Drivers? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Drivers…

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Sure, we’ve been hearing about driverless cars for years, but when most of the focus has been just on cars that can self park, or better adaptive cruise control (the kind that keeps you from hitting other cars), it seemed like real driverless cars were still a long way away. It appears at least one company in China doesn’t think so. A Chinese car company is supposedly demonstrating an unmanned car, which they claim can go up to 90mph (the demo topped out at 37mph) and still stay within roadways, stop at street crossings and make turns. Of course, given that even demos of supposedly market-ready adaptive cruise control sometimes lead to crashes, it’s likely that demo or no demo, we won’t see too many unmanned vehicles on the road any time soon. Besides, I think I’d feel a bit more confident in some of the vehicles that made it through the Grand Challenge last year, completing a 132-mile course without drivers. Either way, though, it seems like there’s plenty of research into taking drivers out of the automobile equation. Considering how worked up people get about driver distractions, perhaps that’s a good thing.

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Comments on “Drivers? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Drivers…”

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nunya_bidness says:

Nothing New

Living in New Jersey, and driving to work for twenty years on the Parkway this is nothing new. I have been surrounded by driverless cars for decades. The classic Jaguar convertable, applying makeup, reading newspaper and on the phone, in the left lane going 50 is a common sight around here. It is amazing how these vehicles get to thier destination everyday while only cutting off maybe five or ten other cars along the way. Some of these cars actually prepare breakfast along the way, but they do occasionally lead to a fire about twice a month. Thankfullly they all are equipped with automatic deceleration devices that slow them to a crawl at the first sign of danger or rain. The only side effect of that is by time you get to an incident, it is already gone.

Lay Person says:

Re: Re: Re:2 HA Chinese

Yeah, to some, just the mention of a particular group, creates a division. Even if there is a legitimate (albeit unproven) observation that follows.

I’m a white dude. I don’t think I’m racist. I try to be as objective as possible (due to a scientific upbringing). However because of our infamous white history in dealing with “others,” I find it very uneasy to utter anything that smacks of societal differences.

In my experience, it’s the minorities that are the biggest racists. They are the ones always using racism as the wildcard even if race was never even an issue. It seems that society accepts minority racists but not whites, in general. I cannot even have a sincere discussion or comment on anything to do with race because, as a white, I’m immediately condemned for even harboring thoughts or opinions of observations or traits of other groups.

Lay Person says:

Re: Re: HA Chinese

Keep searching…

You really need to chill out. I don’t think he’s as much a bigot as he is just joking.

Your reply on the other hand is definitely bigoted. “Ugly Westerner?” I never even heard of such a thing until you stated it. This suggests to me that these labels are rolling around in your mind and more revealing about you yourself.

Besides Westerners, to me, are among some of the most beautiful people in the world. Asian chicks are hot too though…augh hell! Any chick is hot if she’s hot. I wouldn’t care if ahe was a robot.

The Original JustMe says:

Computers in Cars

I’ve worked closely with computers for 20 years and I can tell you that there’s no way I’m going to get in to a computer controlled car.

There are too many variables to consider, and each situation is unique. Even if the programmer manages to consider most things, what happens when the unanticipated happens?

A small plane making an emergency landing on the freeway (happened last month) but, because it is approaching from above, the interior sensors don’t register it and the driver is prevented from braking because the cars behind him are too close for a safe decleration?

What happens when two events happen which have mutually exclusive pre-programmed actions? Blue screen? Good plan!

* Yes, I know that the majority of an airplane flight is handled by the flight computer, but that’s actually pretty easy to accomplish. Lots of room around the plane, time to correct for errors, few unexpected problems showing up around the corner.

Faz says:

Pennsylvania Baby, Represent. O! i hate NJ roads and drivers, the state of jug handles when you throw a regular left turn, people get all confused. And what is with NJ drivers and driving under speed limit on the left lane (fast lane) on Rt 1 and 18.. proably not the best forum for this convo, but NJ drivers annoy me. sometimes as much as FL drivers

nunya_bidness says:

Re: Why you buggin?

From a New Jersey point of view I feel the same way about Penn drivers. My father used to live in Upper Darby and I hated to drive there because of the same reasons you said. I can handle left and right turns and circles or jug handles, and all that other crap. But Penn drivers are the slowest around, and usually they are the ones on our roads in the left lane going slow. Not as slow as Fla drivers though, but they will be as soon as they move there, it’s contagious. BTW what do expect from rt1 and 18 those are sight seeing highways for out of staters.

chris (profile) says:

more stereo types

white people always freak the hell out when someone makes a racist comment. that’s why carlos mencia and dave chapelle are so funny, and white people love them so much.

i have never heard of an ugly westerner, but i have definitely heard of an ugly american. you see it in europe all the time, americans don’t speak the language, don’t care about other people’s customs or culture.

Ugly Westerner says:

Re: more stereo types

I am not comfortable with the term Ugly American, it implies that in order to be ugly you have to be American or maybe its not specific enough – I mean should we talk about which hemisphere, is it Ugly North, Central, or South American? Or are you generalizing all Americans as folks from the United States of America?

I will quite bluntly point out that everybody other then me is a bad driver. There that simplifies the entire thing…..

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