College Student Beating Microsoft In Court

from the good-for-him dept

Beck writes “A student at Kent State University sold a copy of two Microsoft software packages on eBay. He was then sued in federal court by Microsoft, who threw four lawyers at the case, making a number of claims and allegations. The student is representing himself and appears to be winning his case. Microsoft now wants to back out of the lawsuit, but the student won’t let them out.” The story linked there is fairly brief. A much more in-depth story includes all the gory details, but is BugMeNot required. The basic story is that he bought these two pieces of software legally, and was then sued for selling them on eBay. He spent time researching the legal claims, realized they were baseless and has countersued Microsoft. It’s good to see someone not bullied and pushed aside once the high-priced lawyers come calling.

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