What's The Bigger Scam? Clickfraud Or Clickfraud Class Action Settlement?

from the ah,-the-class-action-swindle dept

While the advertisers suing Google over clickfraud got just a bit of pocket change out of the company (something they were upset about), they’re probably a lot happier with that result than what came out of a similar lawsuit against Yahoo. zanek writes “Disgruntled Yahoo! advertisers who were hoping for just compensation from the Pay-Per-Click fraud settlement may as well get over it. Here’s the short version: Yahoo! names an insider to watch ad traffic, invites 3 advertisers a year to chat, promises to make an effort to come up with industry-wide standards, extends its fraud claim period, and gives you an advertising credit… if you can prove you were harmed. I almost forgot the best part. Your class action attorneys walk away with nearly five million bucks. D’oh!” Of course, this is pretty standard for class action lawsuits these days. Also, in Yahoo’s defense, so far the evidence that has been shown suggests that those who are suing are making a much bigger deal out of clickfraud than is justified. So, perhaps they don’t really deserve much compensation anyway. Of course, that doesn’t explain why the lawyers get so much money, but that’s what lawyers do.

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Comments on “What's The Bigger Scam? Clickfraud Or Clickfraud Class Action Settlement?”

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lar3ry says:

Re: Re: Is it just me...

Of course! That’s why the lawyers get the big bucks.

It’s like the card game the kid plays with Ron Shnieder in “Big Daddy,” called “I Win!” No matter what cards are played, the lawyers always win.

“I won a million dollar lawsuit against Yahoo/Google/Whomever!”

“Really! They gave you a million dollars?”

“Well, no… the lawyers took that. I get to say that I win, though.”

“Good for you. Have another cookie.”

justme says:

They should change the rules when there is a class action or any kind of lawsuit. Lawyer gets no more than 42%. That will keep these fly by night lawyers off the air ways…. maybe. There is something wrong when the person whom sues walks away with nothing but a “you won”. Some one is forgetting that the ones doing the suits sometimes are the working class not out to get rich quick. They spend many hours away from home, and work too.

Patrick says:

Re: Re:

Lawyers usually don’t get more than 42%; Has anyone seen the bills from the attorneys – you would be surprised that half if not most of that 5 million will go to pay expenses. I am not a lawyer but I do work for a team of class action attorneys in MN. I worked on a case and our expenses (not including salaries)were over 5 million dollars

Average Joe says:

Lawyers need a reality check

Lets give 5 mil to a developer to come up with a solution to clickfraud. No… corp America would rather farm out the job to a 3rd world country where the code is written by some snot nose kid for 3k a year. Does not say too much about corp. America although I would take one engineer to fifty lawyers any day.

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