How Long Until We Hear Reports That Lightning Is Attracted To iPods Too?

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We’ve seen a series of questionable stories lately claiming that lightning is attracted to mobile phones, when those who know anything about the topic say it’s basically impossible. Well, it’s probably only a matter of time until we hear similar stories about iPods. Nick Burns writes in to let us know about a story in the Denver Post about a kid struck by lightning while listening to his iPod. It seems pretty clear that the lightning ran through the iPod (the wounds follow the line where his headphones were down to where he had the iPod on his hip, the headphones were destroyed and the iPod has a hole). However, the Denver Post article at least quotes an expert noting that there’s no way the iPod did anything to attract the lightning. It just allowed the current to travel through the wires. Still, we’re willing to bet that there will be “iPods attract lightning” stories making the rounds before too long.

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Comments on “How Long Until We Hear Reports That Lightning Is Attracted To iPods Too?”

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Just Me says:

Why not?

I am not an expert on lightning, but I have heard many people saying that trees attract lightning.

The point I am trying to make here is, if trees attract lightining, then surely a device powered by electricity would be more attractive to lightning?

Yes, an Ipod is not as big as a tree…but why should consumers take chances.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to take an Ipod to car testing center (seen one on TV a while ago, where cars are tested again lightning) and scientifically examin the validy of this claim (Whether Ipods attract lightning or not).

Jens says:

please read up on some basic science before postin

seriously guys.. some basic knowledge of electricity is warranted prior to posting (high school physics levels – nothing too difficult)

The reason why trees improve your chance of getting struck by lightning is because they provide a “better” path to ground (earth). This is simply because the tree is has high water content and is firmly attached to the ground.

The issue with cellphones, ipods, or any other electronic device is that they are usually metallic and provide an easier “path” for the lightening into the body.

Now this part im not 100 percent sure, but I believe normally, when folks are struck by lightening the charge usually flows on the outside (surface) of the body to ground.. when this occurs, the damage to the body is usually minimal.. however if there are metallic devices nearby or touching the surface (cellphones?) this could increase the likelyhood of current flowing in/out of the body at that point.. the current flowing inside/across/through the vital organs (especially the heart muscle) is what can cause the real damage….

Corey says:

please read up on some basic science before "p

Lightning strikes the object that sends skyward the highest stream of negative electrons. The clouds on the surface closest to the ground are positively charged. The mass of clouds are discharged when a connection is made — several objects can send up these streams of negative electrons at any one given time it is not necessarily the tallest object that will be discharged upon, although it usually is. The best policy is during a thunderstorm, don’t be out side.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

People are stupid

Just like the golfer out in the rain and thunder.

The lightning is more likely to hit you than your iPod (Hay I spelled it right) since you’re mostly water and salt, and that is a excellent conductor of electricity. Plus you’re one really big wire and all the electricity will be able to run threw you much easier than the little tiny wires on the iPod.

Watch Mythbusters some day. They proved this on two separate myths

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