a couple of weeks the thing would clear and set you up with a limited account and soo therewill be firms set up as holding companys for the purpose. What are they going to do? prohibit investing in oter country currencies? The law? has so many holes in it it is such a DUMB law.

ThatWasEasy says:

It's not about the gambling

As Anonymous Coward states, the law is about banning banks from providing EFT from your bank account to the online gaming site. I’ll admit, i’m not a huge online gambler, but think about the law for a minute. To me, it’s not about gambling. It’s about the government telling me what I can and cannot spend MY hard earned cash.

Oh, and we won’t go into how they slipped it in under a port security act. No, not network ports like 80 and 443…port as in big boat, shipping, cargo, docks, etc.

I think they’re the cowards.

Michael Prescott (user link) says:

It's about big business

Lately, I’ve started to see more clearly how wealthy businesses influence politicians and legislation. I speculate that our super wealthy casino operators started seeing a dip in their profits and recognized that they had a slew of new competitors. Since they’ve got plenty of power and wealth, it probably wasn’t too difficult to put that line item into the port $ecurity act.

Bill Wiseman says:

Republican leadership, very sad for our country

This issue is more than gambling.

It is a sad commentary when the leadership of any party pass a law by trickery. This undemocratic way of passing the bill is contrary to the intent of our constitution.

The men and women who fought and died for our country expect honest government, this method of legislation is shameful.

Robert says:

Re: Republican leadership, very sad for our countr

Hey it is not just the Republican party that slips things in. The Republican Presisdent is asking for a line veto on bills but the democrates won’t give it to him becasue then they won’t be able to slip their spending bills in on every unrelated biff that goes before congress. The President if he is Republican or Democrate needs this so we can stop this same kind of abuse!

Duke Nukeum says:

Would jesus go all-in?

See. Now normally I don’t get into bitching about this kind of thing but this one just really burns me up. It’s ok to cover up all the preachers molesting all the little boys and such, invading foreign countries, stealing elections, +.13 cents PER smoke but I can’t sit at my house and play cards online. Maybe I should go pickup my AK-47 and hold up a liquor store or something. Oh wait, that would be illegal. I guess my only option is to become a preacher!

Keep your Jesus off my penis!!

t hall says:

my life my business

i have truly had enough!! BUSH and his idiot and hypocritical phonies start wars with lies,kill 100s of 1000s of innocent people,and turn their backs on NEW ORLEANS.just go back to the tape and take a good look at his big eared face when told our country had been attacked!! LEADERSHIP my ass!!He is definitely the head of THE AXIS OF FOOLS AND LIARS.2008 please hurry before our beloved country is gone all together.

Shivers says:

What I meant by not wanting to vote is this…

I used to believe that you could vote the lesser of two evils, but it is really hard to do that these days. ALL politicians are in the pockets of someone. And I agree it’s BS how this law even got in the books.

BTW, you can still use NetTeller or some other middle man company to transfer money from your checking account in the US to any online poker site. So really, the bill did nothing. But it’s still BS.

Michael Prescott says:

Re: What!?

I agree that it is not religion related. But I disagree that it is meant to keep individuals from ruining their lives or keep money out of terrorist hands. I’m just guessing here… I bet you could ship a box of cash overnite and overseas and it would not be as traceable, nor monitored, like US citizens personal checking and credit accounts. And, I’d also bet that illicit individuals do this on a regular basis. While I’m placing bets… I also bet that you cannot stop an impulsive gambler with line items like this any more than you can stop a fat-ass from pouring salt and butter on 5 pounds of bacon for breakfast. Our legislators aren’t inserting line items to outlaw unhealthy, self-destructive, eating behaviors and foods because no one is paying them to do so and it doesn’t negatively effect big businesses’ profits. Finally, as I said before, I bet that casino executives have seen the light, recognizing that if a person interested in spending a few bucks gambling can do it from the comfort of their home, that person will not drive to the nearest coast, river, reservation or desert to gamble.

