Why Should Jack Thompson Get Early Access To A Video Game?

from the just-wondering dept

As was widely expected, Jack Thompson is getting ready to file his latest lawsuit against Take Two/Rockstar games over their latest game, Bully. As we noted last week, this is especially amusing in light of the reviews that seem to suggest the game isn’t what Thompson seems to think it is — rather it’s the video game equivalent of plenty of goofy movies such as Rushmore or Napoleon Dynamite. Of course, Thompson has an answer to this — claiming that the reviews are only in “fawning” publications that receive money from Take Two. Yes, publications like the New York Times, USA Today and Reuters — not exactly a group of publications likely to puff up a review for the sake of some ad dollars from a small video game company. However, what’s really interesting, is that Thompson is apparently demanding a pre-release copy of the game. He seems to think that the company is required to give him a copy of the game before it’s released so he can “analyze” it. Why bother, when it’s clear that he’s already decided the game is evil?

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Comments on “Why Should Jack Thompson Get Early Access To A Video Game?”

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n3o says:

Wake Up Parents!

I have a question. When are the parents of todays youth going to get off of their collective asses and tell these people to shut the hell up? I find it offensive for the government or anyone else to even attemp to raise my child. If i don’t want my child playing a game with violence or nudity, i have a very simple solution that involves noone else but me and my child, i don’t buy the damn thing. If i catch my kid playing it, i will punish them accordingly. Myself i play GTA and all the other games like it and i really wouldn’t care if my child played them after say, age 10. By then they have already seen worse on the news and are probably asking questions about such things. It’s simple people, teach your kids the difference between right and wrong, the difference between a video game or movie and real life. I mean, common sense should already point them in the basic right direction. Just be a parent for god sake and stop relying on the government, schools, and everyone else to raise your children. If you didn’t want the responsibility then you should have thought of that in the sack. As for Mr. Thompson, as long as parents keep shrugging off the duty of child rearing, there will always be someone like him to shrug it off onto, for a decent profit anyways.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: move to alabama no seriously-

He really can’t do anything about anything anywhere, except talking out of his aforementioned cavity. I would be suprised and lose my last bit of faith in humanity if this lawsuit goes through.

As for the man’s mental health, well.. It is my belief that his sanity has checked out of that hotel long ago. On that note, this is a pretty amusing read: http://www.vgcats.com/jack.php

TheHeezus says:

One Issue...

I think it would be ironic if he got ran over while crossing the street, being struck down by some 19yr old guy who just robbed a gas station or something.

Oh, did I say ironic? I mean FREAKING AWESOME!

People like him don’t seem to understand that the world we live in doesn’t have the room, time or patience for fools like him.

Anonymous Brave says:

I’m noting that he seems to have a personal vendetta towards R*/T2.. There are other companies that produces violent games, but I don’t see Thompson spewing his attention seeking discontent over them.

I also agree with one of the comments above; thank the powers that he is the one leading this crusade; or we would actually have to worry.

scifi3018 (user link) says:

Honestly, i dont agree with jack thompson to much, but i agree somewhat that the next generation of parents ARE to incompetent to raise their own children. Many kids now-a-days are having children at younger ages such as 15/16… those kids are to young to raise childen of their own to good standards, and in some sense, jack heps there. However some blame also lies in whomever makes the rater R games available to younger kids, be it parents, stores, etc…

I dont think that games should be banned, i just think that the rating system should be held with higer regards, as the movie rating system was in my day…

I remember the first rater R movie i saw i snuck into, becsue i wasnt old enough to buy a ticket. If the theater had done a better job, i dont know…

I have been rambling.. the point is, is that parents suck now-a-days, and they need to be held resoponsible for their actions…

Banning games so bad parents wont give them to kids is like banning banks so robbers wont rob them. Its DUMB…

Anonymous Coward says:

— I have a question. When are the parents of todays youth going to get off of their collective asses and tell these people to shut the hell up?–

As a parent and gamer I am curious what facts you base your opinion that parents are sitting on their asses and not taking responsibility for the games their kids play. On what facts do you base your opinion that I, or any other parent, desire Mr. Thompson to handle anything for us? Did I hire him? Did *any* parent hire him, or has he hired himself?

