Didn't See This Coming: Phantom Console Disappears

from the surprise! dept

It appears that Phantom Entertainment has finally given up the ghost on its long-promised gaming console of the same name — the company’s web site has been redone and the console isn’t mentioned anywhere. We’re still waiting on the special gaming keyboard the company is supposedly focusing on, though it’s now accepting orders for it. But the Phantom console lives on in spirit, as another piece of vaporware planned offering: the “first” on-demand online games service. Apparently it’s just the reworked Phantom online element, now intended to run on Windows PCs rather than its own console. The company’s getting a little craftier, not giving any projected release dates for it to miss (like so many before, but we’d still bet on seeing Duke Nukem Forever first. Also, doing little to dispel the belief held by some that the company is a scam, the company delayed filing its quarterly report — one that yet again showed no income.

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Comments on “Didn't See This Coming: Phantom Console Disappears”

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I hate first posters! says:

Re: Re:

This first post is ludicris (with apologies to Ludacris). You have no input of any account, you obviously troll articles just to put “first” and you waste time. I suggest you call DeVry and see about getting in so you can at least say you have some “education” and minimal amount of savvy regarding technology and quit wasting all our time, or should we just wait until you start kindergarten.

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