Your Tax Dollars At Work

Not that anyone needed to feel more frustrated about government, but have a look at this leaky bucket. In the current “Communications, Consumer’s Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act” (which is the same one that deals with Net Neutrality), federal Senators have approved language that will stop State lawmakers from restricting local governments from offering Municipal WiFi. As an example, Pennsylvania passed a law impeding towns from offering Internet service, and now the US Senators want to block that ability. We agree on this issue with the US senators, but just tell me again why it makes sense for me to pay taxes to municipalities to do certain things, then to pay taxes to state regulators to stop them, then to pay taxes at a federal level to stop the states from stopping the cities. Brilliant. I’m just waiting for the UN to step in and tell the US Senators their law is unfair…followed by God telling the UN to stay out.

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