I know exactly what games my kid plays because I buy them.

I have no use for the likes of Thompson.

Why do you assume that I, or any other parent, aren’t telling Thompson to shove his antics up his ass? I don’t have a very loud voice so perhaps you can’t hear me?

Funny, I really don’t hear your voice either. I guess you need to get off your ass.

Anonymous Coward says:

— Banning games so bad parents wont give them to kids is like banning banks so robbers wont rob them. Its DUMB… —

You appear to have bought into the lie. Exactly what game would a parent have to give their kid in order for that parent to be ‘bad’?

If I allow my 7 year old who does well in school and is regarded as very mature for his age by adults to play GTA, why am I ‘bad’? If he appears to be able to distinguish between entertainment and reality just as I can, what makes this ‘bad’?

The issue isn’t about ‘the kids’. It never has been and never will be. It is about cultural control and the moral busibodies use the ‘think about the kids’ ploy in an attempt to camoflauge the lack of a credible argument.

Ticked off Parent. says:

WTF?? Blame the parents...

Now parents get blamed from both sides. Too funny. One post says parent should stand up and tell Jack to get stuffed. The other post blames the parents saying we are not competent to raise our own children. Both of you can stuff it in the cavity mentioned earlier in the posts. Most parents I know do take the time to police their children. Can’t we instead say lunatics like Jack are the blame? Hell, he does not even have kids!!!! How about blaming the kids?? Even smart ones do stupid things sometimes, hell all youth do, I bet even you did. So all you people blaming the parents ask yourself, how well did your own parents raise you that you feel you have to blame the parents of today’s kids. Ever do anything stupid your parents knew nothing about? Then STFU! Ever had your own kids finally admit to all the stupid things they did? Either way, STFU!

Drof1337 says:

JT and the Violent Games vs. Children Debacle

First up, stop getting irate at one another. The vast, VAST majority of parents are very conscientious about what their children are doing, be it what video games they play to where they go after school. There are some neglient or unaware parents out there and occassionally, and I mean VERY occassionally something bad happens, a kid who undoubtedly already has some form of mental issue goes on a rampage. Inevitably, this is blamed on the youngest and most misunderstood medium available, ie; generally video games, just as movies were blamed back when video games featured 8-bit plumbers. This is not an issue of whether or not parents are good enough at looking after their children, this is not an issue of video games being too violent or having R-Rated content, this is simple demonisation of a scapegoat whenever the one child in hundreds of millions does something crazy, because people need to have a reason. To some, it is not conceivable that a young person could do something terrible without emulating something they had seen or taken part in a virtual representation of. The sad fact is that some people are deeply disturbed and there has never and will never, EVER be any evidence to suggest that video games are responsible for the actions of these disturbed individuals, in the same way that movies are not responsible and in the same way that watching the news is not responsible. The sad fact is that these disturbed children and young adults are often reclusive and not vocal about the way they feel, (as are most teenagers) and how is a parent of one of these kids to know that something is wrong if outwardly they appear happy? Some tragedies cannot be averted and banning violent videogames will have about as much effect on this issue as spitting into the ocean. I mean, tell me if you think I’m wrong by all means but lets keep focused on the fact that Jack knows what we’re all saying is completely right and he only does what he does to try and push buttons on hot issues to further his career.

Ieuan says:

Violence from videogames? I think not...

I tell you something, having watched an interview with Jack Johnson on youtube, I am actualy feeling more violent than I ever have done from playing a video game.

I have played Halo, GTA and many other so-called “violent” games and I have never felt like inflicting harm on anyone after playing them. However I would sincerely like to punch Jack Johnson in the mouth. Good day to you

Anonymous Coward says:

Open Comment To Jack


Get a life, find some real clients. Because of some people that cannot educate or “Parent” there children we were forced to have the ESRB rating. The Rating system I can live with. You I can live without, and no I am not threating you. I just want you, your nose and your ass out of everyone’s life. I am not a parent, but I am close I am a uncle. As an uncle i share in the responsiblity to educate and nurture my nephews and nieces to be better people, to teach them right from wrong, real life and fantasy. Maybe if your mother had done the same you would not be like you are today. To take from Sony’s motto, Live in your World, Play in ours…. Seems to make sense to me. One day you will realize we donot need you, or anyone like you.

