Generally Speaking, You Probably Shouldn't Get A Tattoo Of The Felony You Plan To Commit

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No one ever said criminals were intelligent. If you’re going to go out and commit a crime like “grand theft auto,” we might recommend that you not first tattoo the words “Grand Theft Auto” to your back. While it may not have anything to do with the actual crime… it probably doesn’t do much to help your case either. The news report, of course, assumes that the tattoo was in reference to the video game, though it’s not clear if the tattoo had anything to do with the game, or was just what the guy wanted on his back. However, while some will want to use this as evidence of the guy being inspired by the game, I think it’s fair to argue that, instead, this particular individual just wasn’t particularly smart.

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Comments on “Generally Speaking, You Probably Shouldn't Get A Tattoo Of The Felony You Plan To Commit”

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Sanguine Dream says:

Here is comes...

In today’s news Jack Thompson has chosen to represent a young man accused of grand theft auto in a lawsuit against Rockstar Games. The suit alleges that the popular video series (that is ironically named after the very crime he is charged with) that is known for its violent content inspired the young man to commit the crime in question. Thompson nor the young man could be reached for comment.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Here is comes...

Hrm… You seem to be under the impression that JT actually cares about the victims of video games. Altho representing this man pro bono might get Mr. JT some good press, it would all very much backfire when the court finds the idiot guilty of the crime, and says they don’t give a rats ass how/why/where he was inspired.

JT is well aware of that, and I don’t think he would want to go anywhere near one of these suspected victim/criminals.

Anonymous Coward says:

Here is(it) comes...

the victims of video games

victims… of video games? we’re talking about a guy whole stole a car… not an asian kid who stayed up 3 years straight and then died of exhaustion playing an mmorpg. people need to stop trying to correlate violent video games with commiting violent crimes. the real issue is fantasy role playing games… how many people must die from everquest or wow before the world wakes up! damnit people, it’s for the children!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Here is(it) comes...

yeah, I put victims in italics for a reason.

It is only the twisted view of ole Jackie boi that gamers are victims and must be protected from the big bad gaming companies.

Me, I think he’s a twit who’s only after fame, and doesnt give a rats ass about protecting anyone.

I do agree tho, there should be some kind of law agianst overly addictive mmo’s… Make the gamine companies offer free withdrawal recovery facilities or something.. (thats mostly a joke..)

Charlie Blix says:

Re: Er...

Even if this guy got the tat because of the game it doesnt really show anything. I’ve seen people with tats of Loony Toons everywhere. When they snap and hit someone with a frying pan do we blame the cartoon they love?

Oh and I thought the big problem about GTA wasnt the steeling of the cars, I thought it was the killing of people in mass? Let me know when a man with a GTA tat pays for a hooker, kills her, then takes all her money, then maybe I’ll care.

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