SanDisk Gets Patent Injunction Overturned A Bit Late

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Earlier in the week, we noted the ridiculousness which allowed a patent licensing firm to get a German court to ban SanDisk from showing its new MP3 players at a major tradeshow, due to a patent dispute. The problem is that the dispute hasn’t yet gone to court — so it seems extremely premature to ban the devices completely (and somewhat pointless to say they can just show photographs). SanDisk’s lawyers went to work and got the injunction overturned, but only in time for the last day of the show. Sisvel, the licensing organization is now appealing the injunction, though it doesn’t much matter at this point. Of course, on the PR side, perhaps SanDisk should thank Sisvel. It seems like they received an awful lot more press about these new MP3 players than they would have otherwise.

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Comments on “SanDisk Gets Patent Injunction Overturned A Bit Late”

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Pope Ratzo says:

SanDisk makes some great little mp3 players. I’ve had several (which get passed on to my wife and daughter when new ones come out), and I just bought a 4gig w/ video that blows the iPods away. And it’s not so expensive that you’re afraid your change will scratch it if you put it in your pocket.

Why is there no mention of Apple (the new Microsoft) being behind this frivolous suit?

Monarch says:

You know, I can’t find in any article what SanDisk is being accused for patent infringement for. Yes I know it has something to do with Mp3’s, but is it for interpretting and playing them on the player, or is it the software player itself, or is it for storing Mp3’s? Anyone know why they are being accused of patent infringement? Other that because a Patent Troll says they are?

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