Shocker — Kids Get Around Web Filters

from the no,-really dept

Following last week’s Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, apparently today is Obvious Wednesday. First, the news that gee, internet users really do use the internet, and now has an article with the breaking news that kids can figure out how to circumvent web filters their schools use to try to keep them from accessing undesirable sites. The only surprise here is that the reporter seems surprised. What’s next? Kids sneaking into R-rated movies? Hiding Playboys under the bed? It’s been proven time and time again that filters don’t work — so, again, why not use the time and resources spent on these filters and tracking kids’ ways around them on teaching critical thinking and good judgment instead?

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Comments on “Shocker — Kids Get Around Web Filters”

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clarence says:

critical thinking?

They are being taught critical thinking — they can evaluate that these technologies are crap, that administrators’ efforts are often ineffective, and how to use their minds to research methods and evade both. Sounds pretty educational to me.

The principles of good judgment need to come from their parents. The teachers need to be teaching math and reading, and there is hardly enough time in the day for our teachers to do even those simple things with their huge classes.

Jim says:

Re: critical thinking?

I have spent many an hour with my oldest son reading and discussing religion, philosophy, and aesthetics. Guess what? He still does a lot of foolish things. No amount of parenting and education can circumvent this: the ultimate responsibility for one’s life is one’s self. My son has to decide for himself to seek truth, to love excellence, to exercise good judgment. No one else can do that for him. Web filters can’t do this for him. But it doesn’t mean we don’t log web activity on our home network!

ml says:

Re: the solution to this is so easy

i wont post but i know the solution to this and the bad thing is as an adult ran into this problem and it took less the a day to defeat my solution works just fine as of this post. i did it it on a computer you could even find a platform to complane about your sisters but. every youtube and more restricted.

here’s how to find the solution.
i have known grown men that have sat on the side of the road confused as what to do about a flat tire.- there’s a jack and a spare tire in the trunk! sure people can loose them but these are people my age that did not even know to check. the solution to this is very basic but basic thinking isn’t really taught anymore you just ask google.

Sean says:

NetSweeper :(

At my school they use some fucking program called NetSweeper. We cannot disable it via the computers we use, nor out accounts as they are all linked to a server, and all our accounts are so fucking restricted. We have been using proxy sites, but WTF now they are blocking those -_-

But, most schools, unlike MINE, are fucking idiots. They block a webpage like.., but they won’t block all of it’s subpages. These people are, without a doubt, fucking morons.

It’s even sadder when you see in the home. Most people’s parents don’t know jack-shit about Computers, or what little they know is how to set default settings. What good is default settings if the kid can just use a Proxy site?

That’s my.. 3 cents.

TSkiff (user link) says:

Re: NetSweeper :(

Hey they use Net Sweeper at my school also and it is a real pain in the ass i know. I found a proxy it doesnt blcok though. “” and it works you just have to make sure you enable java script and dont save the cookies if you are worried about them tracking you. If you find a better way let me know.



bigstu says:

Re: NetSweeper :(

Perhaps you should read up on your school’s filter system. Our system is old and actually we don’t put in sites directly its done by the company. I ‘ve seen some subdomains not blocked that should ahve automitically been doen. This was not our fault but the filter’s company. So it may not be the people who you blame.

However it is your school’s staff to balme for not locking down IE’s property pages. We do that here, we may not restrict the desktop too much (over this summer we will) but we do lock that.

You have to understand, you don’t own the computers, you don’t own the connection, its a learning tool, nothing more.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: here

Hobot. I wish I had that link in high school. That’s pretty nifty.

Sean. for the love of god. If you’re going to post on a blog, at least try to sound half way intellignet. f*** them, those mother f***ers… You truly show you’re age when you make posts like that. Does anyone have a link to Blog etiquette?

As for the article. Seems like something we already know. Guess it’s a slow news day for CNet. What’s next? “Hackers figure out ways to circumvent computer security measures. Last night Micr….”

Anonymous Coward says:

You have a better idea?

why not use the time and resources spent on these filters and tracking kids’ ways around them on teaching critical thinking and good judgment instead


When was the last time you volunteered in a public middle-school classroom or library? How much one on one time did you or other adults in the room really have for any of the students. Furthermore, exactly how interested were the kids in hearing anything an adult had to say?

