dot-Travel People Getting dot-Desperate

from the dot-useless dept

The brains behind the .travel TLD have opened the domain up to two more types of travel-related companies, in response to “demand for the expansion of the .travel Internet space”. No word on if the demand is from the companies themselves, or from domain registrars that want more fees. Apparently the earlier claim that new TLDs like .travel make consumers feel safer hasn’t led to a rush on registrations. So, like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, what happens when ICANN approves a domain nobody wants?

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Comments on “dot-Travel People Getting dot-Desperate”

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Panic says:


the problem I’ve run into with the new TLD’s, is a lot of websites don’t except anything more than a 3 letter extension for emails. Anything else is claimed invalid.

I have a .info domain for myself, and my email address is often rejected as invalid.

Problems like these are really gonna hinder ANY of the newer TLD’s from taking off.

Jesse McNelis (user link) says:


The problem with any of the extra TLD is that we have conditioned users that a “web address” starts with a www and ends with a .com

This is due to the lack of effort put in to explaining the actual structure to users.

It’s quite a shame how little knowledge is passed on to users, both due to user’s reluctance to learn(created by software companies selling their “Easy to learn” proucts as “Easy to use”) and technical users reluctance to teach because of the user’s reluctance to learn.

– Jesse McNelis

My3cents says:

Quit wasting our time

All these new TLD’s are just a waste of time and money. None of the established travel sites will use the .travel extension. And those who do use it? Probably low-end companies that couldn’t get a dot com name. So from my perspective, any .travel sites are probably either spam or not reputable.

I don’t see why they have to go and keep creating all these new extensions that no one but spammers use. The web with its existing set of TLD’s and remaining un-registered names has plenty of room to grow for a long time.

the devil's advocate says:

not a waste of time....

I believe that the new TLDs give users an opportunity to expose their name without having to change it because some other user has registered their name in the first place. With more than 60 billion .com names registered, it is really hard for anyone to get the name they want out there and not to mention how much internet real estate investors are out there (domainers). I believe it is a good opportunity for businesses to show their legitimacy and how they care for the consumers’ safety as well. You want results in the travel industry, you go .travel, you want results in the television industry you go .tv, you want “whatever i can get” results you go .com…

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