Halfway House For Chinese Internet Addicts Opens

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Following the launch of a detox center for video game addicts in Amsterdam, a “halfway house” for so-called internet addicts has been opened in China. Following the adage that the flock won’t come to you, you’ve got to go to them, the center’s staff wanders around local Internet cafes looking for net-riddled junkies, then brings them in for counseling. In the case of one of its first attendees, a 17-year-old talked to a psychologist about his family situation, while social workers visited his parents to discuss proper parent-child communications. That sounds like it’s got little to do with internet addiction, really, apart from the implication that the kid was trying turning to the internet as a diversion from his problems at home. In any case, it sounds much more reasonable than other Chinese treatments for internet addiction, like shock therapy or electric acupuncture and drugs.

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Comments on “Halfway House For Chinese Internet Addicts Opens”

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Tom O'Leary (user link) says:

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Seriously. I imagine that one could easily become addicted to the Internet. I’ve probably come close several times. I’d say that most people who use technology regularly would feel disconnected with the world if they couldn’t access the Internet anymore. I’d even say that some people are addicted to specific things on the web. Perhaps I should be the first to open a halfway house for YouTube addicts. There are probably some New York Times’ addicts as well. What about Google addicts? They could well be onto something here fellas.

All the best

Tom O’Leary
Editor, The Messaging Times

w1nX says:

Re: Net Junkies

Hey Tom, you forgot one – eBay junkies. If I open 30 “place new bid” windows with different amounts – im sure to get my item in the last nanosecond of the auction.

By the way, I did buy a Dell Laptop off eBay, but it… snrfgn eems to ….aergergj… to have… asdnfgas… a sliiiiiight discharge… izzzzzuuuuu…. IT BURNS!!!! oh sorry – that was my rumble pak for the Xbox (love Halo2)

I should ask for everyone’s contact information to add to my new crackberry/cell phone/flash drive/mp3/gps device that I get free WiFi from Google. Heck – I dont need to ask for contact info – I’ll use AOL search.

All this hype and hullaballoo for a detox center. Amsterdam is the world’s best place to get legal dope and they want a rehab center for Net Junkies. I say we get all these addicts to play online against all the terrorists, miscontents, governments, and anyone else who causes or creates global/national/local issues. Have one Hell of of LAN party or the world’s biggest MMOPRG to solve the world’s problems once and for all. AYB – best 3 outta 5 ??

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