Why Is The Canadian Government Paying The Copyright Lobby?

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Michael Geist’s latest column questions why the Canadian government is paying the Creators’ Rights Alliance — an organization that, among other things, lobbies the government on policy issues involving copyright. If it were somehow a small organization whose voice wasn’t getting heard, some might defend it as helping those who don’t have an effective lobbying voice. However, this isn’t a small, struggling organization. It’s especially worrying since we’ve seen repeatedly that lobbying organizations focused on copyrights often don’t actually represent the views of the content creators they claim to represent.

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Comments on “Why Is The Canadian Government Paying The Copyright Lobby?”

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Lucas says:

Governments paying lobbyists?

Does this not seem like a fundamentally wrong way for a government to act — to be paying a lobbying group? If we remove the issue, why not pay any other type of lobbyists? Tobacco, abortion, anything could be plugged in here?

And why, as a Canadian citizen, am I still paying a levy on my blank media (while a little out of date, this answers some questions on this: http://neil.eton.ca/copylevy.shtml)? Makes me so mad… I want to… go… illegally copy some music.

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