Recording Industry Apparently Can't Find A Bunch Of Its Stars To Pay

from the apparently-they-don't-look-very-hard dept

The EFF’s Fred von Lohman is noticing that SoundExchange, the RIAA spinoff group in charge of collecting and distributing royalties from satellite radio and webcasting, is having trouble finding certain artists they owe money to. That might not be that surprising, if the artists were obscure. However, included on the list are a fair number of pretty well-known, major label artists that they absolutely should be able to reach — especially since SoundExchange has members of all the major labels on its board. It’s worth noting, of course, that if SoundExchange “can’t find” these artists to give them their money, it gets to keep the money for itself. The recording industry always likes to set itself up as doing what it does for the best interest of the artists — and politicians and members of the press often present the RIAA as representing musicians. Doing things this blatant doesn’t help the record labels convince anyone that their position is in support of musicians, and it seems like it’s about time that people stop letting the labels present themselves as taking any position for the sake of the same musicians they apparently don’t want to pay.

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Comments on “Recording Industry Apparently Can't Find A Bunch Of Its Stars To Pay”

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Vogue (user link) says:

Get've got to be kidding!

No Way!! Somebody all the major labels associate with is doing something sneaky and underhanded?!?!? Stop the press!! (Who is that? Don’t mind her, she’s just Vicky Vale!) Or you may know her better as the RIAA.

I just can’t believe the RIAA who crucifies everyone they can would even allow such atrocities, let alone take part in the unmentionables that they sanction with every breath they take! Yet Madonna can’t even crucify herself without the world having an apocalyptic shimmy shake! Makes me wonder who deserves the bad press more….the RIAA or the American Family Association.

I guess the Joker summed up those two organizations best with the line…..
“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Cuz heaven forbid there be day light on the inner workings of the RIAA or the American Family Association……all hell would freeze over and the world may be set right.

Vasco DaGameboy says:

Helluvan idea

You know, I just can’t seem to find the federal government. I guess I don’t have to pay my income tax next April. Oh, and it’s really tough to find the cable company, so I’ll just keep the money I was going to pay for my high speed access.

This reminds me of that old Steve Martin bit where he says you can use the words “I forgot” to get out of anything.

The only “artist” I would cut them some slack on is K-Fed. It would suit me if nobody could ever find that loser.

lar3ry says:

The rules stink

If SoundExchange cannot find a particular artist, then the portion of the royalties that are due to that artist should be paid back to XM or whoever is paying them.

Taking the royalties for the sake of these artists and then not giving them to the artists–for whatever reason–is fraud, plain and simple.

I see a good case for civil action (at least), and probably criminal action as well. Let’s see what happens when the RIAA is on the other side of the government agents, huh?

Annoying Bastard says:

People need to...

… tell the RIAA what they think.

Call (202)775-0101. 😉

Let them know you won’t spend a single cent on music from labels they represent until they stop their crap.

Call today, tomorrow, the day after, and anytime you are bored and don’t know what to do with yourself.

Pass this along to anyone else who is sick of paying over $15 for a CD to fund greedy lawyers harassing people just so they can line their own pockets with cash.

I wonder exactly how much of the money they have collected from their gestapo BS has made its way back to the artists?

I mean, if they have hidden taxes on CD-Rs and burners, shouldn’t there be some form of accountability or public disclosure of the FACTS.

Phone: (202)775-0101

For those of you who prefer to write or fax…

Recording Industry Association (RIAA)

1020 19th Street N.W., Suite 200
1330 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Suite 300

Washington, DC 20036, USA
Ph. 202 775-0101, Fax 202 775-7253

As a side project, I plan on paying a personal visit to these locations sometime soon. 😉

ElectroGeek (user link) says:

And the Record Industry Corruption Continues

Oh there’s a shocker! You mean that the a segment of the record industry doesn’t want to pay their artists so that they can keep the money for themselves? Why that’s just crazy. These guys need to be shaken down hard and regulated to the max. These artists work hard and deserve their cut.

Cleverboy (user link) says:

False Positives

I at least know stories of two people that have had false positives, getting a check meant for some other recording artist with the same name. Money’s still good though! The world’s a big place. It’d be nice to know why the origanization doesn’t have a proper address though… shame on the artist if they’re not keep them updated so they can get paid.

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