Different Spam, Different Clickthroughs

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While we’ve seen plenty of stories in the past about people clicking through and buying from spam, it appears that the type of spam makes a huge difference on the likelihood of a clickthrough. It should surprise about… well… none of you to find out that porn spam generates (by ridiculous multiples) more clickthroughs than any other type of spam. Up next, but with much lower clickthroughs would be “pharmaceutical” spam (which goes in quotes, because it’s unlikely the drugs anyone orders from those emails are actually what’s advertised), followed by “Rolex” watches (see previous explanation of quotes). Of course, these days, it seems like that’s about all the spam you get, other than the occasional bogus stock tip (where it’s not the clickthrough that matters). Still, it seems pretty clear that spammers have a pretty good handle on what type of spam works, because that’s exactly what we see every day.

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