Why Rockstar Games Should Pay Jack Thompson: He's Their Best Marketing Exec

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Simon writes “Jack Thompson – lunatic lawyer or genius marketing executive? I really can’t decide. He’s at it again, ensuring that Rockstar’s new game ‘Bully’ will become the most sought after title by kids everywhere this year. Once more he is trying to push for a ban on a software title that he admits that he’s never even seen.” Even better, the game is winning praise from some “anti-bullying” activists, one of whom notes that it looks like typical “play-fighting” that kids engage in, which is an “essential, healthy human behavior that can’t be shut off.” Meanwhile, others note that the game is whimsical, in a similar fashion to movies like Rushmore or Napoleon Dynamite. In fact, it seems to discourage really bad behavior. Perhaps Thompson doesn’t like it because the game actually encourages people to stand up to bullies… like himself.

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Comments on “Why Rockstar Games Should Pay Jack Thompson: He's Their Best Marketing Exec”

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hautedawg says:

Good point

A bully is a bully, whether hiding behind a suit and tie, or kicking sand in the face of the weaker. To bully a company into submission is still bullying. It is absurd to think he can put his morals and ethics on us, because he doesn’t like something. I don’t like lima beans, but I’m not trying to ban them…they make me puke, but I am not banning them.

Man, these ijits make me sick….just like lima beans

chris (profile) says:

jack thompson hates rockstar, and video games

i’m surprised he didn’t try to stop rockstar’s “pingpong” game. it might encourage kids to play dangerous sports.

if he wants to stop real video game related crime, how about putting his efforts towards one of these:

1) 14 year old jerks in MMORPG’s that beg for money or spam private channels for duels

2) gold farming

3) fanboys that hype video games that aren’t even released yet

4) pre-rendered screenshots that look nothing like the graphics for the actual game release (known as “bullshots” by the folks at penny arcade).

Sanguine Dream says:

I saw him on Attack of the Show

He was going on about Bully like it was gonna be the direct cause of sudden increase in school violence. Isn’t the point of the game to fight against the bully? If it is then that’s all the more reason to get it onto the shelves. Powers that be forbid someone shows kids how to stand up to a bully (be it school yard or corporate).

This game sounds like just like the GTA titles. It’ll sell like hotcakes because of controversy then once the hype settles down it will fade into mediocrity.

Nathan Eddy (user link) says:

A Fresh Perspective

I just discussed this topic in my editor’s note for FierceGameBiz today– we need to spend more time discussing how violence in video games can make a positive contribution to society– and we need to realize people like Mr. Thompson are actually more closely associated with people like Paris Hilton than educated and rational commentators– say something outrageous, get some press. Let’s hope Mr. Thompson isn’t planning on releasing a sex tape anytime soon…

In any event, if anyone is interested in reading my comments, please visit http://www.fiercegamebiz.com.

— Nathan Eddy

Associate Editor, FierceGameBiz




capman92 says:

i know alto of people have hit this but all jack does when he performs his song and dance of how violent games are bad is make us want them more. we all have the rebel in us that wants something more once we are told we cant have it or its bad for us. i read a post that said rockstar should hire jack, i agree, he would bring in so much money telling people, dont buy the new GTA, its really bad for you.

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