An eBay For Product Placement?

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With so much concern from TV and advertising execs over the state of the traditional television commercial, many people have been suggesting that product placement will take up the slack. Already there’s been an increase in product placement over the last few years — and one company is now betting on such a product placement future. It’s trying to set up a marketplace for buying and selling product placement deals. Of course, building a marketplace tends to only make sense when you’re bringing together a lot of buyers and sellers who have trouble reaching each other otherwise. It’s not clear if that fits in the product placement world — where there really aren’t that many TV shows where product placement is all that valuable, and most of the big advertisers who are likely to use such a strategy are fairly well known as well. We’re also still waiting for the expected backlash against product placement, as actors and writers begin to wonder why they don’t get their cut for working a can of Pepsi into the story line.

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Comments on “An eBay For Product Placement?”

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James Savik says:

Marketing Gone Mad

I wonder if product placement works both ways in a movie. If the movie really sucks, are people less likely to buy a product that they see in it?

I know that I avoid some products and services because their commercials are stupid, loud or obnoxious. You know- like that damned Earthlink commercial that they play over and over.

Grokodile (user link) says:

Won't we be distracted?

Won’t we be distracted when actors are wearing clothes with advertising slogans, drinking from containers with the label facing the camera, with brand names visible on furniture, vehicles, fixtures, computers, caps, billboards, etc?

Think about it, not only will all these products be there, but the brand name or logo will be presented at optmical viewing angles. Never again will a pack of gum be seen lying on its side. No, it will magically be propped up against something… at least if an advertiser wants it to be recognizable.

Okay, call me an alarmist…

Fraser says:

Re: actors getting their cut..

Why even bother to digitally insert the product at the source?

What you need to do is insert to digitally the product at the last moment to target it. Example; Put a Pepsi logo on that can when you send it to my house (because google told you I’m a Coke drinker) and put a Coke logo on the can when the video get’s delivered to my neighbor’s house because google knows they’re Pepsi drinkers. This is where IPTV can shine! This is where product placement will really pay off

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