Rambus Scores Millions In Patent Suit; Expected To Get Even More

from the patent-fun dept

It’s been interesting to watch the many, many Rambus patent lawsuits over the years — in part because many of the supporters (read: stock speculators) of the company are so vehement that the company absolutely must be right, that they accuse anyone who disagrees of doing something illegal. Those supporters just got some more ammunition today, however, as a court ordered Hynix to pay up $306 million for infringing on 10 of Rambus’ patents. Of course, that’s just for past infringement. The case will now move on, with Rambus trying to get an injunction to stop Hynix from selling chips going forward — meaning that Hynix will almost definitely come to some sort of settlement. This also probably means that a number of other companies involved in Rambus lawsuits may feel compelled to settle as well. Meanwhile, there are still questions concerning the Rambus patents — but even raising such an issue will probably get us yelled at by Rambus stock holders.

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Comments on “Rambus Scores Millions In Patent Suit; Expected To Get Even More”

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Nilt says:

Pretty sad, huh?

Do they all just troll every blog and news site so that they can scream about any negative press.

Pretty much, yes. There is a mistaken beliefe, apparently, by at least some Rambus investors that the marketplace owes them something. Whether their claims have merit or not is something I could care less about now due solely to their behavior online. The behavior I’ve seen when they pop in a discussion is, almost without exception, absurdly childish.

To imply that one side of a lawsuit would give inherently correct information is just one of these behaviors. Talk about a lack of balance, eh?

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