Wait, That Cloud Looks Like A TV Commercial…

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As advertisers continue to desperately look for new channels as they fear the end of the traditional television commercial, it appears one company is betting that they’ll want to move those commercials into the sky. They’ve built a huge, specially designed, TV screen that fits on the side of a blimp. From there, it can display video, rather than the more traditional scrolling text. They’ve apparently got one advertiser signed up to use the thing, paying $5 million for one year of the blimp in an undisclosed European location. Of course, about the only real advantage seems to be the novelty of a floating commercial — which could get tiresome really quickly. Some also (reasonably) wonder just how effective such advertising is. After noting that people will look, because it’s a blimp, a professor of retail management notes: “It’s a floating billboard… It would be very hard for me to believe from any research that somebody looks at a blimp of any form and says ‘I’ve got to have that,’ unless it says ‘Free Dodge Vipers’ or something.” It’s true that you need to do something different these days to get people’s attention, since they have so many other options of what to look at. However, basing your advertising strategy on the novelty aspect of how the ad is delivered seems likely to only have a very short term branding impact, rather than any real long-term strategic benefit.

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Comments on “Wait, That Cloud Looks Like A TV Commercial…”

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Mark (profile) says:

Stadium screens

Another possible application would be stadium screens — instead of spending tons of dough installing a screen for one-time big ticket events, the stadium authority could just rent a video blimp or two and park them in strategic locations. Also I could see how these could be useful at outdoor music venues.

Actually, the more I think about this, the more applications it has. This company might not be the one to bring them to market, but there’s real potential here.

Dave says:

TiVO Fast Forward Issue Solved

Okay, c’mon is it really that hard for the allmighty TV Programmers to figure out that they can sell commercial time in two pieces?

Top of screen (or Bottom). Think of what happens when watching wide screen movies on a standard TV Set. You get two black rectangles…

Standard TV watchers actually get to see two adds at a time – similar to watching CNN and seeing the scrolling messages at the bottom. Bu ti the scrolling messages were short enough and displayed long enough, they would be readbale in fast-foward mode on a DVR/TiVo. Thus, getting the ads to viewers in an acceptable format.

Of course this could be taken a step further and the text could actually be for the same ad as playing in the middle of the screen, so if someone was really interested, they could stop skipping and actually watch the commercial.

… I want a patent… I want millions…

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