Apple Gets Burned By Sony Batteries, Too

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Apparently Apple noticed all the fun Dell was having with this whole battery recall thing, so it’s decided to get in on the act by recalling 1.8 million batteries for three of its laptops — batteries that, like the Dell ones, have cells made by Sony. Apple’s suggesting affected users should remove the batteries from their machines and use them on AC power, while they wait 4 to 6 weeks for a replacement. In the meantime, perhaps Apple users can enjoy a vacation — just don’t fly Qantas.

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Comments on “Apple Gets Burned By Sony Batteries, Too”

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Stymie says:

Apple recalls 1.8 million out of how many sold?

I’ve seen a bunch of articles on this subject, but I haven’t seen any comment on this. Doesn’t Dell sell about 10 times as many laptops as Apple? Apple has about 3 percent of the market right, and Dell has 40% or something?

Is Apple’s recall wider (from a percentage standpoint) because they are more responsible, or because their stuff is crappier?

It also seems that Dell was originally blamed for the problem, but now that Apple has announced a huge recall, suddenly Sony is to blame. I guess in internet blogs Apple’s sh*t don’t stink.

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