Airlines Finally Realize Their Customers Visit Their Websites

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Though booking travel online has been a popular practice for some time, it can still be a confusing and unnecessarily complicated process. So it’s about time the airlines are finally getting the message that they should improve the functionality of their sites. In a rather logical move, customers can manage their upgrades and frequent flier accounts online instead of having to call an operator. Another reason to improve an airline’s site is that it allows the carrier to differentiate itself in a way other than price. When buyers go through a comparison engines, having the top listing is a major advantage. But by offering other perks to booking at in-house sites (extra frequent flier miles, better seat selection, etc.) the customer has other criteria to choose from. The airline’s recent site makeovers are a good sign in that companies do eventually figure out how to use the internet; as always it takes a bit longer than you’d think.

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Comments on “Airlines Finally Realize Their Customers Visit Their Websites”

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Topher3105 (profile) says:

Some more helpful feedback

I am amazed when I am booking a flight online why airlines ask you if you want to see the “lowest” priced fair available as an option. I mean, I have a choice of a one-way flight that is going to cost me $2000 compared to the discount fare of $120, which fare do you think I f*cking want?

I would think it would make sense for there to be a “So you like getting screwed from behind?” option so that I can purposely see the outrageous fares they charge most of the times.

Also, add the “I am a f*cking cheap ass” option to my customer profile. This will give airlines the hint that maybe charginging $2000 for a one way fare is the reason why they are going bankrupt in the first place.

Anonymous Coward says:

I mean, I have a choice of a one-way flight that is going to cost me $2000 compared to the discount fare of $120, which fare do you think I f*cking want?

Perhaps the one that best fits your travel schedule? Possibly the one with the fewest stops? Lowest overall travel time? The one that your company says to take?

fred says:

airline sites

I book a lot of travel for folks we fly in to present at our events. I rarely used the comparison sites to actually book tickets but to identify the airlines I needed to check out on the company sites. Besides the comaprison sites never included SW Airlines and some of the other low cost airlines.

Over the years, I found SWAir’s and Midwest’s websites most accommodating.

Robert Twigg (profile) says:

AA Out of Touch

On a recent attempt to change an incorrect reservation by one day I called American Airlines. The representative told me sinch I booked via the web site there would be a $100 fee per ticket for their services, plus the difference in fare. After telling the agent TWICE I did not want to make any changes he asked me for a THIRD time, “So, do you want this upgrade?” Just plain ignorant. Anyone but AA next time!

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