Maybe things are different where you are… but here the point of the filters is that the kids have to make some minimal effort to get around them. So that when kids do download porn or visit some objectionable site (and they WILL) they can’t claim it was “accidental” when their parents come and complain to the school. If their parents even notice.

Teachers can barely pound the already required curricula into most kids … don’t ask them to “teach” behaviors that parents and society should be actively modeling for children every day. You can pour as many resources as you want into it and it will fail worse than the filters.

Color me cynical.

bob says:

Blocking is crap

Blocking at my college is easy to get by and so are most blockers used by schools, unless they really really are tight up but like somebody said don’t go to the main site skip to subs, ebay was blocked at our college you just went to a sub, only reason we generally don’t go around is because we are computing students and the tech support seriously just sit in the tech room scanning the college computers waiting to pounce, but the worst case of blocking wasn’t even proper filtering, aol parental control, when I was about 15 th setting were put to like 15-18 or what ever it is and it blocked everything but aol search and links from aol search. It was ridiculous.

Slimmy Jimmy says:

One filter known to work.

The bsafe filter has been tested by a friend of mine at his worksite… Not only did the filter do it’s primary job, but the service/maint. guys couldn’t even backdoor the computer to even see what the filter was.

This filter is patented and the setup of this one in particular would make it impossible for anyone to get around (accept maybe the “2”, yes 2, that install it).

Be secure, Be protected, B-safe.

Stan says:

Easier then you think

Getting past a filter is cake. external proxys, remote desktop, VPNs thats just the basics, and why not with all thats being blocked. the CT governement mandated that all image searchs be blocked, which was recalled but come on. the real bad stuff yes should be blocked but honestly who is preverted enough to look at porn in school.

wiplost says:

Censorship, Governments and this subject

In Cuba and China, Im sure that one of these circumventors will work. These could crumble the Great Fire Wall of China. I hate censorship. At my school’s library, you are not allowed to use google. They do not actually enforce it and I just close the window if anybody starts looking. I do not have to circumvent any filter.

Chris says:

Works with all filters...

All you need is a spare linux box, a bit of understanding and a broadband Internet connection. Some friends and i (one who is a web programmer set up a basic proxy service that can fool most filters. What we do is have one machine with a web interface ehich you use to type in a url, it sends this on to another machin to grab the page you want, strip out the meta information and send it along to another mates server, which then forwards it on to the workstation at school, pretty much untracible. we are currently working on an option that will also search the body and header for typical banned words and make it so the filter doesnt recognise them (hack into h4ck or ebay into e.b.a.y) then we will have the mother of all proxies πŸ˜€

(it helps all having dynamic IP’s too as if one gets blocked you can just change it :D)

Bob says:

The Google Workaround failed

I tried|en&

My company uses Symantec Web Security for a proxy and it gave me this:

Access Denied

The requested document,|en&u=, will not be shown.

Reason: Found in Denied List (deny). Entry causing block is

Oh well.

Cubine says:

Sometimes they do work.

I know that at my school, we have a LOT of computer-retarded kids. Therefore, nobody is smart enough to get around the blockers (except for a select few of my friends…) Here’s a couple conversations I heard:

person1- “Oh my god, dude, I hate apple computers so much….”

person2- “Yeah, dude, they suck. But those macs are cool.”

person1- “Oh yeah, man, macs are totally awesome!”


person1- “My computer is a windows xp….”

person2- “Oh yeah? I have a windows xp PRO.”

person1- “Aw man, where did you get that? That’s so cool.”

person2- “Yeah, I can’t wait till they make windows 2006…”

Yes, people are THAT retarded at my school. Our librarian uses a keylogger (which could technically be illegal)…. I still don’t know how to get around it. But I never need to get around the blocker, unless I’m bored and need to hop on a forum. Even then, the stupid librarian wouldn’t know who it was, because I made myself an admin account on the school comps….. which I could do some very interesting things with.

yoadrienne says:

oh my gosh this whole discussion was most informative. my school blocks proxies daily but currently they have yet to block me from my google personalized homepage. so, i have added some games on there to keep me occupied when i get bored. that site though i doubt will be blocked since my school’s homepage is google.

all they are doing is forcing us to become more resourceful

Christopher says:

Blocking? No chance.

