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by Mike Masnick Not Criminally Liable... Yet

from the for-now... dept

Following on the news last month that the recording industry had convinced Moscow police to look into's practices, Alex Moskalyuk is reporting that no criminal charges will be filed, though it seems like this is most likely due to a loophole within the law. Also, Alex notes that the company is still open to civil lawsuits from the industry, which are likely to arrive shortly.

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    eponymous geek, 7 Mar 2005 @ 7:40am

    business model

    why should others be punished just because the recording industry has an obsolete business model?

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    John Doe, 14 May 2006 @ 11:46am


    Allofmp3 has been down for a few days now, which leaves me to believe that they've probably settled with the industry out of court and called it quits. Many other similar websites have been doing the same since 2003.

    I think whats most important here though is that the industry take something from the handbook. There will always be those of us that strictly buy cd's, for one reason or another. That demographic is constant. But if the industry also offered an affordable (maybe not $1.07 per record affordable, but you know, budgetable) music downloading service, who knows the possiblity. I think who really loses here though are russian music fans. In russia, Cd's only go for between 2 and 3 US dollars (when converted), and allofmp3 wasn't much less, but it did give them a convenient way to access music for a fair price. If you're from the US or Uk and you use allofmp3, you should be ashamed. Don't be surprised when U.S. artists stop making music cuz' you gave em' 2 bucks a pop for their hard work.

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    NorteƱo, 9 Sep 2006 @ 8:18am

    I think the industry should be ashamed for giving to artists that low amount for every CD sold, they're the ones that are making zillions with the hard work, If I could asure Artists receive the most of the price I'm paying I wouldn't hesitate stop using alofmp3

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