Today's Leaked HP Memos: Now, CEO Hurd Implicated In Scandal

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Another day, another shoe drops at HP. So far, most of the controversy has centered around Chairman Patricia Dunn and the company’s legal team. For the first time, now, information is coming to light that CEO Mark Hurd may have had a direct role in the leak investigation. The Washington Post has obtained memos indicating that Hurd approved of at least some of the tactics involved, such as trailing suspected HP employees home, and planting false stories with reporters in an attempt to get them to reveal sources. These, of course, aren’t the most serious aspects, so it’s unclear when and what Hurd new about the identity fraud aspect of the investigation. But it’s telling that for the first time since the scandal broke, shares of HP are trading sharply down. If it’s just a board scandal, it doesn’t affect the company’s operations too much. But Hurd is widely seen as a savior at HP, turning the company around in his short time at the top. If the scandal grows and it becomes clear that Hurd was directly involved in the more grave actions, the company’s legal mess will become a business one as well.

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Comments on “Today's Leaked HP Memos: Now, CEO Hurd Implicated In Scandal”

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fritzthink (user link) says:

The plot thickens.

As the plot thickens with the HP conspiracy, I find myself wondering ‘HP isn’t exactly known for their innovation. Of all the companies, why did HP go so far to protect there secrets?’ Any company would be concerned about leaks. It seems like a bit of over-kill on the part of Dunn and her cohorts, to contemplate infiltrating news rooms or trailing and planting. I can’t think of the last time HP came out with a product that I found out about because of a rumor mill. Seems kind of big headed of the HP CEOs to think that there products were coveted.

Scott says:

Big difference

So far everything Hurd has done, has been acceptable to me. Until I hear he knew more about the actual unacceptable stuff, I’ll keep him clear.

But I have to ask, what the hell was this leak about? I hear about the steps they took, which short of a gov’t defense contract all seem a bit insane. I can’t see following an employee home(but I don’t denounce it) over a new print cartridge design or new camera.

Scott says:

Re: What is wrong with you people?

People follow me all the time in public. See the difference, on the street I am in public, my phone records are in no way, shape or form public.

Secondly lying to get records seems to imply that they don’t have a right to them doesn’t it? If I have to lie to get something, that means without the lie I have no right to it.

nonuser says:

Re: Re:Re:What is wrong with you people?

Say you’re a judge in a civil case, perhaps a divorce or dispute between business partners. One side presents some dirt on the other party and, during cross examination, they are forced to acknowledge how they got the information.

A. “We hired private detectives who followed him around for a couple weeks.”

B. “We obtained his phone records by illegally pretending to be him.”

Response A shows they were playing hardball. Response B is not only not nice, it’s plain illegal. There’s a big difference.

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