One word:



Run it from a USB key. It is absolutely impossible to block – it leaves no signature, can mangle the packets, and is a local proxy. The connection is encrypted with 128-Bit RSA and cannot be filtered. What’s more, a variety of different servers can be loaded, and cascading proxying is possible. Yes – it does require a certain level of tech savvyness, but it is worth every geeky moment. I hacked it to be invisible to VNC, even with the window in full view… and to dynamically switch proxies after a certain time period has elapsed, dynamically discover new ones, and more! I can also (because it is java) run it through a web browser, or through the java virtual machine! Hell – I even at one point had it detecting steno’d (Steganography) images and attempt to process them with a certain set of keys I would provide to decrypt them.

Yes, web proxies are convenient, but there is nothing that can break through a filter like JAP can.

If however, you are stuck without your USB device and need to use a web proxy, try signing up for the regularly updated peacefire circumventor lists. (

I think they have about 20 at this stage, and theres at least one new one every 1-2 weeks – so they can’t block them all! πŸ˜‰

But try JAP first.

DM (Dungeon Master) Jack says:

You are waisting your time.

I probably won’t come to this website again due to just browsing from boredome at my job, but I had to add a comment for once. You are waisting your time with this tech crap at your schools. I mean if your in a shop or doing a computer class, it’s cool, but in the freakin’ library??? Come on people. The best place to do experimentations is in the home or at a computer class, since it will most likely be safe and you won’t have to sweat on your forehead about getting caught. If you experience no guild for getting caught, good luck to you man and hope you have a bright future (said sarcastically). Been there, done that, got caught (parents as teenager, by wife as a young adult, and previous job when I was pissed off one day). Trying to get away with things only gets you in trouble more – especially when you get caught (and you have the attitude that you won’t and you don’t care). I repeat, been there, and done that too. I ain’t doing that again either. Learned my lesson the hard way and am submitting to the law of the land and hope you do too. -This goes to the students who keep posting- As of pertaining to the parents, all’s you can do is be patient and give counsel when needed.

blaze says:

just create more work for me

DM Jack I agree with you, even though you’ll probably never read this. And to all of you kids who think of your “retarded school administration” as “idiots”, think about this: State law demands a level of filtering software be in place at all times (at least here in California), otherwise we don’t get the funds to maintain the current network lines, which means no more google proxy for you. I spend a good portion of every day responding to “wtf!!!11 why is “….” blocked??!?” And you know I wouldn’t have to deal with this everyday if you thought about more than yourself for a second. There are legitimate problems with all content filters, but considering the countless millions of websites/ip’s that have to be categorized and maintained, give us a break. Without it you might as well go back to solitaire, cause the Internet is down.

Vinnie says:

A real reason that blockers are bad.

A lot of people are overlooking the reason that most blockers are bad; they filter out a lot of good content. I know that at the high school I went to it was impossible to access content on breast or testicular cancer because of filters. Not to mention access to honest information about birth control, pregnancy, and abortions.

I would hope that after all these years the internet wouldn’t seem like such a big scary bogey man to school officials but maybe it will just take some time.

Christopher says:


Why circumvent blocking software?

-> Because it blocks all the wrong pages

-> Because it cripples useful information and legitimate research

-> Because, when to use the computers, people have to sign an agreement stating they won’t partake in the download of offensive/inapropriate material or face reprimands, it is unnesesary and blatant overkill.

-> Because, with decent protection on the client machine, and the use of operating systems other then windows, the risk of damage due to inapropriate web surfing is greatly mitigated (And using blocking software because there is inadequate protection on the client machines is just lazy)

-> Because it doesn’t actually protect people from things they ‘shouldn’t/are too immature to see’ – because if they call it up, chances are they allready do it at home – and it is hardly damaging them. That said – who looks at porn in a library!?!

