G8 Agenda: Global Warming, Terrorism, Poverty… And Cheap Music?

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Apparently, the British recording industry lobbying group, BPI, isn’t satisfied with the recent ruling saying they can sue Russian music site Allofmp3.com in the UK. Now, they’ve written a letter urging the UK foreign secretary to make sure that a discussion of AllofMP3.com will take place at the latest G8 summit. Yes, we’re absolutely sure that among the talk of terrorism, poverty and energy crises world leaders are going to be concerned with a website that sells music cheaper than the industry likes. The company still claims they’re perfectly legal in Russia — and Russian authorities seem to agree so far. So, it’s difficult to see why the global leaders of the some of the biggest countries in the world should really care about the matter.

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Comments on “G8 Agenda: Global Warming, Terrorism, Poverty… And Cheap Music?”

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WirelessGuy says:

Lets sue people for future ideas they don't even h

I don’t get what the big deal is on 99% of this stuff. Traditional music sales are down, internet are booming. Instead of fighting this stuff, why don’t they invest the time and energy in micro based billing for all of this, i.e. pennies per song played, purchased? I mean, damn, why let the lawyers get all the money instead of the artists.

Oh wait, that has been the case since the dawn of the music industry. my bad

Wire Cramped (user link) says:


I have now granted myself the right to sue the entire country of Great Brittan here in my own land and therefor they have to pay me money!

Why the hell is this a govenment matter at all its a civil suit between the recorded artis and or its label and the company that is or isnt legally selling their music. Take it to court all you want or like Wireless said screw the bastard lawyers and haggle it out yourselves you retards. BUT DAMN well leave the governments to handle real issues like peace/hunger/homes/food/war/poverty/warming/cooling/flushing/blogging you know the real hard ones.


Just Me says:

Stupid BPI

Stupid BPI…when are they going to get the point? Selling music on the net does not cost as much as selling on the high street.

Perhaps it is time they have changed their traditional approach to do business and start thinking about making investments on changing their business strategy.

Wasting time blaming other businesses wouldn’t help them to achieve anything but loose money while their competitors are gaining grounds.

Perhaps it is time that they have changed their old management to a new one that is more tuned to how business is done in today’s market.

Franssu says:

Don't forget

That even before securing oilfields, the first task of the americans in Iraq was to create provisions for intellectual property in the Iraqi constitution.

After WW2, USA used Hollywood and all the entertainment industry as a way to promote American culture and therefore, all other american products (coke, cars and whatnot).

What I don’t understand now is why it is now the entertainment industry that uses every state they can convince for world domination.

A. RatsAss says:

Who Gives

I can not belive the audacity of the British Recording Industry.

Given the extremly fragile state of the World (Iraq, Iran, North Korea) how can they even begin to think that a music indusrty pricing issue is on par with avoiding WW3?!

The issue of global funding for Aids research just barely made the docket- perhaps they should discuss mp3 downloading instead.

Anonymous Coward says:

So, it’s difficult to see why the global leaders of the some of the biggest countries in the world should really care about the matter.

Because they are politicians and the entertainment industry has lots of money.

The entertainment industry already has the FBI and many other national police forces in their pocket. Now they are stepping up to the global level. What they want is the ability to use the threat of military force against sites like AllofMP3.com that the FBI and its kind can’t get to.

Wire Cramped (user link) says:

Re: Stop the MP3 or..

I will unlease all the power of my arsenal to nuke/bomb/shoot/jedi light saber – you out of existance!!!!

Again I ask if AllOfMP3 doesnt comply with Great Brittans BS then what is England going to do start a war between England and Russia until England wins and Russia destroys its economic companies OR Russia wins and they pwnz all yours music England?

AGAIN – I suggest that the civil issues stay civil and not in the hands of any government. Not saying that there isnt a fight if GB BPI thinks someone is being illeagal but when do I get my turn as a private citizen to enlist my countries vast political power against British Petroleum Inc. to lower gas to 0.12cents US or we will …..

Micky McQueen says:

... Uhm

Since when is entertainment a “world issue”, and how did the industry convince people that sports, music, movies, ect are somehow equally important? If Limp Bizkit albums vanished from the face of the earth the global economy would still be going to crap, the earth would still be getting hotter, and folks would still be killing each other in the name of God. Same goes for Yankees games and who slept with who in hollywood, or who said what in some summertime reality show!

The entertainment industry is pretty insignificant, and if all music were free, I’m pretty sure the economy would adapt. Maybe then the industry would start producing something interesting.

Leroux says:


OK, here’s where I see the problem. There are 4 different generations at work here. The WWII generation (now geriatric), the Baby Boomers (Now in the prime of power), Generation X (Some in power and ready to take over) and Generation X.5 (the youth of the nation).

The WWII that generation was filled with a few great leaders, and a ton of great followers. It infused patriotism into everything. Patriotism is defined by me as fanatical pride in someone else’s ideals.

The Baby Boomers took patriotism and applied it to money. Thus we get the Gogo 80’s, a period of time when money became idolized and greed was the only way to show success. No more did the family count for personal recognition. It only mattered what your standing in the world was. The musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Real Trying” summarizes the mentality better than anything else I’ve seen. Also, this generation was full of leaders.

Generation X is usually applied to a subculture than the over all culture. It is not limited to grunge rock but is rather the after effect of the 80’s. These people have had life better than any generation before them, in some ways. During their time the corporate world created by the Baby Boomers found permanent stability and heroes like Superman no longer meant as much. Notions of doing something because it was right or good is now pointless because there was no profit.

Now we have Generation X.5. And I’m not sure if this half step or the next full generation should be labeled as “Generation A,” a as in apathy. Because or economy has done so well for so long nobody cares any more. We’re back to a generation that only has a few leaders in it. People are not encouraged to do anything that doesn’t involve a screen of some sort.

Because of all of this, the world leaders (from a generation of leaders) see the younger generation as ignorant children incapable of making good choices. So they make those choices for us. Oh, wait, that sounds like Hitler doesn’t it? Forcing the creation of a “better” society that was mindless followers. Yeah. I’m tired of wanting to do something about this stupidity and not being able to. I won’t ask “Who’s with me?” because I know nobody will join me, such is the apathy in the world. But if ya’ll can tell me where to go so I CAN do something let me know.


Obvious Man says:

80% of the world’s funds are controlled by the top 23% of the world. You know how much is controlled by the bottom 20%? 1.4% of the world’s funds. It ain’t pretty right now, but things are getting better. In the meantime, the rest of us are getting a really bad name because of these deluded corporate assholes.

100% infuckingsane.

What kind of madness allows you to equate poverty, world hunger, and the possible death of our entire planetary ecosytsem to your company that contributes to all three, and your slightly lower profits due to copytheft and zeal over attacking your own customers? That’s worth dry rape, bitch. And look! There’s some victims-turned-terrorists whose family members died in poverty and starvation who’d like to step up to that plate, so assume the position! We’re not blaming you per se, we’re just saying that you’re throwing salt on a very big wound, so expect Hell to open its arms wide for you … yeah, the red carpet even.

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