Would You Believe Letting Poll Workers Keep Voting Machines For Days Might Be A Security Problem?

from the not-so-secure,-huh? dept

While it’s abundantly clear by now that electronic voting machines can be hacked, every time a new such report comes out, the e-voting machine companies respond that any such hack is improbable, since it would usually require some time alone with the machine, which would be nearly impossible under typical election settings. Of course, that doesn’t take into account what happens before the election. In San Diego there’s a lawsuit to invalidate an election in June because of questions over the e-voting machines. However, the really interesting part is that the lawsuit specifically calls out the practice of allowing “sleepovers.” It turns out the county registrar of voters actually released the e-voting machines to poll supervisors days to a week ahead of time, and allowed them to store them however they saw fit between that time and the election. This is fairly common throughout the country, but isn’t often discussed. While it’s still a big leap to go from that fact to proving that the election was tampered with — it does continue to raise questions about why we’re trusting these machines when the opportunities for abuse are so great?

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Comments on “Would You Believe Letting Poll Workers Keep Voting Machines For Days Might Be A Security Problem?”

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Jake says:

What kind of idiot

What kind of idiot allows a voting poll to be taken home, JESUS! You have to be freaking kidding me to let any person that isn’t the county registrar touch the damn thing, god we live in a society of completely retarded people, I swear that the only thing seperating us from animals is only the clothes on our back! We need someone in charge who isn’t a C average student, and isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns!

Petréa Mitchell says:

It's not the technology

Let’s not forget that it’s possible to make stupid security decisions with less advanced voting technology, too. (You might think that if someone said, “We’re going to hand out blank ballots for the election supervisors to take home a few days ahead of time,” perhaps it would have been easier to spot the problem. Then again… what are these “all supplies” the poll workers are taking home, exactly?)

Jimbo says:

We don’t live in a society of “retarded” people, we live in a society that doesn’t care about free and fair elections; or rather the party in power (the Republican Party) doesn’t care since they have the power.

When average Republicans stand up and insist that all votes be counted regardless of which party the winning candidate is from then we will have fair elections and not before.

Anonymous Coward says:

america is spoiled

americans no longer fight for what they believe in cause they dont really believe in anything, we just believe what we are told, no one thinks for themselves anymore thats why we have TVs

we are too spoiled by living in what is still the greatest country in the world to do anything as its taken over and slides backward

our freedoms/rights/liberties are stepped on, our ‘democracy’ is corrupted but we are all to busy paying our bills, raising our kids, watching out TVs, listening to our music, playing our video games and infact ENJOYING our, by comparison, blessed and wealthy lives to stand up and fight for whats being taken away

its a shame america is actually moving away from a freer and better society but it could definately be alot worse

its also a shame that so many important innovations are ignored because they are inconvenient to big business

big business rules the country

america is basically capitolism run amuck

and with greed and stupidity running the nation things WILL get ALOT worse

TheMeat says:

Re: america is spoiled

Couldn’t agree more. Every empire in human history has reached a peak of arrogance and then crumbled. America is on its way, the signs become more frequent if one even pays a cursory amount of attention to current events. It can be turned around, but the public at large needs to start caring before the point of no return, and my faith in that occurring has been steadily dropping as of late.

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