China's New Anti-Cheating Strategy: Cheating May Kill You!

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Earlier this month, China announced it was going to scramble mobile phone signals around the testing centers where the big annual college exams are held. However, it appears that plenty of kids only took that to be a challenge, rather than an obstacle, and put together all sorts of sneaky new cheating devices. Of course, reading through the different devices that kids were caught with makes you wonder if, perhaps, the students’ time might have been better spent, you know, studying for the exam. Also, you have to wonder how accurate the article is, since every case of caught cheaters mentions how the cheating devices injured the student. There’s the “microearphone” that perforated the ear drum, another microearphone that got stuck and needed surgery to remove and (my personal favorite) the “interphone hidden in a student’s abdomen [that] caused bleeding when it exploded.” I’m not quite sure what an interphone is, or why you would hide one in your abdomen (or, frankly, how it would explode — perhaps the exams were taken near the Great Wall), but it’s not clear the Chinese authorities actually care about reality here. They’re just trying to scare kids away from cheating.

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Comments on “China's New Anti-Cheating Strategy: Cheating May Kill You!”

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Joel says:

I have a friends who spent a couple years teaching English in China. It’s a different culture there, and cheating is viewed differently. Cheating is not really ‘against the rules.’ They see it that in the business world you will have these resources available, so why not in the academic world as well? It’s more seen as a just one more learning challenge or obstacle to overcome. Just don’t bring shame on your family by being caught. Of course, they were teachers so they saw the worst of it.

Shawn says:

Thats Funny

Its funny on how in the US every one is against the fact of cheating and there its seen as another obstacle to overcome. But to as far as inserting a phone into you abdomen is just per insanity. I know that in high school when everyone was having the final exams we would converse with one another about the exam depending on who took first and how it was so that way the others knew what to expect. Now whether or not that is considered cheating is left up to every one else’s opinion. I just see it as an extra helping hand : )

Ben McNelly (user link) says:


One big happy family 😉

Its nice how now thanks to the internet we get to see how other countries deal with socail issues. We sometimes could learn a thing or two, and somtimes we what NOT to do.

it also helps keep some things in check, infact thats why we dont have students being run over with tanks for cheating.. OK, that was maybe an exageration, but then again…

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