Diebold Swears Everything Will Work Perfectly In Time For The Election

from the somehow,-I-doubt-it dept

Even if you ignored the history of problems with Diebold’s voting machines, and just looked at the problems Maryland had a few weeks ago with Diebold’s electronic voting machines, it’s pretty difficult to believe that the company will have a “total fix” of the machines in the next few weeks. However, since Diebold’s machines have a ridiculously long list of problems for many, many years, combined with Diebold’s typically indifferent, misleading or mocking responses to each report of problems, it’s shouldn’t even be an option to believe that they’ll actually be able to deliver glitch free (and secure) machines (note that they’re not promising to fix any of the security issues, just a few of the glitches that were seen last time). Also given that last minute changes are likely to introduce new, unexpected, problems since there won’t be any real ability to test them, this could just make things worse. Of course, the article about Diebold quotes elections administrator Linda Lamone: “We’re not going to use the e-poll books unless Diebold is able to demonstrate to me that they’re in tip-top shape.” That would be the same Linda Lamone who claimed that no one in her office had ever had computer problems, so you have to wonder what her definition of “tip-top shape” is.

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Comments on “Diebold Swears Everything Will Work Perfectly In Time For The Election”

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Check the roll says:

Re: stupid, stupid, stupid

Why don’t you go get one? It’s easy! Just convince one of the county “officials” to disregard security, open the storage facility, allow you inside, then stand by and watch while you remove the seals, the covers, the internal parts, etc. What are you waiting on???

But, I have a much better idea! Since your ability to get your hands on one requires a HUMAN or two to complete your plan, why not just wait on the machines to do it for you? Or, is all this trashing of electronic voting machines really misguided? Could it be that humans are screwing things up, not the machines???? If this is so, is a piece of paper any more reliable?

Tashi says:

There is no problem with Diebold’s machines. They do exactly what they are designed to do. Hijack elections. The software… or at the least the software from the 2004 elections was designed to split the vote 51% 49% in the republicans favor no matter how the public voted. There’s too much money in the current “war on terror” to leave the vote up to the public.

Ross C. (profile) says:

Higher republican campaign security recommended

Statistical impossibilities have convinced many already that our election system has fallen prey to dirty tricks. Pressure builds with each set of republican miracle wins. But who knows? Poppy Bush shot JFK and nobody cares, maybe they’ll just always get away with it? So what if the polls predict a Democratic landslide that mysteriously does not apear. It’s worked out well for them so far with the Kennedy assassination, eh? Technically, W’s a Kennedy, right? Perhaps it will all be a wash? I say do what you can and then just let God sort it out.

RantMax says:

Face It

It doesn’t matter. There’s always a weakest link.

When the prize at stake is the entire world (well USA politicians tend to think that, and act it), flawless voting machines would not stop them from enacting falsification of the results if they want to.

If I gotta be lame and quote the Matrix movies: we’re voting just to keep the Matrix stable. The illusion of choice should be always present.

SimonTek (profile) says:

I have worked technical during the elections. During the class we took for it (4 hours). I realized half the technicians in the room never used a computer, let a lone fix one. It drove me nuts, I figured out how to service them in 20 mins. Almost Everyone else didn’t get it, and kept asking questions. While I was there, I got bored and learned the layout of the building, where everything was. At one point the instructor couldn’t find something, So I went into the back and grabbed it, Sadly you think this being an office of theres they would have stopped me when I was looking around in the first place.

Dave says:

They're bulletproof, apparently

All conspiracy theories and political bias concerns aside, Diebold has it made!

I’ve been following the research that shows how it’s almost childishly easy to hack these things, and how they just plain don’t work a lot of the time. Diebold’s people must be staggeringly incompetent. Or maybe the management has been making guarantees to the government without checking with the workers to see if it can be done (a la Larry Ellison). Who knows?

Now that the U.S. political system has made such a huge bet on them, Diebold has tremendous inertia in its favor. Getting the government to reverse anything that large is about as easy as turning around an ocean liner with a spoon. The only way that they’d stop using Diebold would be if the machines started molesting children, distributing poison gas, and showing nude photos of congressmen.

Diebold must be very happy in spite of the rotten press!

USvsThem says:

Rig Elections For Jesus

If this administration can hire a horseshow administrator to be the head of FEMA. They surely can push for a professed pro-republican company (Diebold) to corner the market on voting machines. Any respectable company wouldn’t diss serious and valid complaints about the quality of their product. What we have here are rigged elections in the making. I guess the GOP can’t rely on Prayer(TM) anymore to win elections. After all.. only Christians(TM) need be elected to government. All the rest are pagans destined to burn in the Lake Of Fire (TM). Praise!

Lay Person says:

I don't get it...

What is wrong with the paper vote?

Shit, checks are still made of paper! In fact, I deposited a piece of paper and ended up with $70,000 in my savings account! If this is good enough for the Federal Reserve why the fuck won’t it work for voting?!?!

I just don’t get it. We’ve certainly used paper for the last 200 years. Why the big hurry to change?

O.K. So some retards in Florida ruined our hole-punch, paper, system. Scantrons would still work, instead of holes being punched, which may require excessive pressure for the elderly, they can just use a stamp and stamp the choice. National tests are still conducted by these methods, why not the vote? If it’s acceptable for the BAR exam, the SAT exam, driving exams, entrance exams, then it should be acceptable for voting.


Celes says:

Re: One more thing...

I’ve no idea why Maryland went with these abominable machines. (Probably our government saw the “e” in “e-voting” and thought it would make them look cool. Hey, it’s a better reason than some of the ones they’ve come up with for things.)

Now, one of the reasons we’re given for their continued use despite the numerour problems with the system is that our gov’t spent too much money on the machines not to use them, even if they don’t work properly. Ah well… this is MD, after all.

Lay Person says:

Yeah but...

Yeah but the FBI spent 100s of millions on failed software. They just scrapped it. It wasn’t worth it to them to have problems on top of the existing problems so they just scrapped it.

I believe our elections are far more valuable than 100s of millions or whatever the cost of these Diebold fiasco.

Lets just scrap the whole idea, fire the people responsible, and force a refund from Diebold or they’ll face prison time for fraud.

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