YouTube Joins Beer Bongs In College Students' Tube Collections

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One of the key differences between MySpace and Facebook is that the former is a totally open network, whereas the latter is geared towards building several smaller networks, primarily centered around universities. There’s obviously merit in both approaches. But more companies seem to be interested in the Facebook, closed network, approach, even for non-social networking applications. Six Apart recently announced its new blogging platfrom call Vox, which emphasizes privacy for one’s blog, and today YouTube announced it would take a page out of the Facebook playbook by allowing users to restrict content to others from the same .edu domain. The announcement is being portrayed as a move into Facebook’s space, which isn’t entirely accurate, as it will do little to impact Facebook’s bread-and-butter business of helping college students hook up with each other. But it is an acknowledgment that for some types of video content, students may wish to target it specifically to others at the school. Of course, one of the key features of YouTube is the ability to embed videos on other sites, like a blog. It seems like they’d have to disable this very popular feature for the plan to work, which might ultimately doom the whole plan.

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Comments on “YouTube Joins Beer Bongs In College Students' Tube Collections”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I think this is a good idea, for many people with plans to go on to another school after their current one (med, law, grad, etc.) would not want a video of them doing a 3 story beer bong available to the general public. I know this will launch many of you to respond with “then why put it online at all?”, but some people want a way to share photos with friends or acquaintances in their own school without sharing it with the entire world. This is just what facebook has done with their unlimited photo uploading.

and i love the phrase
“Facebook’s bread-and-butter business of helping college students hook up with each other”
so true, no matter how you interpret “hook up” haha.

Uni Student says:

The Extension of Facebook

I don’t think anybody is thinking about the bigger picture here. YouTube is obviously looking at a merger with Facebook to extend the services merely beyond hooking students up.

Its quite obvious the next step is to film the whole aftermath of the hooking up so that it can be viewed by all… AND PRESTO! A Porn Social Network is born.

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