Repeat After Me: Advertising Need Not Be Intrusive

from the it's-a-myth dept

For years and years we’ve been trying to shoot down the myth that advertising needs to be intrusive. As has been shown again and again and again, when the advertisers recognize that ads are content they don’t need to be intrusive at all. Rather, they can become viral, as people not only seek them out, but actively distribute and promote the advertisements for you. This is especially true in a world where there is no captive audience. Thinking that ads need to be somehow intrusive is only bound to cause trouble long term. However, it’s tough to get rid of old habits in the ad industry, apparently. The Washington Post is running an article looking at the latest in intrusive online advertising, made up of ads that dance across your screen and try to capture your attention. The article repeats the myth of intrusive advertising, claiming that the holy grail is avoiding “too intrusive” and finding the ad that is “just intrusive enough.” That’s the wrong way to think about it. While it may be a step forward that advertisers are finally recognizing there’s such a thing as “too intrusive,” they’d be much better off recognizing that they can succeed without being intrusive at all. In fact, as you read the article, what becomes clear is the successful intrusive ads aren’t successful because they’re intrusive, but because they’re actually engaging.

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Comments on “Repeat After Me: Advertising Need Not Be Intrusive”

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Aaron says:


I know AOL has used very intrusive ads in their IM program. That is one of the main reasons I stopped using the program altogether. So not only was the advertising ineffective but it caused them to loose a customer, and I am also very active about telling people about alternative IM clients because of the ads. Andy you couldn’t be righter. I think one more thing that companies have to realize is that the internet isn’t just used for buying things. Sometimes we just want a quiet session of talking to our friends or sending an e-mail or researching something. We don’t want or have time to worry about buying something whether we need it or not.

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