Oh and I have read the letter ( emai ) posted above that you sent to ESRB , here is something for ya… Shit happens…. Maybe they made a mistake or maybe as you were told the section that would be AO rated was actually hidden except for the walk thru ? Ever hear of a Easter Egg? Windows, OSX and some DVD titles are loaded with them!

Sir I bid you a good day, and I would like to give you a suggestion. Get a Clue, Get a Life, Get a Girl….


n3o says:

to anonymous coward

On October 20, 2003, the families of Aaron Hamel and Kimberly Bede, two young people shot by teens William and Josh Buckner (who in statements to investigators claimed their actions were inspired by GTA III) filed a US$246 million lawsuit against publishers Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software, retailer Wal-Mart, and PlayStation 2 manufacturer Sony Computer Entertainment America.[24] [25] Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two, filed for dismissal of the lawsuit, stating in U.S. District Court on October 29, 2003 that the “ideas and concepts as well as the ‘purported psychological effects’ on the Buckners are protected by the First Amendment’s free-speech clause.” The lawyer of the victims, Jack Thompson, denied that and is trying to get the lawsuit moved into a state court and actioned under Tennessee’s consumer protection act. So yes, parents did hire him because two idiot kids killed two other kids and decided to blame it on a video game. Just like blaming McDonalds for your being fat, or Camel because you got cancer. People just don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. If you really are as responsible as you claim, then i commend you, but you must realize that not all parents are like you. I was speaking to the people who do things like blame video games for their children being satanic bastards, or blame marylin manson for the columbine shootings. People who sue McDonalds because they are fat, or suing Camel for thier lung cancer. People like this are the ones who are shifting all the blame. To them it’s always someone else’s fault. To all the good parents out there, and yes i believe there are more that a few, keep up the great work. Your children are going to be the ones keeping these other lunatics in line later. And by the way, i heard your voice just fine, as apparently you did mine as well, or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And since this reply is here it is also logical to conclude that i am “off my ass” as you put it.

n3o says:

The reason i say that the parents are more to blame has a lot to do with my mom. To this day i have never met my father. He left before i was born and my mother raised me from birth alone. When i was 4 she was laid off her job. She went back to school for 4 years and got degrees in Microbiology and Hematology and now works in the labs at the local VA hospital. She did all this and still had time to raise me with enough common sense to know the difference between right and wrong. I knew when i saw gunfights on movies, tv or video games that that was not real life and you don’t do those kinds of things. Never once did i consider bringing a gun to school and killing my classmates because they teased me or picked on me. I knew that it was wrong. It’s because of her that i know that all parents aren’t bad people, and i didn’t mean to sound otherwise. I just don’t understand how my mom could do it alone and so many others can’t when there are two parents.

p.s. I know i mentioned the cigarette’s and mcdonalds twice, forgot to cut one of those lines.

Daniel says:

JT's lies

That bum lost the case which is awesome. He’s a liar and a whining little pig. He attacks innocent games and then turns around with his lies and attacks an innocent industry. He is a punk and a total liar. He sues innocent companies and if that’s not stealing, please tell me what is. He is full of lies and hatred for an innocent industry and God bless Doug Lowenstein, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games. I hope they make lots of games like Bully and Manhunt just to spite Jack Thomspon. Rockstar Games will win against this lying pig and I am completly behind the video game industry because they make good entertainment and I love them for it. I love ultra-violent video games to death and we must send letters to people who turn away the lies of bums, like Jack Thompson, and thank them for it. This is the thought that disturbs me the most, as a gamer. When I buy a video game, I want to feel like I’m helping the video game industry, but what if the money that I pay for games goes to help pay off lawsuits that Jack Thompson could win agains the industry. I don’t want to feel like I’m contributing to Jack Thompson, who is a complete liar.

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