-> Because it is calandestine. Blocking software and monitoring of people’s internet usage in certain environments (i.e. school, library, home computer) is ridiculous. It doesn’t exactly promote much trust does it? If an organisation like a school is unable to trust its students enough to allow unfiltered internet access – then how are they supposed expect trust in return from their students?

-> Because it is just another clever corporate protrusion (an exploitation of our fears, actually) into ordinary life – filtering software companies have sat in the back pockets of politicians and beurocrats and gently and insidiously coerced money from them, through a long campaign of scare tactics.

-> Because, when blocking software is as poor at actual filtering as it is, is it not redundant? Why have it if it is so easily circumvented? (This might sound like a double argument, but it isn’t – there are more reasons why it is redundant and simply an extra cost/time waster for everyone involved, students, administrators, parents, teachers, etc.)

-> And finally, because it doesn’t protect anything in the long run. Sure, you can prevent your kids from ‘accidentally’ discovering pornographic material on the internet, but why filter them when at some point in their lives the actually HAVE to discover this stuff for themselves and make their own judgements. Would it not be better to put the ‘damaging’ material in a more age appropriate context and accompiany it with a comprehensive yet not frightening explaination of what the content actually is? Wouldn’t this make kids more prepared, less scarred/damaged, etc – when they are actually ready for the blows of life instead of wrapped in cotton wool???

I could drone on… and on… and on… There are countless reasons why blocking software is redundant. Didn’t we all just criticise China for its filtering of the internet? And yet it happens in your schools and homes.

Don’t blind yourselves with age old arguments put forth by crusty, conservative ‘representatives’, who put forth their absolutist views and impose them on everyone else by any means.

If kids end up circumventing the system, it means the blocking software isn’t doing its job. Not technically, of course – but in that it isn’t preventing kids from finding out. And isn’t it what we all should do at some point?

kelsey (user link) says:

filters and kids

personally i sont think the filter shouold be so strict. if we could go to where we needed to go in the first place we wouldnt be spending our valuable time searching for a way around school filters. im not saying that there shouldnt be a filter st all because obviouslly someone would try to look at porn, but then again if the teachers truly do their job and watch their students when they are working then it would not be an issue anyways. because if someone went on a “bad” website the teacher would know whoa nd what and they would go to the office. i hate filters because i cant get on and do what i need to do.

jt says:

Perhaps kids would stop trying to access “forbidden” sites, if they were not forbidden, I know as a high school student myself there is just something about trying to break the little rules. My school blocks out myspace, harmless as it may seem, we had found ways around their block, but soon they caught onto those as well. Kids never used it as much when it wasnt forbidden, but when they blocked it, everyone wanted on.

drew says:


the filter has to be so high tech. I have tried everything you guys have said previousley. NONE of them work. If you could keep tryin to get ways around this stupid filter. It has customized categories and everything. I can usually get around pretty well, but this has me stumped. You can post here or email me at

X says:

filters this dosen’t work on my schools network, and adding the s to http is lke a crap shoot it only works on some sites. If you get pissed at your school use this It erases your hardrive and you don’t even need admin. priviliages. My school is gay when it comes to blocking sites but i have nothing better to do so i will continuie to try every little thing that comes across my eyes. (P.S. yes i most likely have misspelled words and bad grammer but oh well)

Filters1 filters2 says:

about filters

I think also that filters doesn’t work, but if a Company get several employers watching the web pages that users send them thinking that are offensives in sexual and other contents and putting in a database if so it’s possible block after these pages for this users more accurately. I think it’s a better solution than filters.

John says:

Jap=omgwtfpwnage ;)

I agree with the guy that says jap rocks, its awesome, and it takes care of almost all blocking software.

that said I am gonna let a few more options out.

if you cant use JAP, you can discover what blocking software your school uses, and then if you can, get to the task manager, then kill the proccess tree for the software.

there problem solved.

there are alot more but im not gonna get into those.

also heres a hint DO NOT POST PROXY SITES on a forum!!! schools have programs that search through forums and auto block the proxy sites, I say someone should set up an email, meant to send the proxy sites out through email to subscribers (for free), if anyone one wants to try this im more than willing to help out on a project like it.

next, to the network admin who said there needs to be blocking software on the schools comps.

