Schwarzenegger Hacking Claims Crumbling Like A Bunch Of Girlie Men

from the now-what-was-the-initial-leak-about-again? dept

When news that a tape of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had been secretly leaked, we were suspicious of the argument that somehow hacking was involved; it seemed much more likely that the governor’s office was trying to obfuscate the issue. When it was revealed that Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial opponent, Phil Angelides, was behind the leak, the Angelides campaign said that the file was available on a public server, and that no hacking was involved. Now, a California radio DJ is corroborating this, saying that the site’s been public for some time. So maybe there is a scandal after all: the governor’s office has poor security practices — though that’s been obvious from the beginning.

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Comments on “Schwarzenegger Hacking Claims Crumbling Like A Bunch Of Girlie Men”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Racist Remarks?

Come on, he wasn’t being offensive or discriminatory about certain races, he was basically just offering a joke in a private conversation. Seriously, who doesn’t make jokes once in a while? It’s not like he was slandering them or anything. Also, note that the subject of the joke herself came out and said it was actually an inside joke between herself and the governator.

Lighten up people, just because he’s the Governor doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to make jokes in private.

ERSWeb (user link) says:

Smooth move numbnuts...

Public? Seems like it was sitting out in the open on a .gov site. Seems pretty public to me.

Anyway, I have to ask myself why on earth you’d upload something as incriminating as this to a public webserver. Was the IT guy smoking crack or something? I know folks like to hang their dirty laundry out on public blogs and YouTube or what not, but your the govenor for god sakes! Don’t you have people who’s sole purpose in life is to scrub all the media releases of embarassing items? Arnold, I think you need to terminate them!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Smooth move numbnuts...

Anyway, I have to ask myself why on earth you’d upload something as incriminating as this to a public webserver. Was the IT guy smoking crack or something?

You’d be suprised at how unskilled many of the IT people who get hired by the State of California are. Unfortunately, this sort of thing doesn’t suprise me.

Ron says:

Open Invitation

I checked with a police friend of mine regarding the police being able to just walk into a house if the door was unlocked. His comment is: “No, to my knowledge, whether a door is locked or unlocked, the police need legal permission, a search warrant or an exigent circumstance to enter a house under any circumstance. There is no ‘open invitation'” (California)

Frank says:

Re: Illegal to leave house unlocked? No.

isnt leaving your car unlocked or leaving your front door open illegal or at least finable in the US?

No. Depending on which state you live in, it may be illegal to leave your keys in the car (California comes to mind), but that is up to the state. I know of no states that make it illegal to leave your house unlocked — and just because my house is unlocked, you don’t have the right to wander in.

YourAFuckingMoron says:

Re: He's against the constitution

You are a pathetic inbred piece of anti-anything the internet wants to show you shit!
When it it was being discussed that Arnold couldn’t run for President because he is not American born, it made news. For a week or two. There is no current story. There is no push to change the constitution. The latest article about on USA Today, which is touted on this bogus piece of shit website’s homepage, is from 2004, you fucking imbecile.
Do us all a favor and jump in front of a train.

Whatanidoit says:

Re: He's against the constitution

You are a moron. The governor has been open and honest about his past. The web page is a load of steaming crap, and is only there to scare paranoid idiots into voting for someone else. It takes quotes and situations and not only uses them out of context but in blatantly false ways. Get your head out of your ass and state you don’t like him because he approved a bill you didn’t agree with or you don’t agree with the things he’s actually doing as a governor. Otherwise, go stand in front of an oncomming train like was suggested earlier. I’m will to wait in my commute.

mroonie (user link) says:

C’mon Ahhh-nold!

You’re the terminator! Shouldn’t you be all about security and protection? You’re lucky the comments you made weren’t exceptionally vulgar or else there could have been some major detriments to your reputation. Nevertheless, as harmless and lighthearted as you may have been, you really should be more careful about your personals….

Anonymous Coward says:

Open Invitation

In California at least there is no such thing as Open Invitation. Even if the front door is open a police officer cannot come in. If however, the door was open and a police officer standing in a public place could see illegal activity, then they could enter the house to arrest the people. Other than that an owner or authorized user’s consent, or of course a search warrent is required for police to enter.

Arnold Exposed says:

He's against the constitution

Wow!! LOL, ok everyone just chill out!! All I’m trying to say is shouldn’t you be a little concerned with someone who wants to change your constitution? No need to be nasty. I guess everyone who wants me to jump in front of a train also worship the group Bush walks on. After all he’s pretty much rewriting the constitution with the Patriot Acts I and II.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: He's against the constitution

Phil Angelides…Schwarzenegger
Higher Taxes…Surplus without raising taxes
More taxes…More schools without raising taxes
Even MORE taxes…Extending the subway in LA without raising taxes

Lets see, I like that Schwarzenegger is open, I like that he’s rich, I like that he tells everything how it is, I like that he’s a very very very public figure, I like that he’s not afraid to be contriversal…

Angelides is a joke, California is doomed and I’m moving out if Angelides gets elected.

Conan Newton (user link) says:

yeah the

never would have had any traction at all if the traditional media had anything beyond the basic comprehension of how the internet and websurfing worked.

nice post.

Also to anonymous coward right now, you sound like an utter tool, I can’t wait until Governor Phil is elected and you leave the state so that there’s one less idiot.



Zarlat says:

Enough of this PC Crap. Arnold is not a racist

Many of us are sick and tired of this racist boogy man crap. The real racists are the race baiting activists with no life. Calling people racists makes these activists feel like they are somebody. It makes them feel strong and powerful to accuse people of racism and sexism and all the other isms they dream up. Well the day of PC is over so all the good and holy activists can now go back and crawl into the holes they came out of. We don’t need you to live a good life.

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