Telco Bill Won't Move Forward Without Audio Flag?

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While most of the attention paid to Ted Stevens’ telco reform bill concerns network neutrality, when it was first announced the thing that stood out even more was the bizarre inclusion of the “audio flag” that the entertainment industry has been pushing for years. It serves no purpose in a telco bill, other than to reward the entertainment industry in their business negotiations with companies like XM, who are trying to provide perfectly legal tools to allow people to record the satellite radio they pay for. Now comes the news that Senator Bill Frist finds this particular issue so important that he won’t let the telco reform bill move forward unless it contains the audio flag language. Apparently, Senator Frist doesn’t think you should be able to record the satellite radio you paid for. Once again, this has nothing to do with telecom reform, but is simply a way to get technology and consumer electronics firms to first ask permission from the entertainment industry before they can innovate. And, since the entertainment industry is afraid of any innovation that doesn’t keep their business model as is, there would be a lot less innovation. This might be a good time to re-read Gary Shapiro’s history lesson about all of the technology innovations the entertainment industry tried to stop — only to later discover (kicking and screaming the whole way), how they helped the industry grow tremendously.

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Comments on “Telco Bill Won't Move Forward Without Audio Flag?”

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Robert says:


I know that I read a story awhile back about how politicains brains make them think they are always right, without ever looking at the issue from a different standpoint, but this takes the cake… being so stubborn that you’d destroy an entire bill over something so small as this.

Maybe it’s the RIAA mafia holding his family hostage unless he gets the audio flag measure to pass? Other than that or lots of money for him, I can’t see why anyone would do something so stupid.

onfused says:

whats the point

So worse case scenario here- the bill pass with the “audio flag”. It could just be my lack of understanding, but how do they plan on enforcing the audio flag amendment? Can XM prevent its users from recording audio?

Seem to me that the RIAA doesn’t want ANY ONE, ANY WHERE to record ANYTHING… without their permission- which they wont give. They are having enough trouble enforcing the internet violations- will they be adding a millitary branch to the corporate HQ?

Wolfger (profile) says:

Re: Re:

By forcing device manufacturers to include it. How? By making it illegal to sell devices that don’t include it.

So the price of audio equipment goes up to cover the costs of adding the broadcast flag recognition circuit, and we the consumers bend over and take it again… Mr. Frist needs to be taught how to survive in a different career. Unfortunately, I don’t live in his jurisdiction.

Tarky7 says:

Again and Again and Again

Well, once more to corrupt fools we call our elected officials make another bonehead choice as they lick the boots of their corporate handlers.

What gets me is not that these guys are corrupt, but due to the ‘laws’ regarding campaign contibutions they get ‘bought’ for so little money. Pobably just the price of a quick hummer from a anorexic Hollywood fellatio artist is all it took to get Frist to make a stink.

Yikes !

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