Anonymous Coward says:


Basically what I hear a lot of people saying is that noone runs for office that isnt corrupt in some way?

I’d certainly hate to think that. I’ll admit there are very few politicians that have the exact same beliefs I do on the issues, but I still believe that there are people out there doing what they do for good reasons. Just because they are not my reasons doesnt make all of them corrupt.

Then again, the majority of people I know well enough to fully support as a candidate would never consider running. We certainly need more people who are willing to spend their time in office accomplishing goals rather than showboating and spending so much friggin time in front of the media.

One last point, I’m sick of them wasting time on stupid issues, and then telling us they didnt have enough time to really scrutinize each bill they voted on.

I mean, here in Florida, they actually voted on a state pie this past year. That’s right, they voted to make key lime pie the friggin &*$(#&($@#) state PIE!!

Anonymous Coward says:

“Basically what I hear a lot of people saying is that noone runs for office that isnt corrupt in some way?”

It’s a multi-level problem. First, someone with no ulterior motives is unlikely to run for office given the headaches associated with it, especially getting started. If you’re not rich and/or famous, you don’t start by running for Senate, you start with podunk local offices with little pay. Not many people would do that without either intent to use it for personal gain, or without a massive ego. In either case, not who you want as your representative.

Second, it’s tough to break through to national office. You need a lot of campaign money. Generally, this is not given through sheer graciousness. Various factions give money with the notion of a quid-pro-quo. So it’s hard to win without being compromised somehow. Watch “The Candidate,” old movie but gets the point across.

Third, staying elected for a long time is tough. To get established to the point where you’re not a one-and-done, you typically need to play dirty and make friends. This isn’t easy to do while not selling out even a little bit.

In other words, it’s hard for honest people to get elected. It’s harder for honest people to stay that way having been elected.

EnragedTulip says:

Wow, the US does it again. The political greedy slander that runs this country is absurd and unruly. Their main concern being the loss of taxes, and maybe the fear that the american debt is growing. But not because of online gambling let alone a harmless game of poker. This kinda thing makes me soo mad, I can hardly contain myself, its absurd and I hope all the fucks that had a play in it burn in hell!!

OnePokerPro says:

Re: Re:

“I hope all the fucks that had a play in it burn in hell!!”

Wow, that’s pretty hardcore. A little therapy goes a long way.

I doubt you’ll see any changes in online poker. The new law doesn’t effect Neteller or FirePay. I also doubt very seriously that the elected officials who wrote this fine piece of legislation had our best intrests in mind. The government realizes the massive amounts of money that’s being passed to and from these sites (not to mention between players). What they really want is tax $$. Figure out a way to tax the players winnings and everyone’s happy.

aaron says:

money issues

why do they think they can stop people from gambling which isnt hurting anybody but they allow people to smoke just bout anything cause we are making the money not some other country…this ban to online gambling is like 1 day taking away all cigarettes in our country and telling everyone to chew gum…gambling is the same addiction and you cant just get rid of it like this when its not harming anyone…and sites have a lot of regulations to make sure you set limits so its not like everyones ruining there lives even if they are losing

Jack says:

New poker law

Stop whining about it and get out and vote. We have exactly the kind of government we deserve. For the past several years, the right wing Coolaid drinkers have been the only ones bothering to show up at the polls.

If every online poker player actually got out and voted, we could toss the hipocritical bumbs out in less than two weeks!

Jerry Marlow says:

Online Poker

This is far less complicated then one might think. The reason the U.S. government enacted this legislation is simple they cannot earn money through taxation as online gambling exists today. All of the teary eyed law makers who say they are trying to protect us and promote a better life style are nothing but liars. This is strictly about the government getting their piece of the pie. By the way, note to the U.S. goverment you already taxed my earnings to the tune of 25% keep your filthy hands off the pittance you allow me to keep and screw you for trying to tell me how to spend it.

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