yeah I understand that, but, one of the reasons I am active on trying to disable blocking software, is that theres a CHALLANGE in it at my school. the blocking software is tough, but its fun to get around it, and even more fun to try out new methods and knowing that im beating a type of software that my school pays so much for but is so ineffective.

well if anyones interested in starting a service like the one I stated about IM me at

Blood2121 (AIM)

or email me at

PrOvErBs31three says:

Filters, filters, filters

hey, I know what all of you guys are saying…FILTERS are CRAP! I ws lucky enough to get hired…temporarily by my school district to do Tech work…hence I know the district wide Admin account name and Password…but not even that helps when it comes to myspace. Up untill about a month ago ALL of the major proxies were not blocked….that SOON changed! now the only things that i have found are the google mobile site and also a very slow but usefull cache version of anonycat….if you’d like to hear how this is gotten e-mail me……I agree with Blood2121…we need to stop posting the sites on forums…BAD IDEA! I knew the ESD (umbrella district over my own) runs checks 24/7 for proxies….so best of luck…


AJ says:


tell me beacuse all im doing right know is running msn off my flash drive i also herd that you can do the same thing with firefox on the flash drive but you need to know the school ip which is easy just google what’s my ip but after that what do you do BTW im like the best computer person in middle school so i know what your talking about

Renegade says:

Re: Re: Shocker -- Kids Get Around Web Filters

wow… nice job. I have been using a couple of other proxies but this one works much faster than the others and doesnt require any programs. My school just caught me using the Miranda IM program so I got my account locked for a week. Its funny cause that blocking doesnt end until Thursday and Im on a school PC right now. Its funny how stupid our network administrators are. Now I have to run it off of a USB stick but I guess everything worked out for the best πŸ˜›

Abby says:

Filters Are Stupid!

The filters in our school are good, and i give a lot of credit to the System Admin for being so bloody smart! But when they block things like Google Images it doesnt stop us from going on there(as you can just use the NZ version instead) but only makes me more determined to get around it…..hense that im now banned from the school internet πŸ™ but only for a couple of weeks

And theyve blocked all the proxy sites i know, so if anyone wants to emeail me some ones- as i agree that we shouldnt post them on here, as theyll only pick them up

Renegade says:


Ever since my school installed netsweeper I have been able to get on myspace by clicking the link from a notification email. Even though typing into a browser would get blocked, the links had something like… which was able to fool the filter enough to get around it. As of today, this has been fixed and all links to myspace, hi5, and meebo have been blocked. Within an hour in the lab I already found suitable replacements.

For instant messenging, I use a program called Miranda IM. It can be run off of a hard drive, or a USB if your computer admins block all installations. This program combines AIM, MSN, and Yahoo into one messenger which cant be blocked if the internet is completely turned off.

For myspace, use JAP or a proxy. has worked up until now but I know that it will be blocked as soon as I post. Just keep looking around and you can be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Also, has anyone tried using a ping? In some systems, you can go into notepad and write a simple program as follows:

ping (or desired site)


then save the folder as a .bat extention. When you run it, it will hit and give you their IP address. Type the IP into your browser and surf as you usually would. Netsweeper has figured a way to block this, but others might still let it past.

I hope this helps anyone who is frustrated. Schools fucking suck and they are only teaching students to find deceptive means to get around their mediocre efforts. FUCK THE SYSTEM!

For more information or to find a better soulution to end this problem, email me at or IM me (AIM) at skidude6200

iLookForSuspiciousPeople says:

Re: filters?

it seems like epic keeps asking for proxy sites so urgently because he found a group of people who know tons of them and now he has the chance to put them in database of blocked sites for the filter he admins. either that or he is addicted to bebo like heroine and has to log on every 5 minutes but isn’t taking precautions to cover up his tracks so its easy to trace him and block whatever site he used. people like that shouldn’t be trusted with information, no matter if he is the former or latter.

Renegade says:

That may be well and good for someone who goes to a public school but I am a dormatory student. The computers at school are my only link to MSN, myspace, and anything back at my old neighborhood. Are you saying that going around the admin just to stay connected is a bad thing? I pay $12000 a year to go to this school, so I pretty much paid for the computer and the connection. It is a learning tool, but that is not all that the web should be used for.

