'Web Rage' Is Latest Meaningless Internet Hype

from the don't-throw-the-laptop dept

It seems that for research firms, coming out with studies about how people use the internet is a pretty easy way to generate publicity. Most of them tend to make entirely obvious points, and only seem notable because they’re about the internet. Others are plain hype, such as a new one warning about an increase in “web rage”, a dramatic phrase to describe frustration with web services. According to one group, this “web rage” is prompting up to 78% of internet shoppers in the UK to go back to shopping at retail locations. Though they don’t explain what this very unlikely number means, they add that this threatens to devastate the British online economy. Still the study does have some useful bits, such as the fact that a high number of people are frustrated by complex registration and the inability to speak to someone live. Too bad the group had to obscure this information by having to hype up a new term.

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Comments on “'Web Rage' Is Latest Meaningless Internet Hype”

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garrett says:

‘web rage’? – Really, c’mon! Does any one here actaully become enraged when trying to buy something online?

Maybe a little frustrated sometimes. And I do believe that some websites need a very basic course in how to perform a usability study. Whoever comes up with the new buzz phrases really should look up the words first before deciding to use them.

A-non-o-mouse says:

Umm… you wish to speak to someone… then go or do something that actually might have a person on the other side… Like maybe (insert bright idea) go to a store or call a store.

Umm your computer talks to other computers. I just wonder how a person could Talk to someone who isn’t in the equasion.

You + your computer + internet + website = ANOTHER COMPUTER

Where is another person on in that?

Drama2Sell says:

Web Rage?

Been shopping online for years and never experienced “web rage”–however, I do experience “Phone Rage” quite often.

Seriously, if I call one more company and have to go through those freaking automated systems I will lose it.

If you want to respond, please be aware that some of my options have changed 🙂

counter strike fan says:

pissed off

denoting web rage as a frustration with online shopping services is laughable… anyone who believe web rage doesn’t exist, however, needs to play more counter-strike… when you’re at public gaming lan playing counter-strike and someone else in the same facility gets one too many head shots on you and you later follow them outside and gun them down for real… THAT’S web rage (or net rage maybe?)… either way… until someone kills themself or someone else due to an uncooperative web page, this online shopping web rage thing is exactly as you said: just plain hype.

Fenwick says:

LOL, web rage

Okay, this is just ridiculous. My mother can use Ebay just fine, but she’s not at all technologically savvy. She can’t turn her Cell-phone off of vibrate. Internet shopping sites are really simple; they are made for everyday people. On public bidding style sites, you can almost always ask the seller questions easily. I don’t see how people are getting this upset about internet shopping. Honestly…

Search Engines WE (user link) says:

Shopping Online vrs Human Contact

eCommerce is great if you know EXACTLY what you want

Human Contact is great if you are fortunate enough to come in contact with a KNOWLEGEABLE, PATIENT SalesPerson…

Browsing is less pressured online – but with a pushy Salesperson working on commission ….well….. 🙁

So perhaps, people will do BOTH, …Pre Shop online to get an idea of where to go – perhaps Call – then visit locally to see if the staff is accommodating

John Bailey says:

Re: Shopping Online vrs Human Contact

Couldn’t agree more. I tend to buy books, DVDs etc and computer and home electronic stuff. Online its easy. I know exactly what I want, find it on the site and put it in the cart. Dealing with a human who usually wouldn’t know a video card from a disk drive is a different matter. The only times its a bit inconvinent is if the item runs out of stick, and I only find out a week later when the company decides to phone me or call me to find out if I wish to wait.

eBayman says:

how about Paypal rage?

Having bought on eBay, I just tried to add another credit card to my paypal account. Cut a long story short, decided to use my original card and not register the 2nd one.

Does Paypal give me a chance to cancel?

Nope, scratching around for a route to go back to my ebay payment. No way Jose.

The only choice is to Logout and go back to ebay and loop round again.

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