Will Education Knock Out Phishing?

from the one-hopes dept

eWeek is running a long overview article looking at the problem of phishing and comparing it to organized criminal activity such as drug dealing. However, at the very end of the article someone notes that there’s some belief that phishing may have already “peaked” as education is winning the battle by getting people to stop filling out fake forms. This would definitely be a good thing, but is there any evidence that phishing is actually on the decline?

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Comments on “Will Education Knock Out Phishing?”

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seth (user link) says:

Probably not

Not only is a sucker born every minute, but I think that an idiot is too. Education will help the uneducated but it won’t help the genuinely stupid. If education worked, then no virus would ever be able to spread via email since everyone tells you not to open attachments from unknown people. However, people still open them and they still spread.

So, education will help, but won’t stop the problem completely.

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