Marisela HErrera says:


Here are some proxies that USED to work for me..

They have funny names, but they work! I still haven’t found any other proxies cuz they’ve been blocked by our school. If you guys have any proxies POST EM UP FOR ME@!

anonymous chick

anonymous says:


I also think that internet blockers are a waste of time because your fighting a losing battle all the way. I think that parents should tell their kids right or wrong and leave it for them to choose, because in the end they will have to make the choice and there parents will be the only ones they have to enfluence there choice, not fliters

Ryan says:


I’m not sure what a proxy is, it might have something to do with what I’m about to say, but here’s a way that I found to get around things. Go to the start menu, go to all programs, go to accessories, and then to command prompt. In the command prompt type “ping” add two spaces and the website url you want to go to. for example:


copy the list of number (63.208…etc.)

enter the numbers in the url line. try that.

Another User says:

Same as the rest of you nerds

First of all dont promote the pinging, all it does is allow for the teachers to block command prompt, like at my school… aswell dont share proxies only have a group of people 2,3 or else the teachers catch it and its blocked, and their are only so many proxies out there. finally google cached pages work well if your just trying to get to the initial page and no further… i.e. you want to get a a page for information but not to sign into or go to a link through it…!!!!! GLHF DDKA

anonymouse says:

i go to Chugiak High School in Alaska and they have put a pretty bad-ass filter on the sites. pretty much everything is blocked. anything that has to do with Web-based Proxies/Anonymizers is blocked, every single website that was put on this forum….is blocked, so your pretty much screwed when it comes to getting around it

anonymouse says:

i go to Chugiak High School in Alaska and they have put a pretty bad-ass filter on the sites. pretty much everything is blocked. anything that has to do with Web-based Proxies/Anonymizers is blocked, every single website that was put on this forum….is blocked, so your pretty much screwed when it comes to getting around it

Proxy Helper says:


Can U all send me your proxy sites that work send it to or at my school is very advanced with there protection on proxy and i want to see if we can find one that works

Question to everyone is there a way where you can type up the proxy and the school will never know you typed it like a booting system AKA PHLAK if you could send me that i would appreciate your help

If any one needs anything just contact me

Steve says:

My school works on a picture blocking (I think) network, and will not let me on anything, even some normal school help sites.

I cannot get on any proxy avoidance websites because it has them all (all on this list), it cannot be tricked to go into other parts of websites, and cannot be avoided using no pictures as it blocks and breaks the site you go on, it really is powerful.

Plus, it knows everything I go on as it records all the sites I try to visit on the blocked list, it really is horrible.

You think you have it bad? Try this, controlled by the council, not the school, blocking everything from hack sites to homework ones.

'Tard Slapper says:

You're all 'Tards!

Getting past filters at school? You guys (n gurls) are so lame for even trying to do this lame shit at your school. The filters are doing what they are supposed to do, to keep your lame ass from checkin out sites that you got no business going to at school! Do that at home on your own pc. You ‘Tards are going to loose the computers at your schools if you keep fucking with them. Too bad you’re pissed off because you can’t get to MySpace. Deal with it and wait until you get home. No pc at home? Ask Santa Claus for one. Buy a used one, you can get them for about $100 maybe less. Save your birthday money instead of buying weed. It will be good enough to DL porn and MP3’s. So you can jack off while listening to shitty music. Nice life huh? You fuckin ‘Tards.

xfernusx 18 says:


proxies that worked at my school for a while until they blocked them were

A website 4 meebo is:

There is a code for bebo 2 this is :

this works but the backgrounds and images dont work

I hate my school

dus anyone know how to get past

rm safety net?

because my school blocks anything with the word proxy in it please help me !!

are stupid says:

kids today

You know, the article claims that high school kids are getting around internet filters but from reading the posts here it seems Cnet may be mistaken.

BooHoo – all you little 13 yr olds can’t get to myspace or play games. Why dont you pay attention and learn something in class? Is that such a difficult task? And to those that can manage to get around the filters are obviously intelligent enough they dont need to pay attention. You kids have a fun uneducated life flipping burgers at .

