Rupert Murdoch Has Jumped The Shark

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It’s hard to resist a title like that one. However, with Rupert Murdoch buying up any and every site he can find where the kids like to hang out, it appears that he’s now, literally, purchased (for the three or four of you who don’t get the reference, go here). Actually, it’s TV Guide/Gemstar (partly owned by Murdoch) who decided to make the purchase, but with all the talk about how Rupert somehow has a deeper understanding of the internet than most of his peers, it’s certainly worth asking if there will be a point at which Rupert has… well… jumped the shark.

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Comments on “Rupert Murdoch Has Jumped The Shark”

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Sean says:

who say's he's not profiting

Murdoch knows what he’s doing. You think myspace makes him money, the advertising doesn’t. But just think… he’s sitting on top of the worlds best marketing tool. Instead of paying some ad firm to go figure out what kids want they all sign up and tell him. Now everything from his brands to every single show and ad on fox can be targeted by the information he gains from these sites.

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