Anonymous Coward says:

4 ppl haf problem with k9 webfilter

i used system restore to go back the time when k9 was not yet install and then i put it back bfore my dad get home. However after u removed k9 u need to set ur system clock 1 or 2 days faster .

sad thing is, this only work if ur computer have a restore point bfore k9 was install. (bcuz as i no restore points will only b deleted after 1 month)

i'm desparate. says:

fuck filters.

ummm so is there ANYTHING that can get around besafe??? i hate besafe soooooooo much it’s the gayest thing ever. codenamehippie used to work but not anymore and i can’t find anything else. i just want to access my myspace from the comfort of my basement is that such a crime??? ARGHHHHHH fuck those damn filters. i don’t need one i’m not a little child i’m fucking sixteen years old. so if you know something that works PLEASEEEE let me know!! k thanks.

virusone (user link) says:

help??? i duno

heyy, i gess i duno wat im duin but yea….we got this thing calles blue coat security which blocks nearly everything…does anyone know how to overide this thingy? like i duno but everytime you look up sumfink like say..bebo…it goes to some page with the bluecoat security logo thingy on it. we tried going around it with proxy and dtunnel but nothing seems to work ae. any one got any ideas??? hit me back at my msn if you will aite.

Josh says:

Information,help needed

ok so I got to highschool im a freshmen..

I have done the following

  • Start>Run>Cmd>ping
    “>ip address… ect.

(however unn effective works, on first page of myspace but unable to log in)

  • Tried Proxy servers
  • Google…

and ive come to a conclusion.

I wouldnt want to set up a vpn, because.. I need to install softwear to enable vpn…

I wouldnt want to get a flash usb key and download jap… simply because the consequances of that would be… well not good..

I am looking for a simple way to get around the schools blocker with out getting major penalty..

our school uses 8e6 TECHNOLOGIES…

yes it is not just an average filter..

but anyways that would be besides the point.

if you have any help regarding this topic please email me at

also if anyone has any tutorials, information on how to
make your own private website with a proxy on it that can bypass 8e6 techn. that would be great thank you..

(lets keep this underground) so word does not spread…

and btw your not a hacker if you use proxy servers to get around your schools “HI TECH” filter.. a word of advice dont tell your friends thinking your hacker hot shit cause you know proxys and your school hasnt gotten to them yet.. because you will fuck it up for the rest.

spike2k6motherfucker says:


does anybody know how to get round rm safty and how to get into the internet options cause its well fuck ( and if u relly want to help me fuck rm up tell me about sum good viruses and how to hack the system)(and am not a comuter retard am smarter than most of the people in ma school) contact me am ma msn addy

K says:

filters and kids

My web filter is extremly strict because if i get assaigned a slideshow or something that requires pictures I CANT GO TO GOOGLE IMAGES! My school is pretty much shooting themselves in the foot by doing this, but just because thye blocked it doesnt mean that im not going to try and figure out another way around it, to be honest i think that STRICT filters are just a form of ignorance.

Timmy says:

school is shit

my school has 8e6 r3000 which seems to be growing, and it blocks almost all of the above. only works and not very well. our entire internet connection comes from the city of auburn so admin privaleges wont help, and since im in a dorm i cant do my shit at home. is ne1 knos how i could get around or nething email me @

mandy says:

help meeee

So my school issues us Dell laptop computers. they dont give is any freedom what so ever. They think that we are immature little weirdos who go and look at porn all day. so they blocked every single site except google and even then you cant get to anything unless you cache it when half the time that doesnt work. they have blocked looking for/using proxies, myspace, aim, meebo, band websites, games, email, chats, forums, blogs, music related things. and everything you can think of. so if you can find some way to help me get back at least one of the filters, please do.

Oreparma says:

Not all of us are browsing MySpace, but need a way

My school filters are the strictest I have ever seen or heard about. Every proxy site is blocked, because teh filter searches for it. SItes are blocked for ratings of “none”, “entertainment” “Information;technology” “alternatate/ bi/gay lifestyles” “occult/alternate religions” and “tastlessness.” Some of them I understand liek the part abotu blocking fourms and chat sites, because that’s not what school’s are for.

But I’m in Journalism and its frustratig that I have to do almost all my research on my home computer and can’t just work at school because of the filters. A site about teen pregnecy rates was blocked for “entertainmetn”, a site about arrnaged marrigaes for “shopping” and then I couldn’t get anythign done on my artcile about CSI at school. There’s even instances when I have to try at least five times to get onto google because it will block it for “information;technology”

I understand he necessity for filters, but it is so frustating when I can’t do my schoolwork. What about when I research my Senoir Project (a huge year-long research paper, physica prduct and speech that all senoirs have to do prior to graduatin) which is the literary styles of JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling?

And how stupid is it to apply the same filters to grade school children as high school children? You’d think that someone would have realized that high schoolers are going to have to have more lax filters because of the range of things that highschoolers research. We’re not eight-year olds trying to play checkers. We’re young adults and while I recongize that many use the school computers for frivolity, what about those of us that are actually trying to research and can’t because of filters? And what abotu those that don’t have a net connection at home? Our district filter leaves tham high and dry. We used to have a much more lax filter that blocked a fair amount of things like the pron and aother such things, but for the most part, let high school students have a wider range of the web. But now, sites like (or somethign like that) which features nothing but white sapce with ‘something” written on the top of the page, is blocked for a rating of “none”?

Right now, I’m trying to use the cached options on google and translators, but again, it’s hard because you can’t click anywhere else on the site with the cached version and half the translators (including googles) are blocked. I’m goign to try putting in virtualbrowser (which is blocked by itsefl) into a translator site and see what happens. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get through. If not, well, I’m outta here soon anyway.

k9 web protection my ass! says:

k9 web protection my ass!

please help i need to use the internet i cant even do wnything if any1 please knows anything please i beg please post it please!!!!! i am like a computer genius and now i cant do this?? also, dont try ctrl alt del and close the fire “k9filter.exe” then nothing works not even good old google… sigh, im so pissed at leadt runescape works, right?? so please help!!! please please plese please please haha i know html, too, thank you neopets lol

SiCO FREAK (user link) says:


i used for a period of time a program called proxy switcher pro (the icon was a blue arrow) this downloaded lists of proxies allowing you to connect, but now i cant use it because the admins blocked some port connections or sumthin but hey it might work for you.
And anyone who knows any new proxy sites not mentioned on this site please e-mail me @

Anonymous Coward says:

Easier then you think

you would be very surprised at how young the pupils are who try to access porn. You think you have the right to access what you want, then i think again young man what you do on the schools networks reflects back onto the school and could land you in very serious trouble with the law regarding the misuse of computer act 1999. By all means use the technology wisely and it will enhance your learning but be safe it’s not big and it’s not clever to try to damage the very tool that has been provided by the school for your benifit.

Anonymous Coward says:

Works with all filters...

You think you are clever then you are a dope! untraceble my arse!
what about your ISP who provides you or your mate with the connection don’t make me laugh ha ha!
you may think you are clever but when you can spoof ip addresses and countries even mac addresses then you are entering a web of intrigue and this in itself becomes traceable, wise up dude you are getting away with it now because you have not done anything really that bad. When you do try to do something extraordinary then the establishment will come down on you like a ton of bricks. BAMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

Someguy says:

…I hate my school….I can see the blocking of Myspace….cause kids get abducted by 5year old pedos because of it…But game sites that are completly harmless…Cept for the GD on gaia -_-“…Shoudnt really be blocked…I’ve tried everything here…and the only one that worked was the Darzone one…Now I need some PHProxy password to use it. I hate having 2 filters..>:-(). 8e6technologies…a nd some other one…

BoredAtSchool says:


There are differnent ways around google images… 1. at the google homepage click “images” then off to the right in small blue text, click ” advanced image search” that is not blocked… or instead of the url, use ( russian) the words are in russian but if you know where the images link on google is youll be alright.

flesh fries says:

an idea....

ok well i also got raided with the k9 crap…so i had an idea for all of us on our home computers. linux…just install it on a separate partition and use it when you need to serf the internet without limitations…and switch back to windows for whatever else…this would be harder for someone on a family pc…but ive got a pc in my room…and i beleive this would work famously